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The Error of Suicide

The world is full of tragic events and circumstances and suicide is likely the most devastating and painful of all. Yet, the occurrence of suicide is preventable especially when a person is shielded to some extent by their awareness of and reliance upon their divine connection.

Because the causative factors and forces behind suicide are complex and are tied to the war being waged by darkness upon the soul, I recommend that you become familiar with the material under the “Cosmic History” tab before considering the following material. It is important to be informed about the nature of your own soul and realistic about the potential effects of darkness upon our lives and to not be either fearful or in a state of denial that evil exists. The information there may give you a new perspective and provide details about this world you are not familiar with.

I strongly believe that the only sure protection a person has against the insidious force of suicide and the entire array of challenges and temptations of the world is a person’s full understanding and acceptance of their identity in God, and not the standard version of self that prevails today. Unfortunately, the average person in the street has a minimal understanding of the profound nature of his or her identity in God, but the teachings of the ascended masters have been released to change this unfortunate condition.

Where to start? Here is a layout of some of the factors operating in our society that can work against the peace of mind and mental health of any normal person. When these factors “gang up” on a person creating a compounded negative force, they can overwhelm a person’s equilibrium and create such mental and emotional turmoil that such a person can become desperate for a way to escape the struggle. Suicide, however, is never the appropriate way to escape a crisis, no matter how difficult.

The factors that can influence suicide are briefly listed here and then described with additional detail in the section below.

  • Many people have either lost or never developed a strong spiritual anchor. Without faith, belief, and understanding that the cosmos was created by the Almighty with purpose, love, and governing laws and that each of us is an integral part of a divine plan, a person is like a ship tossed on the waves heading who knows where.

  • Anyone that accepts the theory of evolution as the ultimate truth about the origin of human life is at a serious disadvantage.In times of weakness, it can lead to the mindset, “If I am just another animal walking the earth, what does anything I do really matter?” This kind of thinking is an open door for anything from mediocrity to self-destruction.

  • Not only is belief in the one God essential, the individual needs to understand their importance and place in the divine scheme of things. As recorded by John in scripture: “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” (I John 3:2) We are not just observers in this divine drama, we are essential players. And if a strong sense of destiny is lacking, we may falter or be deterred.

  • Make no mistake, spiritual warfare is being waged against the soul and forces of darkness project suicide as being a legitimate way to escape our troubles. Suicide is often glorified as “noble” in entertainment.

  • Pop culture is not innocent pastime. Violent and sex-oriented music and videos draw down a person’s energies to the lower chakras and away from the upper chakras where we commune with spirit. Marijuana, nicotine, and other drugs pollute the body and rob youth and young adults of energy needed to learn, work, and build successful lives.

  • Suicide results in a serious karmic penalty and is a serious set-back for the evolving soul. And euthanasia (a self-inflicted, so-called “good death”) carried out by an aging baby boomer or any other generation may pop the balloon of what otherwise was a “good life.”

Lack of understanding of the self as a divine being and the reality of our connection to and relationship with God is a major shortcoming in the world. How can a person have the wherewithal to successfully endure the bombardment of a frenzied modern world without a strong spiritual foundation locked into divine truth? Thanks to the teachings of the ascended masters, persons that do not find themselves satisfied with orthodox religion and are willing to explore age-old and new avenues of thought can now learn more about our spiritual identity than was available in the faith of our fathers and mothers.

Science wrongly bets only on evolution —A person needs to be skeptical of the theories proposed by scientists that suggest human beings are only the result of a long evolutionary process driven by natural forces where we developed from life simple forms into complex beings capable of deciphering our own origin. Such a model seems to put a lot of faith in the “goodness and intelligence” of natural forces to have accomplished such a feat but forgets to acknowledge the hand of God in action.

Fortunately, the spiritual science of the Almighty has a much higher vantage point than material science and frees us from misguided scientific dogma. For example, certainly evolution is a universal force in the cosmos but the causal reason is that all things are made of God’s energy that is life itself and composed of consciousness not just sparks or power. The flow of life energy drives upliftment and advancement, hence evolution. So, evolution is not merely a product of the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest; it is a product of God’s intent for his creation.

So, the danger or ignoring the voice of the soul and believing that a person is merely a biological animal rather that a soul developing mastery and moving toward the goal of eternal life must be avoided. Knowing who we are helps us persevere and fulfill the promise in James 1:12, “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.” In this case, the shallow logic of materialistic science is an example of a “temptation.”

Pearl of Great Price —Another awareness that bolsters the consciousness against self-inflicted death in any of its forms is the understanding of the spectacular opportunity that life is. The apostle Paul declares, For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit which are God’s.” (I Cor 6:20) Heaven has made a huge investment in each one of us, not only at the time of our creation as a soul long ago, a unique being in all of cosmos, but also in the preparation of a life plan prior to each of our incarnations, including the selection of our parents and coordinating with our birth the incarnation of other souls with whom we have work to accomplish. It is an amazing, detailed process.

Having gratitude and appreciation for our identity in God gives us staying power. Each of us has work to do and a mission to fulfill. We must expect there will be opposition to our completing our mission because it is the nature of life on earth. However, the Almighty has given us every good and perfect assistance we need to be successful and overcome adversity. First and foremost, we have our individual I Am Presence and Holy Christ Self watching over us and our soul. These two spiritual components of our higher self are described in “The Summit Lighthouse” tab. We have the angels we can call into action for help and protection and we have the masters, including Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and many more we can request to overshadow us in times of trouble and even to sponsor us. And there is a growing worldwide community of lightbearers that are learning to help each other.

War of Armageddon — The war described in the Book of Revelation is already raging and it is a war for the soul. Whether or not Armageddon results in an actual fight between armies on a battlefield someday remains to be seen. But the war over souls and whether they will choose the light or darkness is being outplayed in the streets of America and around the world. Fallen angels and other enemies of the light have used the tactic of drawing souls of God into darkness to forestall their own judgment. Fallen angels have clearly been very successful at this as evident in the domination of our culture by godless music and art, pornography and violent entertainment, abortion, suicide, religious and political division, and war itself. The violence of our society agitates the soul and creates fear and a sense of alienation from life itself where instead there should be love, kindness, hope, and a sense of belonging. (Please see the information in the “Darkness Comes to Terra” tab of this website if you haven’t already done so)

The point here is that we must see ourselves as warriors in a battle defending our self, our soul, our family, our community, and nation against entrenched forces of death and hell that rage against all that is holy. Fortunately, this battle will not last forever and the outcome is foretold in Revelation. But the fight must be won. Victory is never a given.

Disconnecting from the pop culture (aka mass consciousness) —Good people can be led to doing bad things as the result of the popular culture. Only God knows how all the magnetism of worldly behavior got started, and God has taught through the teachings of the ascended masters that the people of God were lured down from the mountain of higher consciousness long ago by fallen angels using some of the same attractions that are active today: glamour, the allure of the decorated body, and rock-music. Yes, consider the fact that rock music was present on Atlantis and was a factor in the sinking of that continent (Flood of Noah).

Marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, other drugs and associated addictions leads to despair and depression, self-condemnation, alienation, and giving up. The ascended masters have named marijuana the “death drug” and have told the story how marijuana was specifically created by the fallen angels as a drug to target lightbearers. It mimics a condition of higher consciousness but opens the person to dark energies and saps the will so a user can easily get side-tracked and no longer has the wherewithal to accomplish their reason for being.

Add to these poisons, bad music and lyrics, extreme preoccupation with fantasy in video games, the distractions of social media and the soul and outer consciousness can fall under a very heavy weight of compounded negative inputs. The deeper a person goes, the more serious the effects.

Effects of unseen forces: mass entities, demons, and discarnates—No one talks much about the effects of the unseen forces of mass entities, demons, and discarnates, but it is time for the awareness of these nefarious energies to come to the surface and be talked about so that people can learn how to protect themselves against these negative influences. Awareness of entities is particularly relevant to the subject of suicide because these energies target a person that is susceptible to thoughts of death and can influence them to commit suicide.

The fact that the Catholic Church maintains priests that specialize in conducting exorcisms shows that the energies we are talking about are an ongoing problem. For perspective, consider two examples in scripture where Jesus casts out evil spirits. The first concerns the casting out of spirits, likely discarnates, from the maniac of Gadara, which is described in Mark 5:1-20 and Luke 8:26-39. Read this scripture and tune into the dynamics of this event. You can just see the swine running down the hill into the lake and the grateful man that has been purged of dark spirits telling everyone in his town about the miracle God has brought about for him.

The other profound example is Jesus’ casting out seven devils from Mary Magdalene, who became one of his disciples. Mary Magdalene had not been possessed like the maniac but bore some other kind of energy of the devil that needed to be bound for her wellbeing. The teachings of the ascended masters through The Summit Lighthouse has much more information about the nature and effects of these negative forces.

Mass entities— We live in a world consisting of an energy continuum. Just as there are angels that dwell in a range of energy frequency that normally make them invisible to our sight, there are lower energy ranges where mis-qualified energy can accumulate. The ascended masters have identified the kinds of energies that accumulate and describe them with the term “mass entity.” Some of the energies that accumulate are anger, death, suicide, murderous intent, lynch mob consciousness. The various illegal, addictive drugs have their own entity such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, liquor, and tobacco. There are entities such as gossip, horror, spooks, insanity, condemnation, gambling, lust of money, voodoo, and sex and self-infatuation

Because of the law of attraction, these kinds of energies when so qualified by people accumulate and form a mass of energy like a cloud that can move around and influence people to engage in the kind of activity associated with the negative energy cloud. So for example, a person that has a suicidal thought and then starts to dwell on it and think more and more about it can draw the suicide mass entity to themselves and other dark spirits that start to work on the person to influence them to actually commit suicide. And the fight begins between the soul and darkness and it is a spiritual battle. Such mass entities have no power of their own but only the energy that people have fed into them.

The most powerful means at a person’s disposal to counteract mass entities is the Science of the Spoken Word described in one page of this website and also the Gift of the Violet Flame page and the Path of Christhood page. This science invokes intense spiritual light and the intercession of the Archangels and masters to utterly defeat entities, demons, and discarnates, and consume other negative energy, such as one’s own karma.

I will not cover demons and discarnates in this section but the teachings of the ascended masters through The Summit Lighthouse has much more information about the nature and effects of these negative forces and how to protect yourself and loved ones from them

You may click on the button below to read excellent additional information on aspects of the suicide issue, including information on discarnates, from the short book Wanting to Live by Dr. Neroli Duffy and Marilyn Barrick, PhD., published by Summit University Press.

Worldly and destructive things have been taking down lightbearers (people of God) for a long time and that process must be broken by our own inner wisdom, self-discipline, and the desire to have our great spiritual victory. Peer pressure must switch from promoting the temptation to do the wrong thing to the action of helping to lift our brothers and sisters up through friendship and positive influence. And parents need to be on guard and proactive to protect their children and be willing to enforce tough love.

Consequences of suicide—If you have lost a friend, family member, or other loved one due to suicide, I send my heartfelt compassion to you and pray for the well-being of the person and their successful transition to the heaven world. The Summit Lighthouse has a prayer I like to give daily on behalf of persons making the transition through the process called death. You are welcome to access it at the following link and offer it as a prayer whenever you like, even for someone that has previously passed on. A Prayer for Souls Who Are Taking Their Leave of the Earth Today.

In the shocking loss of a person through suicide, there is one consolation for the persons left behind and that is the soul will not be ignored in heaven once they are able to make it there. Getting to heaven is not automatic because a person may not have enough light to draw themselves to that level. This is where prayers on behalf of the person help. The soul may have to spend a period of time in a dark place facing the “hell” they have created as a consequence of their actions. At some point they can be rescued by angels and taken to a better place.

Here is a link to a profound and sobering interview with Angie Fenimore, a women that attempted suicide and traveled in her soul to a place in hell where persons that had committed suicide were congregated. Angie meets with a being of light that gave her the choice between life and death and she chose to live. After surviving the attempted suicide, Angie wrote a book Beyond the Darkness: My Near-Death Journey to the Edge of Hell and Back to chronicle her experience. [Pages 67-78]

Once rescued and taken to heaven, the treatment of the soul in heaven will be compassionate but stern because the masters and angels consider a suicide to be a very serious event and the goal is to help the soul quickly learn the lesson of their mistake and get them turned around. The lesson is that God always provides reasonable means to deal with any bad circumstances in life, so suicide is never a justifiable option.

Masters continue to work with the soul to prepare them for their next embodiment, which is given priority scheduling so they can get back into the schoolroom of earth quickly, perhaps within five years or so.

In their next life, the soul will have to come back to many of the identical circumstances that previously resulted in suicide but this time choose life, not death. The right choices will be harder to make having chosen wrongly before, but hopefully the training received between lifetimes makes all the difference.

Here is another link to a few short sections of the book Wanting to Live by Dr. Neroli Duffy and Marilyn Barrick, PhD that describes what normally happens when a person dies and transitions to heaven and what may happen instead due to death by suicide. Link: Wanting to Live. (In linked material, include A Case History from the Heaven World.) [Pages 22-30]

False allure of euthanasia—Persons in their golden years need to avoid the false allure of euthanasia. When you consider the reality of God within, the truth reveals that the way to “die with dignity” is to endure in the physical body until the moment God calls you home. There is a finish line, an amount of allotted time, that has been established for us before the beginning of our current life. Our goal is to make it there. And if we should be fortunate enough, if we are thriving at the end of our allotted time and still have holy work we want to do, it is possible to ask for additional time to complete good works that can pave the way for a better resurrection as referred to in scripture.

As you study the nature of the I Am Presence in Chart of Your Divine Self page of this website, you will realize that the Almighty is with you every step of the way and knows when it is time for you to move on.

Golden years should be the capstone of a life well lived. It is a good time to “prove” who we are and what we have accomplished. Arranging for your own death is denying the Creator his role in completing the gift of this life and calling you home to prepare for your next opportunity. All of us deal with pain, dysfunction in the body, some due to our own actions and bad decisions, some through accidents, and some due to inherited problems. It is all a part of life and our assignment to deal with the challenges and get the mastery over them, to the greatest extent possible.

Consider the following two quotes from scripture that have something to say on the subject.

The Apostle Paul instructs the Galatians:

Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. (Gal 6:7-9)

Paul instructs the Corinthians:

What? know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. (I Cor 6:19-20)

Finally, from a practical standpoint, at the end of a life, when we are dealing with the limits and discomforts of old age we have accrued, we are balancing karma at a high rate. And it makes sense to “hang in there” and balance the greatest amount of karma we can and at the same time, in the wisdom of age, help hold a spiritual balance for our families and others. Every moment in the spirit is an opportunity to overcome.


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