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White Sand and Stone
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About Me

My name is Mitchell Stukaloff and I’ve created this website to share information about cosmic law and the associated subject of cosmic history. God’s truth is the only remedy strong enough to counteract the poisons of excessive materialism and self-centeredness that dominate our world. Cosmic law reveals our spiritual identity and destiny and does so outside the bounds of religious orthodoxy. At the same time, cosmic law also affirms the underlying divine truths that are at the core of the world’s major religions.

These teachings on cosmic law come from the work of Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet who served forty years as messengers of the ascended masters through The Summit Lighthouse. See the TSL and Messengers page that introduces the organization and explains the role of the messengers and their work with the ascended masters.

I have been a student of the work of the messengers for many years and was a member of The Summit Lighthouse and associated Church Universal and Triumphant staff or one of its teachings centers for over 25 years. I had the exceptional good fortune to receive many benefits and blessings from the ministry of Elizabeth Clare Prophet and witnessed God’s Word expressed by both of these messengers. The content on this website includes essential highlights of what I have gleaned from the messengers’ teachings. All material that is directly quoted from The Summit Lighthouse or another source is documented by a reference or footnote.

I believe that in addition to taking good care of yourself and your family and having enjoyable and fulfilling work, having the teachings of the ascended masters and applying them in your life is the most important thing a person can be doing today.

We live in an era when the promises of God are being fulfilled. We have the opportunity to rid ourselves of centuries of ignorance and misguided dogma and at the same time avoid dangerous, progressive visions of a mechanized future that many propose as the best way forward.

My Story

Here is the bottom line for me; what this is all about.

When I was a young child, I was aware there is a lot of unhappiness in the world and it surprised me that things were this way. It seemed to me that adults tolerated a lot of uncertainty and confusion in their lives and didn’t have a strong sense of who they were and how to find success and happiness in life.

For example, my mother was married three times before I was 8-years old, which led to sudden changes in the people in my life, having to move from place to place, and leaving friends behind. These events created in me not only a desire for stability but the need to understand why life can be so full of turmoil.  

My childhood picture.jpg

My father had been a pilot during World War II and it was something I learned to be proud of. But by the early 1950s our country was involved in yet another war, the Korean war, and the shock and tragedy of it affected our neighborhood and the whole nation. The message for me was that all is not well in our world, and not even our leaders are able to control what happens.

Fortunately, at the age of 12, I experienced the distinct impression through my inner being that change was coming where it would become possible to know the ultimate truth about life. I didn’t know what that would look like, but the awareness gave me hope that something was going to explain the mysteries of life and why there was so much dysfunction and suffering, which I never considered to be natural or necessary.

As I got a little older, advancements were being made in science and before long I decided a career in science would be a good way to help correct the ills of the world. The optimism of solving mankind’s problems through systems, technology, and the scientific mind was palpable. And so I entered college to study chemistry to see what could be done to help create a better future.

In a few years, however, the United States was sinking deeper and deeper into trouble. Between the Vietnam War, race riots, campus riots, marijuana and drug addiction, and a sickening level of social and political turmoil, it became clear to me that the problems facing us individually and as a country could not be solved by scientific development and technology. The real problems lay in people’s minds and hearts and that is where solutions and healing needed to occur.

After finishing my degree, I understood that I needed to turn to God to guide the next step in my life. Not only had I become disillusioned with the prospects of making a meaningful difference through a career in science, I was saturated with the effects of my own poor decisions as a young adult especially selfishness and the poisonous by-products of the pop culture. Ironically, I found myself in the same position as the adults I had witnessed as a child: not knowing myself very well, struggling with uncertainty and confusion, and not being able to maintain a sense of inner peace. I had come full circle with the observations of my childhood about the semi-happiness that seemed to be the status quo of life and I was not optimistic about where all this was headed.

In contrast to these thoughts and feelings, I recognized that my parents were fundamentally kind and loving people who worked hard and were doing their best. In comparison to the challenges of their childhoods, such as having to live through the Great Depression and World War II, my own childhood was easy. I shifted my unresolved feelings about my parents to being grateful for their very real sacrifices. This change of heart intensified in me the desire to get to the core of the mystery of why good people should not be completely happy and fulfilled in their lives. What stood in the way of happiness?

So, I began looking for a spiritual teaching I could trust, and moreover, I wanted to find a spiritual community where I could associate with like-minded individuals and learn from them. The teaching had to be built upon the rock of ultimate truth I knew was out there since I was 12. But God let me “simmer” a while to experience the results of my own mistakes before a door was opened.

One day, while scanning a bulletin board at my college in Santa Barbara, California, I saw a notice inviting people to a presentation on “cosmic law.” I had no idea what cosmic law was but it sounded right and I went. This was my introduction to the subject and the teachings of the ascended masters published by The Summit Lighthouse® (TSL). Since then, I continue to enjoy fruitful years in the process of rediscovering my spiritual identity and progressing up the mountain on the path of higher consciousness.

It is not possible to put the teachings into a “nutshell.” I heartily recommend you read, view, and listen to as much of the content on this website as you can to get an introduction to cosmic law. If this teaching is for you, the effort will be well worth it. Work your way through the pages, which get progressively deeper into the subject as you go. There is no end to the profound science in this teaching.

The content on this website is not necessarily basic material. I have purposefully designed the website for people that have some background and familiarity with esoteric teachings. So, the information may be somewhat challenging for a newcomer to the subject. My hope is that this website will introduce you to new concepts. If you need further information, please send an email to me or contact The Summit Lighthouse directly. The page "TSL and the Messengers"  tells about the organization and this website introduces several of the avenues available for  connecting to its teachings and spiritual community.

Sphinx with L and W edited.jpg

I've added this photo of me and two of my sons in their early years because for me it captures a state of happiness I could not have had if I had not put behind me the anti-family, anti-God, pessimistic mindset I accepted during my college years. I learned it is essential to follow an enlightened spiritual path and to do so with determination because there are many false prophets in the world and even more distractions and indulgences to engage in that will never lead a person back to God. The Almighty has a plan for each one of us and now is the time to discover it.

Here are a few points of encouragement for considering these teachings:

  • In many ways, mankind has been deprived of an accurate understanding of our true identity in God. Cosmically speaking, this is the time to learn about and integrate with your Real Self and take action to help others achieve higher consciousness. These teachings are practical and are designed to be applied on a day-by-day basis.

  • The ascended masters, who are our elder brothers and sisters in Christ, have prepared teachings rooted in age-old truth yet specifically adapted to the modern age to help us accelerate in light and gain self-mastery. They clearly explain why there is "no time to lose" in pursuing our relationship with God because the cycles are turning and we do not have forever to choose to bond with Love. Eternal life is a priceless reward that must be earned.

  • This path is One with Christian scripture including the Book of Revelation as interpreted by the Holy Spirit in our time. It encompasses the divine inspiration in all of the world’s major religions and has the capacity to connect God-loving people everywhere.

  • The X-factor of the fallen angels and their darkness—A person can get very depressed looking at all the negative situations in the world, such as wars, poverty, addiction, and crime. Without knowledge of the deeper causative factors of such problems, it is tempting to think this is the way civilization naturally is and the way it will always be. The truth is, however, that mankind has long been under the boot of fallen angels and evolutions known as laggards. These are beings that long ago rebelled against the laws of God and subsequently declared war on God’s people, as documented in the Bible and other scriptures. There is much to this story and some of the essential events that are a part of it are recounted on the page titled Darkness Comes to Terra. I bring this up here, because many people have accepted the lie that the soul is fundamentally sinful, which is far from the truth. The Almighty is in the process of clearing the fallen ones from this planet and we need to do what we can to help remove these “tares from the wheat” through the Lord’s spirit so that our planet can fulfill its cosmic destiny. You and I are already a part of an unfolding drama and it is up to each one of us to play our part, through the grace of God.

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