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One of the most exciting and engaging characteristics of cosmic law and the teachings of the ascended masters is that neither “beats around the bush,” which is to say God’s Truth gets right to the point. This approach is very refreshing in an era when many people declare that “Everything is relative” as if there are no absolutes that independently shore up truth, values, and morals. The correct maxim is that “Everything is relative, except the absolute!” And it is the absoluteness of God’s laws when correctly understood and properly applied that lead to happiness, peace, and self-fulfillment.

This section addresses various issues that rage in the arenas of social and political debate today. Persons on all sides of each issue are impassioned and convinced that their own point of view is correct and their opponents are misguided, sadly ignorant, or worse.

The famous observation of Albert Einstein that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” applies to the dilemmas of life on earth. The ascended masters provide their perspectives on the issues to help us rise above the ignorance and errors of the past and at the same time avoid the traps by those who are promoting a Brave New World driven by technology, artificial intelligence, and one world government. The ascended masters' approach is to define the “core truth” at work within a given issue that reveals the appropriate conclusion or solution to a problem or controversy. Ascended masters do not have their own agenda; theirs is the agenda of the Almighty.

To sum it up, in our times, when trying to understand and solve an issue, it is appropriate to ask the question, "What do the ascended masters have to say about it?"

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