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Darkness Comes to Terra 

Since the ascended masters have revealed that the given name of our planet is actually “Terra,” I’m using Terra in this page instead of the generic “earth” to instill in us a tenderness, affection, and sense of wonder for this amazing place that has been our home for a long time.

The cosmic history of Terra is very different from what is taught in high school and college textbooks. One day such books will be rewritten to chronicle how Terra has been the scene of an ongoing battle of light versus darkness that underlies major outer events throughout history.

I want to tell about some key events in history that have shaped the current conditions we experience and often suffer under today. The point of this information is to provide understanding of why life seems to be so difficult and why it has been for long centuries. Would anyone argue with the observation that today we are experiencing an explosion of conflict and unhappiness that is threatening life itself?

Where is the harmony and love we all long for? We need to know the original causes of fear, hatred, terrorism and war so that these dark energies can be permanently eradicated. Inner and outer peace can only be accomplished through God’s kingdom (aka God’s consciousness), which is the divine way God intended.

Purposes of God’s Creation

Before turning to tales of darkness, it is a good time to reiterate God’s purposes in creating worlds and planets and Sons and Daughters because becoming aware of the evil that has penetrated our planet can be stark and disturbing. We need to remember that God is the author of the story of Life and it is his to finish with beauty and grandeur.

As mentioned elsewhere, only the undifferentiated aspect of God, Brahman, or our father and mother God parents, Alpha and Omega, can fully explain the purposes of God in creating the cosmos and how that has been achieved. Truly, there are many, many things of God that are beyond our current comprehension. But, the ascended masters have given us concepts to help us relate to the unfathomable nature of God and how we exist as his offspring.

One of God’s main characteristics is as Creator and by creating Sons and Daughters and worlds for them to inhabit he has multiplied his creative opportunities almost to infinity! Our God parents have given their all to us and creativity is what this matter universe is all about: the expansion of God’s consciousness and providing opportunity for growth through the cooperative interactions of the Angelic Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Man.

In the beginning of our individual existence as a being and soul, we spent not time but cycles of being in the presence of our Father-Mother God getting to know them and be imbued with perfect love, joy, peace, and happiness. Basically, we were in a process of getting to understand the nature of God, the very same nature of being that is still within our higher consciousness even though it may be covered over by the debris of the ages and exists only as a dim memory deep in our minds and hearts.

Just as Jesus proclaimed before the Pharisees, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am,” our own soul has this memory and the memory tugs us in the direction of our God parents even during periods of personal troubles and planetary darkness (John 8:12-59).

Patterns of Root Races

When souls intend to take incarnation on a planet, the Almighty has established a method and pattern for souls to embody: Complete cycles of experience, gain mastery, learn obedience to God’s laws, fulfill assignments relating to each soul’s divine plan, and return to the glory of eternal life. The pattern is designed to ensure the safety and success of souls to the greatest extent possible. This process is in place throughout the cosmos.

On earth, as in other worlds, a group of souls called a “root race,” embodies together as a unit. They have a sponsor and a teacher called a Manu that “holds the flame” for these souls and establishes a divine pattern for the root race. Each member of the root race has a divine mission that relates to the divine pattern set by the Manu and has free will to pursue accomplishing that mission. The beauty, joy, and love that is shared by all members of this group is almost beyond our comprehension given what we have to compare to on earth. In other worlds, these beings experience a divine bliss of opportunity working together in harmony to learn and accomplish whatever assignments they undertake whether they be in the area of science, the arts, administration, commerce, service to others, or other areas.

These souls are closely assisted in their projects and learning by the angelic kingdom and the elemental kingdom because the divine model includes close cooperation between the three kingdoms of angels, elementals, and man. Each soul is taught by their own Holy Christ Self and the soul communes day and night with her own God Presence.


An important detail of this model is that before taking embodiment, as souls are learning about God’s laws (cosmic law), they are taught about the law of free will and its responsibilities. Souls are taught that with free will comes accountability for a person’s decisions. And they are also taught as theory about the knowledge of Good and Evil and the severe consequences of taking on that “knowledge.”

As the apostle John wrote, “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all,’’ God created nothing that was evil in the Beginning or at any time (I John 1:5). The “knowledge” of Good and Evil is really the awareness that in addition to the Good that God universally created, some individuals in the cosmos have chosen to subvert God’s pure energy to evil.

The words “Good” and “Evil” are capitalized here to indicate not the relative good and evil we experience in the human domain but the absolute aspect of each, meaning the “Good” that is God and the “Evil” that is the rejection of or attempt to subvert the “Good that is God.”

We will see in the “Fall of Adam and Eve” section below that the decision to disobey the strong warning against partaking of the knowledge of Good and Evil as described in the Biblical allegory of Adam and Eve had catastrophic consequences for the people of God. Important details of the larger story have been provided by the ascended masters.

Golden Ages and Ascension of Early Root Races

During the time of the early root races on Terra, prior to recorded history, there occurred what is known as Golden Ages, which are periods when civilization and culture flourish and life is bursting with the joy, happiness, and accomplishments God intended. God was openly worshipped by all and so the flow of divine perfection was upon the people, government, commerce, and culture.

The records of these magnificent Golden Ages exist in Akasha and remain as a living testimony of what can be achieved when men and women live in harmony with their God. Such Golden Ages existed in Africa (area now occupied by the Sahara Desert), North America, South America (area of the Amazon Basin), Central America (an early reign of the Incas, now unrecorded in history), China, Greenland, Greece, and several Golden Ages prospered on the continents of Lemuria and its colony Atlantis.

Many people have an inner soul recollection of one or more Golden Ages so that when the term is mentioned, a profound remembrance, even images of magnificent temples and shrines with richness and grandeur, come to mind.

Christ Self in Chart.jpg

Master teachers and angels provide additional instruction to the soul. In ideal conditions, a soul will pass through 14 incarnations inhabiting at different times male and female bodies to experience various roles in life, with each incarnation lasting up to 1,000 years. After completing their mission and requirements, the soul takes the ascension which is the step of entering eternal life as the divine identity they have fulfilled by God’s grace.

The Christ Self is the middle figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self

Click the button to read more about life during periods of Golden Ages.

The first three Root Races on Terra successfully embodied, mastered the use of God’s energy honoring cosmic law, completed the required series of incarnations, and returned to God as beings granted eternal life and took up new assignments assisting in the oversight of the expanding activity of life on Terra and elsewhere.

What is Evil?

There is evil in the world and it bears heavily upon our lives. Sadly, there is no shortage of examples of the out-picturing of evil: Murder, organized crime, drug trafficking and addiction; terrorism, suicide bombing; persecution of persons with a different religion or race even unto the death, genocide; and abortion [Note: If you support abortion, please see the abortion article on the “Articles: Issues & Solutions" page]. And examples of evil go on: Sex crimes and trafficking, slavery; companies that produce addictive drugs like tobacco and nicotine vapor products; atheistic governments like the People’s Republic of China and North Korea that stifle and persecute the worship of God and maintain totalitarian control over the God given free will expression of the people; and the media and entertainment industry that produce ungodly movies, music, pornography, violent computer games, and TV programs that appeal to the lower nature.

Nature of evil— It is important to understand the nature of evil in order to avoid the trap of thinking that the darkness of evil has power of its own. For example, good and evil are not polar opposites that exist in some kind of balance. The concept that you can’t have good without evil is a lie because God has created only Good and it is mankind that created the concepts of relative good and evil by entering into duality through the abuse of free will.

What is true is that all energy, all energy, has its origin in God. There is no source somewhere churning out evil energy since evil has no energy source of its own. Evil comes from someone that willfully takes God’s energy and subverts it, turns it upside down, to fulfill his or her own selfish and harmful aims rather than promoting God Good.

The ascended masters teach that the word “evil” is an acronym for “energy veil.” In the context of misqualified energy, an energy veil can be thought of as a state of consciousness spun out of misguided thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions that separates the person from the guidance of their higher consciousness and can result in harming others. Witchcraft, black magic, and voodoo are examples of practices that spawn this kind of negative, harmful energy.

Ultimately, the case could be made that everything that does not promote God Good falls under the category of the “energy veil.” This viewpoint is a lot to consider but should be kept in mind as truth to guide our thoughts and actions.

The word “devil” is a related acronym indicating someone that has “deified evil,” making evil their god and goal and having become adept at manipulating or harming others. The people of God have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to purposefully harm others but there are those, because of their bad decisions, selfishness, and desire for revenge that are so committed. The following stories reveal something about the distorted logic of individuals that have taken the “left-handed path” to evil.

The ascended masters provide perspective about the evil doers of this world and admonish the people of God to be neither naïve nor fearful of them and their darkness. Rather, we need to be mindful and vigilant to avoid entanglements with those that declared war against God Good long ago. As the apostle Paul observed and advised:


Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places.

(Ephesians 6:11-12)

The armor of God consists of coalesced light. Angels, such as those of Archangel Michael's bands, wear armor when they go into battle.

Image by Daniele Franchi

Why does God
allow evil  things
to happen?

This is the million-dollar question with a ten-million-dollar answer. The answer is worth more than the question because it reveals so much about our divine identity.

Free Will is Paramount

Remember that free will is paramount in God’s creation. For the time allotted for our soul to evolve, free will is an essential term in the equation that enables us to demonstrate obedience and mastery in the use of God’s energy. If we want to qualify for the gift of eternal life as a Son or Daughter of God, the judicious use of free will is critical.

The law of karma is in place and acts to keep evil actions in check. And while this approach allows evil doers to commit crimes of every sort in the short term, and seemingly get away with “murder,” divine justice always prevails in the longer term.

God’s laws include extraordinary mercy and forgiveness. If the karmic hammer came down harshly for every act of evil a person commits, given the abuses of free will through the ages, many prodigal sons and daughters would have been cut off from the opportunity to return to the Father. So divine mercy is extended to both saint and sinner, but only up to an appointed time depending on a person’s karma.

Law of Octaves

 As described in the “Intro to Cosmic Law” tab, the law of octaves is related to the law for free will and affirms that the Almighty has given mankind dominion over Terra. Since this is our domain, God expects us to take dominion, and we have been given the capacity to do so through Jesus Christ and the Universal Christ within us. In the distant past, through willful disobedience to God’s laws, we abdicated the original perfection and mastery we had as Sons and Daughters of God. Yet, the Almighty does not enter into our worlds to help save the day unless we ask him to do so. And even then, intercession is a measured response that always puts the responsibility to do our part to come up higher.

The beauty of this responsibility is that it affirms that we are created in the divine image. How else could we be expected to accomplish dominion?  Because the divine image is our true identity, we have access to the needed wherewithal through Christ and God’s grace to turn this world around.

Take a look at “The Chart of Your Divine Self” page regarding our divine image if you have not reviewed it yet.

Judgment of evil

In addition, God allows some evil to be outplayed in the world so that the perpetuators can fully and finally demonstrate if they are either aligned for Good or for Evil and be judged accordingly.

And it is essential that the people of God take a stand against evil because this is the way they “come apart and be a separate and chosen people” (an admonishment by the ascended master Saint Germain) and not get judged with the forces of darkness. God waits to harvest and separate the tares from the wheat, as in Jesus’ parable, waiting until the souls that choose to do God’s Will have matured and clearly rejected evil so they will not be gathered up with the tares and burned, as the parable goes.


On too many occasions in past ages, the people of God have decided to “go with the flow” of dark trends. But, this time, we must apply the lessons of past failures and reject the downward, self-destructive practices offered up by evil. We can because we are being informed by the serious consequences of our bad decisions in the past (our karma).

Origin of Evil

The chronology of all of the following events has not been shared in detail by the ascended masters because there have been many complex cross currents of events and groups of people. The important thing is to understand that the events occurred and their influences are real and affect us today. Some events originated on other planets or systems of worlds and others are specific to Terra.

Peshu Alga and the

The following material comes from the book The Path of Christ or Antichrist by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet (2007, Summit Publications, Inc., pgs 77-79). The authors, as messengers of heaven, at various times were given inner access to sections of The Book of Life, which is the divine record of Terra's history.


Each person also has their own Book of Life maintained by a recording angel and kept by a cosmic being known as the Keeper of the Scrolls. Many angels are involved in recording events so that the lessons of life are not lost and so there is a record of events that can be consulted when decisions need to be made about souls and their karmic situations. The content of the Book of Life for Terra is, in a word, “momentous.”

From the Book of Life

     "On plate III, section V of the “Fall of Angels” taken from the Book of Life, which the Keeper of the Scrolls allowed us to see, we read the story of Peshu Alga, the first individual in this solar system to fall from the high state of the consciousness of Good.

     "Peshu Alga was a great and wise king and a graduate of the wisdom schools of the Brotherhood. But in a moment of grief over the death of his child, when God would not answer his pleas, he turned to the powers of Darkness to restore his child. Failing to ponder the Realities of immortality and fact that the Lord’s silence is often his most articulate answer, Peshu Alga lost his reason and his soul. In his mind, Evil was conceived.

     "And so it is written of him in the Book of Life: “And this man thwarted Reason; entering into a personal sense of loss, he justified his actions. He no longer cared for his universal responsibilities. He determined that the universe should meet his demands—and if it would not, he would take the law into his own hands. His willful attempt to control the forces of nature brought about the uniting of his energies with the Luciferians.”

Added Comment

What happens next is prophetic of the problem we see on Terra today where individuals that have been self-corrupted to evil tend to join forces with others with a similar mindset and become stronger and a bigger threat as they morph into a conspiracy.

The material in The Path of Christ or Antichrist continues, telling about the Luciferians. As is generally known, Lucifer was an Archangel with great attainment with long term service to the Almighty. You would probably agree that it is upsetting to think that an angel let alone an Archangel would turn to darkness. This information tells how that came about.

     "The Luciferians, although they retained the concept of God-Good, had become competitive and ambitious through their misunderstanding of the transcendent nature of God, whereby each part of Life competes with itself in order to overcome and transcend its present level of accomplishment. Their attempt to introduce rivalry within the framework of God’s consciousness was the beginning of the energy veil that gradually separated them from their Creator."

Returning to the Book of Life ...

     "In his negative frame of reference, Peshu Alga magnetized and expanded the energy veil that was yet in embryo, a distant cloud on the horizon of the Luciferian’s consciousness. He accused God of Evil—and alas, the Luciferians were the first to take up his cry. Not satisfied to compete with one another, they began to compete with the Almighty.

    "As we examine the record of this man’s fall from grace, the lesson that we must apply diligently in our day-to-day confrontations with the energy veil becomes clear: the polarization of our energies with Evil occurs through our sympathy with its vibration. We cannot become caught in its downward spiral unless we leave the pinnacle of our communion with the Most High God. This occurs as we transfer the focus of our attention from perfection to imperfection. Having seen as God sees, we allow ourselves one again to see as mortals see. Having compromised our consciousness of the Absolute, we enter into the vibrational patterns of Evil.

     "This can happen so easily, often before we know it. Our of sympathy for the pitiful state of someone’s human consciousness, we compromise principle. Lowering our gaze, we rationalize our behavior, which falls short of the high standard maintained in the Holy of Holies of our own being.

     "Our of pity for the limitations that mortals have imposed upon themselves, we are moved to compromise the fulfillment of the Law through the power of love, which we know is the only permanent answer to mankind’s need. We intervene and become “doers of good,” instead of letting the Great Doer act through us to carry out his will according to his plan.

     "We depart from those moral standards that we know God has ordained to uphold our highest and noblest purposes. And we betray our own best interest because of our response to a sympathetic vibration—always a downward spiral—that pulls us lower and lower into the mire of the consciousness that has left the Presence of God to become a law unto itself, a cause apart from Primal Cause.

     "Thus, the Book of Life concludes: 'Therefore, in the wisdom of the Chien [interpreted as “Tao”], we must point out that Good must always beware lest it fall; for it exists at great height. When it becomes less than Good through sympathy, it no longer exists on the plane of the Absolute. And in its fall, it absorbs more of the energy veil of the limited and limiting qualities of the human created out of its vain imaginations. Therefore, Darkness is not just an absence of Light—it is a misqualification of Light.'”

     "The test given to Peshu Alga and to the Luciferians is given daily to everyone. We must all choose whether we will serve the God of very gods, or the human consciousness that operates within a framework of self-concern, self-interest and self-love."

End of quoted material.

For anyone that would like to know more about this particular incident, read the text from The Path of Christ or Antichrist that continues by telling how to recognize and pass the test that was failed by Peshu Alga (pages 79-80).

iStock-1297694396 Get thee behind me.jpg

Satan, a  lieutenant of Lucifer

It is appropriate to mention something about the fallen angel Satan since his name appears as an evil doer in scripture and his misdeeds against the people of God are well known and talked about and warned about in Christian churches. He may seem like a mythical figure to some, but the harm he and his seed has inflicted is all too real.

The following content is taken from the free TSL Encyclopedia found at:            "".

Satan [Greek, Hebrew meaning “adversary”] A lieutenant of the fallen archangel Lucifer and ranking member of his false hierarchy, mistakenly thought to be the archdeceiver himself. However, before his fall Satan had never attained to the rank of archangel. Thus in the hierarchy of fallen angels, neither he nor any other ever exceeded Lucifer.

The “Devil” was Lucifer, and the surviving fallen angels that were under him are all called devils, Lucifer’s seed still outranking the seed of the lesser powers and principalities of Darkness. Even so, in their personification of Evil, or the Energy Veil, those who deified and were the embodiment of Absolute Evil were referred to by the generic term “devil.”

Both Lucifer and Satan and their various lieutenants have been referred to in scripture as the adversary, the accuser of the brethren, the tempter, the Antichrist, the personification of the carnal mind of mankind, i.e., the planetary dweller-on-the-threshold, Serpent, the beast, the dragon, etc.

It is worth noting that the ascended masters announced in past years that Lucifer, Satan, and Peshu Alga have all passed through the second death, at different times, which means none of them exists anymore to persecute the people of God on this or other worlds. This is a triumph over darkness. However, the masters remind us that there remain individuals that are the seed of these fallen ones that are still in the process of their disintegration and second death that carry on the work of darkness until their time is also finished. This means the lightbearers must remain ever vigilant and active in the battle against evil.

You can read an excerpt from the dictation by Jesus Christ that announced the “Final Judgment of Satan” at The Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia website. Jesus reveals details about the process of trial and judgment at the Court of the Sacred Fire.

Click the button to read more about the "Final Judgment of Satan"

​Have movies helped us recognize the face of evil?

It may be that some of the movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings that have come out of Hollywood and elsewhere over the last 30 years have prepared us to deal with the face and fact of absolute evil. Through science fiction and fantasy we have seen characters such as the Emperor in Star Wars and Sauron and his under lord Saruman in The Ring series.  Such movies are very engaging and popular partly because seeing evil on the screen may help us process records in our soul and subconscious of unpleasant encounters with actual evil forces in one or more of our prior lives in the very distant past.

Such movies may have made it easier for us today to grapple with the truth about fallen angels and various evolutions that have come to Terra from other worlds and brought darkness with them. The truth puts a face on the forces of darkness that have waged war against the people of God for eons. And the awareness of these events starts to make the story of the oppression of our own soul very real, not like a movie or a good science fiction novel we can forget about when we walk out of the theater or finish the last page of the book.

The story of this “Darkness Comes to Terra” movie is still very much in play and the outcome is still pending. God has written the story line where the people of God with the help of the hosts of heaven rise up to claim the victory over darkness through a spiritual resurgence, win the final big battle that is now in progress, and the happy ending drops into place! But, we the characters on stage must understand and accept our individual roles to separate out from and challenge evil. We must play our parts well in order for God's plan to be fulfilled in the physical domain.

Evolutions from the Destroyed Planets of Hedron and Maldek Came to Terra

The following content is taken from The Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia found at “” under the subjects of "Hedron" and "Maldek."

Hedron was at one time a planet in this solar system. Once a paradise of beauty and culture, Hedron contained within its causal body a divine plan for a golden-age civilization. On this planet was an evolution of souls destined to outpicture the flame of divine love under the direct influence of Helios and Vesta in the center of our solar system. The planet was overtaken by the pleasure cult of its lifewaves who, when reincarnated on earth, became known for their cult of hedonism.

Astronomers have discovered a group of asteroids whose highly elliptical orbits take them at times among the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars). There is still much speculation among scientists over the origin of these minor planets; the two main hypotheses are that asteroids are either fragments of a planet that exploded or was destroyed, or they are particles that never condensed to form a planet. These are in fact the remains of the planet Hedron.

The Fall of Hedron

The evolutions of Hedron basked in the sun, they rejoiced in the love of God, but after a time, that rejoicing, that childlike innocence, turned to selfishness and to the pleasure cult. And so the word “hedonist” has descended all the way from Hedron as the sign of those who make the goal of life the pleasure of the five senses. The totally selfish consciousness of those evolving on that planet resulted in their self-annihilation. They destroyed themselves and they destroyed their planet.

Those who were counted worthy, the remnant of the Hedonists (or the Hedrons) were allowed to reembody on Maldek. At that time Maldek was a very pure, virgin planet. With the coming of the Hedrons, this planet was also perverted through a pleasure cult.

The Hedrons were not a new evolution. They had great experience in science and in war, and they were able to create weapons greater than our most modern nuclear weapons, inventions greater than our most modern forms of transportation in air, on sea and land. And so they brought about a nuclear holocaust on Maldek and destroyed themselves. All that remains of that planet is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Once again there were souls thrust from physical embodiment floating on the astral plane. Once again, life provided an opportunity. The Lords of Karma determined that two-thirds of the evolution of that entire planet were not worthy of perpetuation. They were brought to final judgment and they passed through the second death. One third who were considered redeemable, those who were humanitarians, philanthropists, scientists, who had resisted war and inharmony, who had resisted the misuse of love—love as obedience and love as vision—were allowed to reembody upon the earth.

Thus, the earth is beset with a race of people who have a previous evolution of the pleasure cult, of science, of creating babies in test tubes, of creating all forms of life, of controlling genes and chromosomes, of waging war. These people (who are called laggards because they lagged behind the spiritual evolution of this system) embodied on Atlantis, and they began to repeat the same way of life, and so earth also became infested with this pleasure cult.


The Laggards are those who lag behind the evolutions of their planets; specifically souls assigned to earth who had failed to fulfill their divine plan on schedule on their home star, Maldek, and have continued to lag behind their own God-ordained destiny as well as that of the lifewaves of earth, among whom they continue to reembody.


Maldek, once a planet in our solar system, was destroyed when its lifewaves waged a war ending in nuclear annihilation. The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the remains of this planet.

The existence of a planet between Mars and Jupiter was predicted by Johann Titius and restated in 1772 by German astronomer Johann Bode based on the numerical progression of the distances of the then-known planets from the sun. Following the discovery in 1781 of Uranus, whose location conformed to Bode’s law, astronomers began to search for the missing planet, finding instead the asteroid belt. About 95% of the thousands of asteroids, or minor planets as they are called, that have since been discovered in our solar system are part of this main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Technological Renegades from Another World

At some point when souls from Maldek were being allowed to embody on earth, there also came to Terra uninvited guests from another system of worlds that brought a very high level of technological know how. Unfortunately, these beings had left off the worship and honor of God a very long time ago and instead substituted the control and manipulation of matter, energy, and genetics to aggressively and willfully perpetuate their identity as godless and soulless beings.

It is not easy to communicate the extent to which this renegade race has affected Terra. It is best left up to the book, The Soulless One —Cloning a Counterfeit Creation by Mark Prophet, Summit University Press. The following content is from the introductory page and pages 113-114 of the book which I have included to give you an idea of the problems caused by these interlopers. They and their creation need to be routed and eliminated from Terra, and the legions of the Archangels are the forces ready to do it.

The Soulless One

Introductory page

     "This book begins to unravel a strategy of darkness that has held mankind in bondage to a will not altogether his own.

     "Long ago they came, renegade bands from another star system to become the uninvited inhabitants of earth.

     "With technological wizardry, they influenced every aspect of our lives. They manipulated the genetic pattern. They altered the very fabric of thought. And they created a counterfeit race of soulless human automatons programmed to control us and our civilization in the ways of death.

     "Invading the mind, these aliens altered our perception of reality and penetrated the psyche of man with thought patterns that would sustain a lesser state of awareness. This mechanical forcefield is the nucleus of the synthetic self—the anti-self still warring with our Real Self.

     "For this reason, on earth man is God in exile, prisoner of a brave new world. Until he challenges the smothering oppression of the Soulless One, the shackles of limitation will remain.

     "Mark L. Prophet, amanuensis for the Master R., opens your understanding of the colonization of earth by intergalactic rebels. His prophetic message is irrefutably confirmed by archaeological, astronomical, and historical evidence."

Added Comment-

This book, The Soulless One, enables a person to identify this race by their deeds and start to understand the consequences of their presence on Terra throughout history. The following paragraphs underline the importance of the people of God becoming fully aware of this type of individual and doing our part to counteract their evil. Note that the author clearly indicates that the appropriate means of overcoming these dark ones is through spiritual work and not through witch hunts or violent revolution.

The Soulless One, pages 113-114

     “In the Bible these soulless beings are referred to throughout as “the wicked,” for they have seen to it that all more specific descriptions of their race have been removed—lest mankind discover them and rise in righteous indignation against their overlords. And thus the death of John the Baptist and that of Jesus the Christ were brought about by the counterfeit race who for thousands of years have set brother against brother, race against race, and have caused the children of God to blame one another for the murders of the saints.

     “Today, as always, they occupy positions of authority and financial power. They have gained control of the destinies of empires, and they seek ever to thwart the pure purposes of God. The injudicious use of taxation exerted by their direction has placed an unconscionable yoke upon the neck of humanity.

     “Their control of entertainment media and the trends of youth towards dissonant art forms and discordant music has perverted noble attitudes and spawned a race of delinquent rebels whose code, or lack of it, has gnawed at the vital future of America and the people of many nations. Modern means of communication and distribution of the printed word, the spoken word, and the dramatic work through television and motion pictures have caused ideas to span continents and the world almost with the speed of light. Like a prairie fire, the dry grass consumes itself to the roots of the hopes of mankind which are blighted, then, by the searing infamy of wasted energy and emotion.

     “It is my opinion that through correct action negation can be overruled. I believe that through the power of prayer as evoked through Jesus Christ and his vigil for world peace, through the conscious use of decrees, and through the increased distribution of ascended master material and true cultural knowledge, the yearnings of mankind for the golden  age will be so strengthened that those who have wrong and selfish thoughts will be exposed as darkness against light reveals its true nature.”

Please see the Science of the Spoken Word page for more information on “decrees.”

Fallen Watchers—Angels that Fell Because of Their Lust for the Daughters of Men

Occasionally you see a movie, often the type that is made for TV, that tells the story of an angel sent to earth to help a person overcome a great difficulty in their life. As the story develops, the angel develops a romantic attachment to the person they are supposed to be helping thereby complicating the situation.

This storyline is a bland reworking of catastrophic events that occurred long ago documented in the Book of Enoch. As indicated in scripture, Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam and he lived in the period before the lifespan of men was shortened from 1,000 years to 120 years and later to “threescore and ten” (70 years) as the result of the Fall (Jude 1:14, Genesis 6:3, Psalms 90:9-11). Footnote 1  So important was the information Enoch passed along to his ancestors that his name was well known by Jesus and his apostles and his teachings were studied and quoted by them, which would have been thousands of years later!

Enoch lived on Atlantis and saw the evil spawned on Lemuria as it also infected its colony, Atlantis. A Godly man, he was taken up into the Spirit and given awareness of a group of angels called “Watchers” who were assigned by God to watch over and assist evolutions on Terra but who became enamored and then lustful of the daughters of men.

Two hundred of these Watchers (the names of their leaders are enumerated in the Book of Enoch) chose to enter incarnation so they could co-habitate with women. The offspring of these angels were the “giants in the earth” that caused havoc and destruction among mankind as documented in the Bible and the Book of Enoch. The fallen Watchers taught mankind spiritual secrets they were not entitled to have and also taught the making of weapons, warfare, witchcraft, abortion, and the adornment of the body to engender allure. The influence of the fallen Watchers resulted in gross lawlessness and bloodshed and was the major contributing factor in the sinking of Atlantis also known as the Flood.

The Biblical record of these giants is found in Genesis 6:4:

     "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

In the Old Testament, the phrase “sons of God” always referred to angels and later in Jude 6 it is understood that these were the “angels that kept not their first estate.”

The fallen Watchers, fearing retribution from God for their misdeeds, have a change of heart and ask Enoch to intercede with God on their behalf, asking forgiveness and mercy for having violated their office in the Angelic Kingdom and having created a race of beings also referred as “the wicked” on Terra.

Enoch agrees to go before the Almighty to deliver the fallen Watchers’ petition but their appeal is denied, so great has been their offense and its consequences. These Watchers are cast into a compound on the astral plane for confinement until the time of their judgment.

I cannot help but think that the extreme worldwide preoccupation with sexual images in the media and entertainment today, the inordinate attention on adorning the face and body, and pornography itself are carryovers from the records of the misbehavior and darkness of the fallen Watchers and not something the people of God created for themselves.

Intermission – Time for a breather!

I hope you are not burdened by this information but rather feeling enlightened. There is a definite heaviness in the truth about these past events because God within us and our souls know the pain, suffering, and loss of happiness that has accompanied this history.

When we deal with this kind of information, it is always a good idea to remember that this darkness has no power of its own and that God has a plan to sweep Terra clear and clean of these records of infamy:

     "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." (Revelation 21:4)

The next page, "Sanat Kumara Rescued Terra", tells the story of the heroic turnaround of the extremely dark conditions on Terra by the spiritual sacrifice of one great being of light and the many souls that accompanied him long ago. This is a true story that is unknown to the majority of people but the threads of the mission of Sanat Kumara show here and there in the scripture of several religions and legends of various countries. And his mission has everything to do with the appearance of avatars, prophets, buddhas, and sages throughout the ages including the transcendent coming of Jesus the Christ.

There is only one more important story to add to “Darkness Comes to Terra” before moving on to the coming of great light. This is the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve which is here retold with essential details provided by the ascended masters.

The Fall of Adam and Eve

The Biblical story of the fall of Adam and Eve is an allegory for actual events that occurred in the days of Lemuria. The ascended masters have provided essential details about the Fall that make the story more real and meaningful to us.

Lemuria, known as the Motherland, was the place where souls long ago first descended into incarnation on Terra. According to researchers, the continent was made up of two land masses separated by an ocean channel. Lemuria, also known by the name of its capital city, Mu, covered a large portion of what is now the Pacific Ocean. High civilizations and golden ages flourished on Lemuria for hundreds of thousands of years and its culture, commerce, and influence extended to other continents through colonies in North, Central, and South America and Atlantis.

Due to the dark influences of the fallen angels, laggard evolutions, and technologically advanced renegades from other systems of worlds as previously described, civilizations went through periods of rising into enlightenment but then descending into selfishness and depravity depending on the consciousness of the people and their willingness to follow the bad example of evil doers.

As you will see in the next page, “Sanat Kumara Rescues Terra,” our planet has always had governing bodies to oversee and guide the evolution of souls and maintenance of the body of the planet itself. During a dark period on Lemuria and other places, volunteers were sought to embody on Terra to serve as teachers of the people to help restore awareness of their divine origin and relationship to God. The ultimate goal of this effort was to re-establish the “path of initiation” with the embodied children of God whereby each soul through progressive learning and testing could gradually reconnect with the Spirit of the Lord and reclaim the soul’s rightful inheritance as a Son or Daughter of God that had been lost and forgotten.

The twin flame souls Adam and Eve were among beings that volunteered for this project and they were accepted into the “Mystery School” that was established on Lemuria. The name “Mystery School” indicates that the participants were there to study and master the mysteries or science and laws of God that they would be assigned to impart to others.

In order to do justice to the story of Adam and Eve, I need to digress for a moment to introduce very relevant information about the “Four Elements” used by God in the creation of form. Physical matter is made up of four types or planes of inter-penetrating energy that are represented as "four elements”: fire, air, water and earth. You probably have heard of these because they show up almost universally in folk medicine and the spiritual belief systems of many native peoples and the system of Chinese medicine. These elements make up a vibratory continuum with fire on the high end and earth on the low end. Each element is also endued with unique components of God consciousness that gives it functional capacity and taken together the four elements provide structure for the body worn by our soul.

Click the button for more information about The Four Elements, the foundation of our existence in form.

The Mystery School of which Adam and Eve were a part existed in the etheric plane of Lemuria, in the fire element, not in the physical realm. The ascended masters teach that there are many “spiritual retreats or focuses” in the etheric plane on Terra today where the masters and angels reside and use as their headquarters to serve the spiritual and physical needs of mankind. Key retreats in North America are located at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, in Yosemite Valley, and over Manhattan, New York. Many other retreats exist. So, it fits that Adam and Eve were in a spiritual retreat similar to those that exist today.

Here is an additional point of interest — The ascended masters have revealed that the geographic location of this Mystery School of Lemuria was located along the current Southern California coast, somewhere between Calabasas and San Diego. The term “Garden of Eden” refers to the high state of consciousness the participants enjoyed in the paradise of the etheric plane where all of a person’s needs are met and the wonder of nature and God’s love and beauty are perpetually in full bloom. So, the “Garden of Eden” is more of a state of consciousness than only a specific physical place. For example, a person dwelling in the upper etheric plane today would experience the “Garden of Eden.” Apparently, however, the activity of the Mystery School was centered along this section of what is now the California coast.

It is important to note that Adam and Eve are profound persons of God and are still considered to be the divine archetype of what man and woman can be. So, they are still divine models to whom all of us are connected. There is more information about Eve at the conclusion of this page.

So, just to summarize the situation:

  • Consciousness of the children of God was already in a state of decline on Terra due to the interference and negative influences of fallen angels and others committed to darkness.


  • Adam and Eve and other twin flame souls volunteered to learn and teach a “path of initiation” to the children of God to help them remember and return to the pursuit of their divine identity.


  • The Mystery School where Adam and Eve resided was in the etheric plane not in the physical world as we know it, but very real, tangible, and complete. The ascended masters have said that the etheric plane is more real than the physical world as we experience it because it is a pure manifestation of God's light and consciousness without the burdens of dense physicality such as the force of gravity.

The next information comes from a teaching given by an ascended master named Lady Master Meta. As you will see, she reads from the Book of Life mentioned earlier and provides additional commentary about a troublesome and destructive trend on Terra that extended over a long period of time, that deeply affected Adam and Eve, and still causes injury today.

The title of Lady Master Meta’s overall teaching is “The History of the Feminine Ray.” I have extracted paragraphs from the master’s teaching in order to simplify the profound issues she explains. This history is important because it reveals the causes of the friction and even conflict that exists between men and women today. The solution to men and women being at odds and in competition with each other rather than being solely in cooperation with each other is described by the ascended masters. The solution to the problem is for men and women to recognize the need to appropriately embrace attributes of the divine feminine and raise it up to bring it into balance with the inner divine masculine. The entire teaching of “The History of the Feminine Ray” from Lady Master Meta is available at the link below.

Click the button to read more of the "History of the Feminine Ray" by Lady Master Meta. When you are done with Part 1, select "Next Pearl" at the bottom of the page to go to Part 2.

The section of the book on the "History of the Feminine Ray" from which Lady Master Meta reads explains the start of incarnation of twin flame souls on Terra, far earlier than the time of Adam and Eve.  She describes how cycles of incarnation started with souls embodying in the etheric plane only (element of fire, archetype of Father). After the first round of souls completed their incarnations and ascended, the next group of souls embodied down through the level of the mental plane (air element, archetype of Son). Being in the mental plane would also include occupying the etheric plane because the four planes are a continuum of light/energy/consciousness. These souls also ascended after completing their assignments.


Next, twin flame souls embodied down through the emotional plane (water element, archetype of Mother). Each plane has its unique opportunities and challenges for mastery and soul experience. With the archetype of Mother, the emotional plane represents the feminine ray (aka feminine energy, consciousness, archetype) and this is the level from which consciousness fell.

In the following section, Lady Master Meta’s words are labeled “LMM” and material from the book on the history of the feminine ray is labeled “BHFR."

Beloved Ascended Lady Master Meta

The History of the Feminine Ray

Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 61, Nos. 29, 30

Copyright Summit Publications, Inc.

LMM:  "Sons and daughters of the flame of truth, I come in the flame of the feminine ray, and I come bearing a book, an ancient book of the history of the feminine ray. And this day I will read to you from that book certain passages concerned with the light of the feminine ray upon Terra:

BHFR:  'In the Beginning, when God looked upon this orb of light formed by the Elohim—centered in this solar system and born from the heart of the Sun—the great I AM, that Great Spirit, breathed forth the breath of the Holy Ghost, and cloven tongues of fire formed pulsating spheres of love magnetized by a polarity based upon the common design of life.


     'Twin spheres of life, pulsating in the plane of Spirit, gave birth to souls, who looked upon one another and said, “Behold, I AM!” For they saw in the mirror of one another’s face the light of the Presence, the origin of the spheres.

      'Twin souls came to conquer Terra. And this took place on the level of the etheric, in pristine glory, in transparency. These twin souls, as father and mother, gave birth to lifewaves who issued forth out of the heart’s union, out of the merging of light’s rays. And thus the first level of lifewaves, of lifestreams, was born.

     'These came forth in the same manner, out of the white-fire core, as souls beholding life, spiraling life, in recognition of the oneness of the “we are One” and yet separating as two halves of the seed for counterparts of life descending into form.

     'The perfection of that plane, the mastery of energy spirals, was accomplished over hundreds and thousands of years by many pairs of flames who came forth until the next cycle of the release. This was for the stepping down of consciousness into a new plane of mastery in the level of the mental plane, where the mind of God also enshrined forcefields of life, pairs of souls who also represented the Father-Mother God to other lifewaves. New dimensions of consciousness, new vistas of Mater, were conquered, and lifewaves returned to the heart of the One by the flame of the ascension, by the glory of the Son.

     'Descending, then, to the level of the desire body of God, of the plane of water, came other pairs of souls who brought forth children of the light, lifestreams waiting to increase the awareness of God in the plane of Mater. This descent was for the realization not only of Father and of Son but of the Divine Mother. And so begins the history of the feminine ray.

     'For a time, souls held the immaculate concept of life in this plane. But there came a moment in eternity and a moment in time and space when souls, who had free will to choose God-good or to choose to go the way of the independent ones and the separatists, began to consider that in order to gain mastery it was perhaps necessary to indulge in the veils of maya that were for the shielding of the consciousness of God.

     'These souls, in the course of the cosmic history they were taught, came to realize that there had been other lifewaves on other systems of worlds who had determined to enter into an energy veil not of the Divine Mother but an energy veil composed of the ambition that comes from the need for self-importance outside of the consciousness of God.'"

LMM:  "And so in the Book of Life from which I read, there is recorded that moment when twin souls, as male and female, used the precious energies of the feminine ray (consecrated for the immaculate conception and the beholding only of good) to gaze upon the record of the infamy of other lifewaves and other souls:


BHFR: 'And as they gazed upon that record it became for them more and more of reality, and the precious image of the Virgin became less and less real as they amplified the image that caught the eye. And thus, through the misuse of the third eye, the place of the All-Seeing Eye of God, the compromise of the feminine ray took place.

     'These souls knew not that they had entered into a compromise, for they felt that a little indulgence, a little tasting of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, could not take from them that Reality, that high awareness which they had known for so long.

     'The descent of feminine energies led to the densification of the body temple, ultimately to the place where gross matter as physical substance became the vehicle of expression. Little by little the vision of perfection was lost, the standard was lowered, and in imperfection these souls thought that they still retained the image of the Most High God.

     'But alas, the time came when the expulsion from the sphere of Reality was ordained by the Lords of Karma, and then man and woman suddenly knew that they were naked and without the wedding garment, [protective layers of light that tie the soul to her higher consciousness] without the virgin consciousness of the oneness of the Whole.'"

LMM:  "Thus in the allegory of the Book of Genesis you have an account of these events which took place. And yet that accounting is incomplete, for it too comes down as legend, told and retold from those who once had access to the Book of Life.

BHFR:  'The compromise of the energy veil was intensified, for the LORD God withdrew a portion of his Spirit. And therefore man and woman began to use and exercise the intellect, the outer consciousness, the outer senses, and these replaced the inner knowing, the inner feeling, the inner consciousness of the soul and its awareness of the tie to God.'"

LMM: "You know, yourselves, how customs change gradually, how that which is a standard in civilization at a certain time in history is no longer a standard in another decade. And so it is that the consciousness of mankind evolves, sometimes toward the light, sometimes toward the darkness.

     "During the period of which I speak, which is recorded here, there was an intensification of darkness through negative spirals of the descent of the feminine ray descending below the heart, reinforcing the carnal consciousness. There was a fall of that energy to the base-of-the-spine chakra, where ultimately that energy was locked by the Lords of Karma, who decreed that mankind should no longer have the free use of the feminine energies since they had perverted those energies with their frivolousness, with their lack of respect for the Law and for the sacred fire."

And so, when Adam and Eve were working to help learn and establish a “path of initiation” as members of the Mystery School on Lemuria, as we would say today, what had been “trending” on Terra for a long time was curiosity and enamor with the veils of maya (illusion) and the allure and “need for self-importance outside of the consciousness of God.”

The hierarch of the Mystery School gave Adam and Eve and all members the clear warning and command that anyone that took on the knowledge of the fruit of Good and Evil before they had the attainment to master it, “Would surely die.” The implicit understanding of this warning is that partaking of this knowledge would result in the loss of the immortality they already possessed and require descending into mortal life being subject to the process of death due to the loss of the protective sheaths of light of the wedding garment, also known as the “deathless solar body.”

The temptation and subversion of Eve was carried out by the leader of a band of angels referred to as “Serpents” that were associated with the Luciferian rebel angels. One of the elements of the Luciferians’ rebellion is that they considered themselves superior to the Sons of God and rejected the idea of serving them. Apparently this disrespect, coupled with pride, turned to animosity and then outright treachery in the undermining of God’s Sons and Daughters.

The name “Serpent” was appropriate because these angels had considerable attainment with the Kundalini energy that rises on the spinal altar after it is unlocked and that is pictured in the “caduceus,” the symbol of the medical profession. The leader of the group was named "Serpent" and his group came to be known by his name.

The approach used by Serpent to beguile Eve into disobedience to her training and the directives of the hierarch of the Mystery School was subtle and comprehensive as he laid out a description of how God’s energy could be used for all kinds of “productive” endeavors. But the hidden poison in his arguments was that the approach and purposes were outside of God’s Will.


The following content is taken from the free TSL Encyclopedia found at “” under the subject of "Serpent."

Image by Krystal Ng

The Temptation
of Eve

     "The Book of Genesis describes how Serpent tempted Eve to partake of the energies of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit—the power, the wisdom, and the love of God—and the use of these to perpetuate the self-centered existence outside of God. Through the critical eyes of the serpent, “the woman saw that the tree was good for food.” This was the temptation of the blue plume of power, the First Person of the Trinity, the Father. The serpent showed the woman that the energy of the Father could be misqualified or used, as he put it, to gain all economic objectives in the world, to acquire wealth and all that was necessary to meet the demands of physical man.

     "Second, through this eye of the serpent, she saw “that it was pleasant to the eyes”—the pride of the eyes in the gratification of the senses, of the emotions, the desire to fulfill the pleasures of these senses. This was the temptation to misuse the light of the Holy Ghost in all types of social interchange, in all of the various exchanges of energies that occur through human attachment.

     "Finally, she saw that it was “a tree to be desired to make one wise”—and therefore the temptation to replace the Christ mind with the carnal mind, to use the plume, the flame, of the Son (Second Person of the Trinity) in order to control the political movements of the world; the desirability of using the Christ mind to fulfill ambition, achievement, accomplishment, to gain manipulative powers over others through that carnal mind.

     "As the result of Eve’s disobedience in the partaking of the knowledge of the fruit of Good and Evil, the Lord God pronounced several consequences that later were called the “Adamic Covenant,” which were new laws or requirements that now governed the relationship between the Lord and Adam and Eve with their offspring."

  • Adam and Eve and many other pairs of twin flames with them that were also led astray were cast out of Eden, the perfection of the etheric plane, to incarnate in the denser, physical plane. This made life incomparably more difficult in all ways including having to till the earth to provide for their own needs and conceiving and bringing forth children would be done with sorrow, perhaps notably in the birth process and parents knowing that their offspring were entering a limited world instead of the freedom and ease of higher planes and closeness with God.


  • The souls that fell became subject to the law of mortality, from “dust unto dust.” Footnote 1


  • Very significant is the fact that Eve, because she initiated the act of disobedience, was made subject to her husband, which has had consequences into the modern era.

Destruction of Lemuria

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of the fall of Adam and Eve is that the Mystery School that sought to intercede in the decline of consciousness on Terra and to literally turn things around could not be successful in its mission in this cycle. Sometime after the fall of consciousness and the continued intensification of darkness, depravity, and wickedness due to the influences of fallen angels, the continent of Lemuria collapsed into the Pacific Ocean in volcanic fire and destruction. The loss of the "Motherland" remains a deep scar in the collective unconscious of the people of Terra.


As the result of their evil role in the fall, Serpent and his group of angels were cast out of heaven into the earth to incarnate and work out their karma with embodied evolutions. These individuals are totally dedicated to evil and continue to persecute the people of God in their incarnations and are later referred to in the New Testament as “vipers,” the Greek translation of the word “serpents.”

For more information on Serpent, search the free TSL Encyclopedia found at:” using the key name “Serpent.”

Victory of Eve!

It is tremendously significant that even though Eve’s disobedience resulted in a great karmic penalty, the karma that she incurred with the hierarch of the Mystery School has been balanced by her! The ascended masters announced in the late 1970’s that after the fall from grace many thousands of years ago, Eve afterwards pledged her allegiance again to the hierarch and dedicated herself to balancing the karma from that event. To read about The "Forgiveness of Eve", open the link below for online Pearls of Wisdom, Vol 43, Nos. 20 and 21.





Two important lessons we can learn from the forgiveness of Eve. The first is that Eve had to balance the karma she created and that it wasn’t just wiped away. The second is just how true it is that our God is a merciful God. Eve was not sent to the Second Death for her mistake, as the misguided “Our God is a God of Wrath” model would predict. She was given the opportunity to atone for her sin and reestablish her relationship with the Almighty.

Now that we are at the end of this page, it is worth noting that Terra has moved into the Age of Aquarius, which is an age for the return of the balance of the feminine ray and mother aspect in both man and woman.

Click the button to read about Eve. On the Search Pearls screen, enter Volume=43 and Number=20 then Search. To go on to the second Pearl, select the prior tab to go back to the Search Pearls screen and enter "21" in the number box and hit Search.

By the Grace of God,
Life Goes On!

As tragic as the destruction of Lemuria was, we will see in the next page, “Sanat Kumara Rescues Terra”, that by the grace and intercession of God, our planet is making progress in rebounding from the great darkness and loss of life from that event.


1 The ascended masters teach that because of the Fall, mankind continued to follow the evil ways of fallen angels. As a karmic penalty, a cosmic council decreed the reduction of the threefold flame of life to a mere 1/16 of an inch and a person's lifespan was consequently shortened. See entry under "Threefold_flame" at the TSL Encyclopedia,

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