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The Four Elements

Physical matter is made up of four types or planes of inter-penetrating energy that are represented as "four elements”: fire, air, water and earth. You probably have heard of these because they show up almost universally in folk medicine and the spiritual belief systems of many native peoples and the system of Chinese medicine. These elements make up a vibratory continuum with fire on the high end and earth on the low end. Each element is also endued with unique components of God consciousness that give it functional capacity and taken together the four elements provide structure and interactive continuity for the body, essentially making it a chalice of consciousness worn by our soul.

Although the images above show examples of fire, air, water, and earth, the four elements of creation are not identical to these types of matter. Matter, such as the water in the ocean wave, has some of the characteristics of the cosmic element called "water," such as fluidity, but the matter form only serves as an analogy to the elements with the same name. The four elements are all multi-dimensional in their function.


The chart below helps us to start to relate to the various energy levels that are the foundation of our spiritual and physical existence.  The chart is only a learning tool and does not really do justice to the profound energy relationships that make up the body we wear. But it is a place to start.

As you see, the circle is divided into four sections, each called a “quadrant.” Because the diagram is used to refer to multiple factors of energy, consciousness, and functionality it may be referred to under different names depending on the point of focus, such as:

                                The Four Elements

                                The Four Quadrants

                                The Four Cosmic Forces

                                The Four Pillars of the Temple Beautiful of the Soul

Try to relate to the diagram as a representation of energy and consciousness levels of your own body, which since there are four elements, can be referred to as your “four lower bodies.” And remember that the four elements are not just phases of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each body represents a building block of creation that interpenetrates and interacts with the others.

For the sake of this description, each quadrant is described by three factors: 1) Office or divine personality emphasized in that quadrant; 2) Element; 3) The body that corresponds to the quadrant.

The "office or divine personality emphasized" in a quadrant is particularly important and is related to the term "The Four Pillars of the Temple Beautiful of the Soul" mentioned above. Each office or pillar, Father, Son, Mother, and Holy Spirit, is a divine paradigm of the Universal Christ consciousness and is a model or matrix the soul works to outpicture and become. Literally every divine attribute, as a role or model, that a soul should strive to develop is an expression of one or more of these four pillars and there is nothing outside of them worth becoming. Together, as One, they represent the range of the "personalities" of God in manifestation.

1st Quadrant

The 1st Quadrant emphasizes the archetype of Father (origin, source, law). The element is fire and the body is the Etheric body that contains the divine matrix of our being and also the records of our karma. The upper levels of the Etheric body overlap into the heaven world and provides a portal for divine inspiration and guidance from angels and heavenly sponsors.


2nd Quadrant

The 2nd Quadrant emphasizes the archetype of Son, the one and only offspring of the divine masculine and divine feminine and includes the roles of both son and daughter. The element is air and the body is the Mental body that makes up our thought and cognitive activity. The Mental body spreads throughout the physical body and is not just centered in the brain.  


3rd Quadrant

The 3rd Quadrant emphasizes the archetype of Mother, the divine feminine. The element is water and this is the Emotional body that establishes and conveys our feelings, desires, and emotions.


4th Quadrant

The 4th Quadrant emphasizes the archetype of the Holy Spirit. The element is earth and this corresponds to the Physical body.

A good way to relate to the Four Elements is to think about how they interact within us. The upper levels of the Etheric body contain the divine matrix of our identity and connect us to higher consciousness. The lower level of the Etheric body contains the records of our karma. The Mental body connects to the Mind of God and also uses the brain for cognitive processes. The Mental body can receive inspiration and guidance from the Etheric Body. The Emotional body is utilized to put thought into action and the interaction between thought and feeling is pretty obvious to most people. Each body is affected by activity in each of the other bodies and this is probably most clear with the Physical body where all the inputs come together resulting in movement and expression.

This is a starting introduction to the quadrants and elements. Further teaching from the ascended masters known as the “Cosmic Clock” develops the ways in which these quadrants relate to the signs of the Zodiac and divine astrology.


The final point I want to make here is to connect the quadrants to the information from Lady Master Meta in the Adam and Eve section. As she indicates, souls incarnated on Terra starting with the etheric plane, then the next round of souls incarnated in the mental plane, and the third round incarnate in the emotional plane. The chart explains how these incarnations represented a sequence whereby groups of souls were experiencing and mastering deeper and deeper levels of the matter world.

The Four Elements make up four interpenetrating bodies of energy and consciousness
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