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Image by Shubham Dhage

The Chart of Your Divine Self

The ascended masters have spared no words in explaining our divinity and profound origin in God. The truth takes some getting used to because as the offspring of the Almighty, we have more going for us than we have been led to believe by systems of education and religion. We need to start identifying with ourselves as a soul, with the mediator of our Holy Christ Self (one with Jesus) and our individual I AM Presence, created in the beginning as our essential identity and in the image of God.

The Chart of Your Divine Self is an essential graphic aid published by The Summit Lighthouse that reveals your spiritual physiology. The Chart shows important energy relationships that underlie our being and consciousness. This is the image you can start to use to re-image (re-imagine) yourself in the image in God.

Godfre Ray King, the messenger that founded the I AM Movement, was the first to reveal the nature of the I AM Presence in the Chart and teach about our relationship to the Presence in the 1930s. It was a dramatic revelation of the “how and why” of the Presence of God within us. The original release of the Chart included the top and bottom figures and the middle figure that represents what is known as the “Christ Self” was added by the masters through Mark Prophet after the formation of in The Summit Lighthouse.

The Chart of the Divine Self diagrams the relationship between the soul, existing in a plane of spirit and anchored within the body of the lower figure, and the soul’s higher consciousness represented by the middle and upper figures. Here are some of the highlights about your spiritual identify as shown in the Chart.

The Chart of Your Divine Self shows the image of God in which we were created

I AM Presence

If you have ever wondered how it is that God can be aware of each one of us, watch over us, and listen and respond to our prayers, it is because when we were created, God made an individualized portion of himself, each portion unique but each made of his Spirit, to be the foundation of our identity. This is how we are made in the image and likeness of God. This portion of God is called the I AM Presence and is pictured as the upper figure in the Chart.

I think the bells of heaven ring out and the angels and the soul rejoices whenever a person discovers the reality of the I AM Presence and starts to acknowledge and establish a conscious relationship with this aspect of the Higher Self. The I AM Presence is the source of all God-good in our lives and drawing upon its love, wisdom, and power can be the start of true soul liberation and the end of human struggle.

Christ Self

The Christ Self is the middle figure in the Chart and plays an intermediary role between the evolving soul below (and the person’s outer consciousness) and God Presence above. Our individual Christ Self is one with Christ Jesus and what is known as the Universal Christ and is the open door to our own divinity. The I AM Presence and Christ Self are positioned directly above us. This is the reason a person instinctively looks up when praying or making an appeal or giving thanks to God, such as when a baseball player is running around the bases after hitting a home run and points to the heavens to acknowledge the doer and to show gratitude.

It is significant to note that the distance between the person below and Christ Self and God Presence above varies significantly depending on the level of attention and devotion the persons gives to God in his or her life. The more a person works to develop higher consciousness and keep their attention and actions focused on higher things, the closer their own Christ Self and I AM Presence will remain. As indicated in the book of James: “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you” (James 4:8). Ultimately, as in the case of Jesus, by attention, devotion, and obedience to the Christ Self and I AM Presence, the two upper figures superimpose over the figure below, and that person walks as One.

You - the Person Below

The figure below represents you, so go ahead and visualize yourself in the Chart, your picture superimposed over the fellow that is there. Your soul is attached to the spiritual center aptly called the “Seat of the Soul” and positioned internally in your body between the navel and the base of the spine.

Causal Body

The rings of color surrounding the I AM Presence represent the Causal Body and are actually concentric spheres that contain the positive energy, achievements, or good karma that the soul has accumulated throughout many lifetimes. This is like a living, dynamic vault or repository of positive energy that fulfills the function referred to by Jesus in his admonition recorded in the book of Matthew:

     "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal: For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also." (Matthew:19-21)

The living records of your righteous deeds (right-use of God’s energy) are stored there as a treasure and they are accessible to you in this life to reinforce your efforts to fulfill Christhood.

Another function of the Causal Body is in defining the divine uniqueness of each pair of twin flames. The pattern given to each pair in the beginning defines talents and a mission that only they can fulfill, in all of cosmos.

Crystal Cord

In the Chart you can see a white cord of light that descends from the I AM Presence, passes through the Christ Self, and enters the body of the lower figure. This is the crystal cord that provides the spiritual  energy that animates your life. Without the light energy that flows over this cord, the person and the body would be lifeless. Energy enters the crown chakra at the top of the head and then flows to the spiritual center of the heart where it is further distributed. The crystal cord is referred to as the "silver cord" in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes revealing the author's awareness of the silver cord in that period of time and he clearly links the silver cord to the flow of the life force. (Ecclesiastes 12:6)

Threefold Flame

As the spirit energy moved down along the crystal cord and passed from the crown chakra into the heart, it enters a spiritual chamber where it bursts from white fire-light into three separate spiritual flames, one pink, one yellow and one blue. This is the way God starts to step-down energy into our bodies from pure undifferentiated energy to other frequencies that correspond to levels of consciousness. For example, energy that is used to support the mind and thinking processes needs to be a different vibratory rate than energy needed to directly support function of the organs. Not too surprisingly, the pink, yellow, add blue flames correspond to energy and consciousness of love, wisdom, and power respectively.

The lower figure is the embodied soul. The threefold flame shows in the chest.

It may seem odd to have a flame burning in a spiritual chamber in our hearts that does not result in burning and damaging the body in some way.


But because the threefold flame exists in the spiritual realm within our bodies, it does not burn but nourishes and sustains our consciousness, being, and body.

The threefold flame is a dynamic energy that flows and moves and releases energy throughout the body

The masters have taught extensively on the threefold flame because it is such an important element in our relationship to God and our capacity to become all that God intends us to be. This is true because it is the light energy that feeds our consciousness and sustains our bodies and can be affected by our attitudes and actions. Just as medical science has shown that anger and rage damage the physical heart, these emotions can affect the functioning of the threefold flame.

The threefold flame is self-regulating according to our Higher Self and will expand or reduce according to how we expend energy. Our God Presence values balance, so even if one of the plumes is larger than the other, say the yellow plume is higher than the blue and pink because of our emphasis on education (yellow plume) over taking action (blue plume)  in our lives and expressing love to others, the yellow plume will reduce itself to keep relative balance with the other two. So, it makes sense to strive for balance in these avenues of energy expression so we are building the threefold flame every day.

Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, the threefold flame was large, the same size as the physical body for some adepts. This is how persons such as Seth, documented in Genesis, was able to live 912 years and Methuselah, the son of Enoch, lived 969 years. (Genesis 5:1-32) Their huge threefold flames sustained them for centuries. With the destruction of Atlantis, the Almighty reduced mankind’s threefold flame to only 1/16 of an inch high out as an act of mercy that reduced the capacity to do evil and make negative karma.

Our assignment in this age is to re-awaken to God’s Kingdom (consciousness) and start to balance and expand our threefold flames by doing God-Good in serving the Christ in ourselves and others.

Another aspect of the threefold flame is that the blue, yellow, and pink plumes correspond in energy-consciousness to the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit respectively. This is how the consciousness of each of these divine roles becomes available in our lives. It is important and essential to note, as shown in this version of the picture, that the three plumes of the Trinity actually emerge out of a white fire sphere that is pure Mother light energy. So, if you ever wondered why the aspect of Mother or the divine Feminine seems to be missing from Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the complete picture reveals that the divine Feminine is the foundation of the Trinity.

The threefold flame with yellow, blue, and pink plumes emerges from a white sphere of divine energy

A final point on the threefold flame: The power of the blue plume that corresponds to the energy of Father, should be understood as dedication to the Will of God. God does not allow persons to build a big threefold flame if that person is not dedicated to fulfilling God’s Will. This is how Jesus, as an avatar who stood the same size as his threefold flame, was able to declare, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth!” And with the light energy of his threefold flame he was able to heal, raise the dead back to life, perform miracles, and fulfill his mission!

It makes sense to start to relate to your threefold flame, learn to appreciate it, bring it into balance if it is not already balanced, and start to expand its plumes. "The Science of the Spoken Word" page shares info on how to accomplish this.

Tube of Light - Another important feature in The Chart of the Divine Self is the tube of light. This is the broad, white cylinder of light that descends from the I AM Presence to surround the lower figure in protective energy. The tube of light can be and should be intensified daily using the Science of the Spoken Word covered on that page. If you feel susceptible to negative energies of the city or of other people, I suggest you review this page very soon. It introduces aspects of the science of invoking spiritual light, which is very powerfully protective and healing.

Violet Flame - The final key in The Chart of the Divine Self that I want to cover is the violet flame, which is the colorful violet cloud of energy that surrounds the lower figure in the chart. The violet flame is a high frequency energy from God that has the capacity to transmute or change negative energy and conscious into positive energy. The violet flame is a gift from God that has existed forever but was only revealed and made available as a spiritual tool by the ascended masters within the last 100 years. The violet flame can be invoked, called forth from your higher consciousness and the ascended masters. Don’t wait long to read more about the violet flame on the "Science of the Spoken Word" and "Gift of the Violet Flame" pages. Please read about it and start invoking the violet flame!

The violet flame which is a rich combination of the blue of God's Will and pink of God's Love

Here is an easy and effective mantra to invoke the transforming light energy of the violet flame into your life to bring harmony, healing, and transformation:

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires!

Here is something big to take with you from learning about the Chart. Since it is clear that the energy of our being and consciousness comes from above, the I AM Presence, it is a very wise idea to avoid criticism of others and condemning yourself. Both of these actions are effectively taking God’s energy and turning it into negativity that puts a burden upon yourself and others.


The messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet has given a teaching from the Holy Spirit that “If you condemn yourself, you have put yourself outside of the circle of God.” This means you have put yourself outside of God’s protection and harmony. We must not use God’s energy to put a spiritual burden upon ourselves or anyone else. Since a person is connected to the I AM Presence, you can see how misusing God’s energy immediately results in negative karma, which no one wants or needs. The solution is to call upon forgiveness and give the violet flame mantra above or other decrees the ascended masters have released to transmute the negativity. See the "Science of the Spoken Word" page for information on how to make this happen.

Closing word - The Chart of Your Divine Self is an important image to begin to internalize and use in your meditations. The Chart shows who we are in God and it is useful to display a copy of the image on your personal altar and even in your car as you travel. It is available from The Summit Lighthouse Bookstore and if you order one, I recommend that you also purchase a small picture of Archangel Michael for your dashboard!

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