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Gift of the Violet Flame

Yes, the ascended master Saint Germain has given us a tremendous gift in the violet flame.  Yet it is the kind of gift that has to be applied before it can deliver its benefits. And the greatest benefit is best achieved when you understand the nature of the violet flame and its purpose.


Remember that the ascended masters cannot simply appear in the world of an individual and transform his or her life because it would likely be a violation of the Law of Karma. God will not do for us what we must do for ourselves. We are on a mission to transmute our karma, balance our threefold flames, and work to bond with our Holy Christ Self and then our I AM Presence. We are doing our part, through the action of the Holy Spirit and God’s angels, to gradually restore our consciousness, being, and world to the immaculate image in which we were created. This is a big deal and it happens through many gradual changes that eventually result in transformation.


Saint Germain has been a positive force for freedom for thousands of years and has the title “God of Freedom” because he embodies the God consciousness of Freedom. True freedom is an energy from God, not just a concept. Saint Germain had many incarnations on earth and has worked tirelessly to promote the flame of freedom before taking his ascension in 1684. And as an ascended master he has accelerated his efforts to bring universal freedom to Terra such as through his sponsorship of the United States of America. (This theme will be developed on the "America the Beautiful" page)

Saint Germain also sponsored Guy and Lotus Ballard in the 1930s to form the I AM Movement and serve as messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. He introduced the violet flame to the Ballards as a means to counteract the economic and political troubles of the times and to help individual lightbearers intensify the light in their body temple and transmute negative personal karma.


Prior to the release of information about the violet flame through the I AM Movement, use of this flame was a secret teaching known only to adepts. Jesus was one such adept who used the violet flame in his many healings during his mission and travels in the Middle East.


In as much as Jesus came to demonstrate the path of Christhood, thinking of his use of the violet flame in his ministry is a good way to start to relate to its power and characteristics.


Consider Jesus’ first public miracle, the changing of water into wine. Jesus demonstrated the transmutative power of the violet flame when he converted ordinary water into not just wine but exceptional wine, as attested to by the governor of the wedding feast. Jesus held in his consciousness the awareness of what constituted good wine and by the mastery of the energy in his chakras he willed the conversion of the water into wine to meet the need of the hour for the wedding party. (John 2:1-11)


Jesus’ many healings, such as the clearing of leprosy, restoring sight to the blind, and healing the crippled, required a change in the physical body of the person healed. And the changing of physical matter indicates an action of the violet flame. It may be that Jesus, in effect, first “forgave” the causative karmic record in the person that created their affliction, and this automatically enabled the body to restore itself to the perfect pattern. Whatever the details, this kind of healing through transmutation is characteristic of the action of the violet flame.


The violet flame is a combination of the blue flame that embodies God’s Will and Power and the pink flame of God’s Love. So, in the combination of these two energies is the pattern of perfection in the blue and divine love in the pink that results in the restoration of matter to its original divine state.


There are two hues of God’s light/energy/consciousness that are closely related to the violet flame. God’s energy of Mercy and Forgiveness has a higher proportion of pink than the blue flame and so the mercy flame is lavender in color. And God’s Energy of Ministration and Service has a higher proportion of blue than pink so the flame is purple in color. The action of the purple flame of God’s consciousness is an intense chemicalization that can be invoked through decrees for that purpose.

Violet Flame Brings Joy!

Another characteristic of the violet flame is unbridled joy. Joy reflects the nature of God so when you invoke the violet flame, you can expect the feeling of joy to return. Unfortunately, joy seems to have almost been driven out of modern civilization by the seriousness of life and the way the media promotes the idealized self as tough, severe, sullen, and unfeeling as is often seen in the models posing for perfume and liquor ads in young adult magazines. That idol of the fallen self must be replaced by the Real Self that is perpetually joyous.

Here is an example of the messenger and students giving the violet flame decree, "I AM the Violet Flame" from The Summit Lighthouse. This version is given at an intermediate pace followed by the decree put to music. The violet flame naturally follows the 3/4 time of the waltz, the same pattern as the beat of the heart. This is why the waltz is such a soothing and enjoyable rhythm and dance. Feel free to join in. Here are the words.











Use violet flame in decrees to transmute personal and planetary karma

Saint Germain’s gift of the violet flame is best put to use in giving violet flame decrees. If you have not read the "Science of the Spoken Word" page, you will want to do that soon since it provides the background for this information.


Decrees are verbal prayers written by the ascended masters or by the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet under their direction to be used by persons on the spiritual path to transmute negative karma, both personal karma and planetary karma.


Knowledge of the violet flame was given in the early 1900s because our planet, Terra, and its evolutions reached the conclusion of a 28,500 year cycle that required accumulated karma that had been held in abeyance to be released and dealt with lest additional karma accumulate and lead to cataclysmic events.


The following information describes the situation and is taken from the Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia at:


     "The Dark Cycle began on April 23,1969 and marked the beginning of the cycle of the intensification of the return of karma.

     "In this period of transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian age, the Great Law requires that the evolutions of planet earth deal directly with the momentums of personal and planetary karma set aside for centuries by the grace of God through his Sons incarnate (i.e., Jesus Christ and other avatars). In the face of the same propensity for darkness prevalent before the Flood, when “the wickedness of man was great in the earth” and “every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually,” the Lords of Karma decreed this action in order to deter an even greater abuse of Life’s opportunity and to forestall that cataclysm which may be the ultimate consequence of the rising tide of world sin.

     "On August 20, 1969, the messengers explained that “the coming of the Dark Cycle simply means that the hand of mercy that for centuries has stood between mankind and their own dark deeds has been withdrawn. The law of God will bring swift and compelling judgment to those who have thought they could flaunt the law.” Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

The Dark Cycle ended on April 23, 2002, a 33-year period of the release of ancient karma. The end of the cycle meant only that the karma had been fully released not that it was necessarily balanced or transmuted. So, this means that a heavy karmic weight is still upon the people and may explain why we regularly see sudden and explosive events occur. Incidents of road rage that end in a crash or shooting due to a driver with uncontrolled anger or a person is fired from his job and returns to the workplace with a gun to shoot his boss and co-workers are examples of extreme reactions by people that may have been triggered by the influence of ancient karma.

Karma and Cancer—Another danger of untransmuted karma is the potential connection to the disease of cancer.  The ascended masters teach that cancer is usually the result of the effects of ancient karma of hatred and not necessarily events or conditions in a person’s current life.  This explains why even children can develop cancer and why the disease often arises suddenly and unexpectedly and takes so many different forms. When any disease appears in a person, invoking abundant violet flame for themselves or by friends and loved ones on their behalf can have very beneficial and even miraculous results. Endnote 1


 I AM the Violet Flame


   I AM the Violet Flame

      In action in me now

   I AM the Violet Flame

      To Light alone I bow

   I AM the Violet Flame

      In mighty Cosmic Power

   I AM the Light of God

      Shining every hour

   I AM the Violet Flame

      Blazing like a sun

   I AM God's sacred power

      Freeing every one

I AM the Violet Flame
The violet flame is a rich combination of the blue of God's Will and the pink of God's Love

Visualization is essential—The ascended master Saint Germain explains that the practice of visualizing the violet as you give violet flame decree is essential. He indicates that good visualization, such as seeing yourself immersed in violet flame just as the person in the Chart of Your Divine Self is immersed, results in a multiplication of the benefits.

It is worth noting that giving violet flame decrees has no downside, no negative side effects, and will not cause imbalance in the body. It works layer by layer, transmuting negative karma at deeper and deeper layers as you make progress. Daily application of the violet flame is the best approach.

Person with 3-fold flame.jpg

Making Your Ascension at the Conclusion of this Life!

Saint Germain has said that anyone who wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to the path of the ascension, which necessitates the use of the violet flame, can successfully make their ascension at the conclusion of this life! The exception would be someone who succeeded in balancing the 51% of their karma required for the ascension but preferred to return to a final incarnation to balance a remaining karmic debt. In this case, the person would be eligible after that final incarnation. Endnote 2  This is a dramatic revelation about the power and effectiveness of the violet flame in transmuting negative karma and clearing the way for your ascension, the ultimate goal of being on earth.

A trap to avoid—Avoid the trap of using the violet flame to clear your burdens and then, feeling better, recreate them through sin. The violet flame is given to help a person stay on the upward path! However, if you have a setback, use the violet flame to forgive yourself and clear your world again to get back on the straight and narrow path that leads to higher consciousness.

​​Learning More About the Violet Flame

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has written two books dedicated to the violet flame and I highly recommend both books for your further learning. Violet Flame—To Heal Body, Mind, and Soul is a pocketbook built around the author’s sharing of stories from persons that have had life-changing experiences with the violet flame. A few of these stories tell about persons dealing with difficult records from a prior life.  The larger book, Violet Flame—Alchemy for Personal Change, is a comprehensive study of the violet flame fully packed with beautiful and inspiring images and instructions on how and why to make the violet flame a part of your life. After reading this book and working with its images and decrees, you will be proficient with the violet flame and may feel inspired to share it with your friends and family.

Other Ascended Masters also Specialize in the Violet Flame

 Statue honoring Kwan Yin at Nanshan on China's island province of Hainan. The statue is 354 ft high and was erected in 2005.

Kwan Yin, known as the Goddess of Mercy and member of the Karmic Board that oversees the planning for souls to take incarnation, is another ascended lady master that specializes in the violet flame. Kwan Yin has a retreat over the city of Beijing and works diligently to help the people of China free themselves from the oppression of Communism. A plan for this development is unfolding.


Remember that in the ascended master lexicon, a person or being is given the title of "God or Goddess" when they become a cosmic being and ensoul the God consciousness of a divine virtue or God quality, in this case, Mercy. The earthy or sensual connotation of "goddess" does not apply.

Kwan Yin has appeared to her followers in the East for many hundreds of years much as Mother Mary appears to her devotees in the West. Many people who revere Kwan Yin give mantras to honor her service to life and to invoke mercy for individuals and nations. Mercy is a flame of God's consciousness with a color very similar to the color of this page, lavender.

Image - Statue honoring Kwan Yin at Nanshan on China's island province of Hainan. The statue is 354 ft high and was erected in 2005.

Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst have a retreat over the island of Cuba. You would think a place blessed with a retreat of an archangel could only be free. Unfortunately, what has happened on earth because of free will, dark forces target a people, in this case the Cubans who are fiery and creative, to draw them under control by a charismatic but fallen leader. Then the dark forces live off the light of a suppressed population. Consider the dynamism of the Cuban people living in Florida compared to those living in socialism in Cuba. One day the island of Cuba will be free again.

The twin flames Elohim Arcturus and Victoria have a retreat near Luanda, Angola in Africa. They shared their perspective about the importance of the use of the violet flame in a dictation in 1993.

        "Many of you have seen the film Aladdin, and you have said to yourselves, ‘Now, that is just what I need—I need a genie!’ … Well, Saint Germain is a genie also. So you have your genies. If fact, you have ten thousand-times-ten thousand genies! For look at all the ascended masters and hosts of the Lord who, when they hear just one command from you, when that command is qualified by the will of God, will answer your call and perform for you so long as what you are asking or is the will of God and is in keeping with the cosmic timetable for that event…. We are in joy, Arcturus and Victoria, ever ready to save planet Earth is answer to your command!” Endnote 3

Saint Germain has a retreat over Table Mountain in Wyoming and also serves at the Royal Teton Retreat that resides on the etheric plane in and over the mountains near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At his retreats, Saint Germain directs the development of all manner of technology that are beneficial to mankind.


Image - Grand Teton mountains, location of the Royal Teton Retreat in the etheric plane near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Feel free to become more involved with the violet flame by accessing the special TSL interactive website at

Suggestions for how to use the violet flame:

  • When giving violet flame decrees, keep the attitude that you have a powerful antidote to any human condition that can absolutely consume bad habits and wrong states of consciousness.

  • Be specific in your intent when cleaning up your thoughts and feelings. When you identify a negative habit or thought pattern, go after it with intensity. You are invoking God’s sacred fire to free your soul from bondage.

  • The human consciousness is a place holder until you are ready to replace aspects of the carnal mind with divine thoughts and feelings. God will not take away a person's human consciousness all at once because each of us have made it a part of who we are. We work on ourselves day by day, week by week, and month by month. But expect to see changes in the short term that justify and reward the long-term effort.

  • Forgive yourself for errors and bad decisions and resolve not to make the same mistakes again.


My testimony about using the violet flame to transmute the debris of life’s experiences

I describe the many benefits I have received from using decrees on the "Science of the Spoken Word" page. However, the special action and blessings of the violet flame deserve additional recognition and comments.


As a young man of 25 years, I was searching for truth and trying to connect with the inner purpose I knew was inside of me. I was dissatisfied with the life I was living yet found it difficult to change and was not looking forward to another 50 years or so of mere relative happiness. I saw many older people, especially men, that were cranky, stiff in the body, and ungrateful for the way life turned out for them. And I did not want to end up that way.


My search for truth lead to the discovery that the main cause of unhappiness is living a life that keeps God at arm’s length or even further away instead of embracing his blessings. The errors, bad decisions, worries, and sense of separation pile up and after a while even wonderful people become terribly burdened with the way things turned out. This is not the way life was intended to be!


My witness is: The violet flame is a spiritual tool God has given us to undo and erase the anger, resentments, regrets, painful memories, sense of shame, judgmentalism, prejudices, and harshness we have accumulated in this and prior lives. These records are with us until we submit them to God’s sacred fire. We need the violet flame in order to forgive ourselves for shortcomings and mistakes, and we also need to send the violet flame to forgive others that have harmed us. God will deal with anyone that has committed a crime against us and we can free ourselves from the incident by putting it into the flame and letting divine justice take its course.


Be done with guilt and shame for a bad decision of the past. Work on transmuting addictions, fear, and hopelessness. Use the violet flame to eliminate any and all burdensome human conditions. It takes time and effort but the progress you will make by applying the violet flame helps you to discover and become more of your Real Self. This is the same approach I have been using for years and it is worth it!


1  See the TSL Ascended Master Encyclopedia under subject "Hatred."

2  Saint Germain, "Whatever It Takes for Your Victory, Be Willing to Do It!", Pearls of Wisdom, vol.

    37, no. 20, May 15, 1994. See

3  Arcturus and Victoria, "Rub the Violet Flame Lamp and See What Happens," Pearls of Wisdom,

    vol. 36, no. 30, July 25, 1993.

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