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TSL and Messengers

The Summit Lighthouse provides unique and profound teachings from the ascended masters that have delivered truth and hope for many devoted students around the world. A main attraction of the teachings is learning about your divine origin in God and applying the precepts of cosmic law to uplift your life and increase your capacity to be a positive influence with your family, friends, and community. Being in sync with the Higher Self enables a person to develop self-mastery and inner peace knowing all-the-while that the peace you bring radiates out to help others too.

It seems like a miracle that we have these teachings at all, but the ascended masters explain that heaven is closer to us than most people understand, and this enables communication between the two worlds. So, while the delivery of the teachings is extraordinary, the exchange of light and information between heaven and earth has been going on between God and man and woman since the beginning.

Starting with the founding of the Theosophical Society in 1875, eastern adepts and later ascended masters began an experiment that was an effort to deliver new teachings to mankind that would be needed to meet the challenges of the developing modern world.   

The model used by the ascended masters has been to painstakingly prepare spiritually advanced persons over a series of lifetimes to serve as a “messenger” to record enlightened teachings from heaven and publish them for interested followers. Each messenger to be, therefore, has been trained on the inner and through outer experiences in many lifetimes to able to respond to the ascended masters and dependably carry out this kind of very high and demanding mission.


This approach by the ascended masters has resulted in a series of sponsored organizations over the last 144 years as the years have rolled on. The first organization, the Theosophical Society, was followed by the Agni Yoga Society, the I AM Movement, the Bridge to Freedom, and most recently The Summit Lighthouse. These organizations represent a heritage and tradition of the ascended masters work on earth.


Each one of these organizations is described in further detail below starting with The Summit Lighthouse (TSL) and continuing with the earlier organizations.

It is fair to ask the question “With so many diverse religions and sects already in the world, why would the ascended masters feel compelled to launch new spiritual teachings?”

The first point to grasp is that the release of these teachings is an effort to restore the foundation of ancient wisdom to our modern civilization. The rock foundation of cosmic law goes back tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, and really to the time of our beginning in Spirit. The ascended masters have brought God’s ultimate truth to our remembrance and show how these same laws apply without exception in the modern era even though the world we have inherited has grossly departed from honoring God’s laws and covenants. So, one way to look at it is that the ascended masters are “refreshing” our minds and hearts with truth long known but forgotten.

The ascended masters chose to start new organizations to release these teachings since God knows the resistance that happens when centuries old belief systems are questioned as new light is shined on deeply embedded practices. The ascended masters saw what was needed was a break with the stultified religious dogma and trappings of the past. Jesus parable about wine bottles captures this reality:


     "No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse. Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved." (Matthew 9:16-17)

So, the teachings of the ascended masters are the new “wine” that needed to put into new “bottles” (organizations) to transcend religious dogma and bring us up to date but not reject the core truth and principles underlying the existing world’s religions. The key problem is that some beliefs of every major religion have been modified or distorted from what was intended by the founder so that the purity of the original message is missing today. This is unfortunately also true for Christianity which is intended to be the capstone of high spiritual awareness for many millions of persons and provide an awareness of the Universal Christ presence for all people regardless of their religious affiliation.


A prime example of departure from the truth is the reality of reincarnation. Consider that the doctrine of reincarnation was a fundamental belief of the community in which Jesus was raised and also among the Essenes and later the Gnostics which became one of the strongest Christian sects following Jesus' mission. In fact, even one of the Hebrew sects that opposed Jesus, the Pharisees, taught reincarnation.


There are still several strong references to the reality of reincarnation in the Bible but the doctrine was minimized to the point of being essentially eliminated by powerful Church fathers and their councils in the first few centuries after Christ. Persons such as Clement of Rome, Irenaeus, Ignatius of Antioch, Augustine, and the Council of Nicea sought to standardize and control through doctrine the observance and development of Christianity. They may have had reasonable goals of insuring the continuity of the religion but the effects were something else. They reinterpreted Jesus' teachings and succeeded in establishing a structure that secured the power base of the church and controlled the religious. These were not Jesus' stated aims. And the suppression of the beliefs and popularity of non-orthodox, free-thinking Christians first stifled then silenced many spiritual communities that embraced a deeper, mystical understanding of Jesus' teachings.


Consider how differently a person should feel about themselves and their relationship to God if they know they have lived many lifetimes before and are working out their salvation in each life as compared to thinking this life being the only one he or she will have. Denial of the truth of reincarnation is absolute robbery! And is an example of why the ascended masters have brought their teachings today: To correct lies, denials, and misinformation in all kinds of spiritual matters by telling the complete story of being.

Messengers of the Ascended Masters

The technique of the ascended masters communicating through messengers is as tried and true as the prophets of the Old Testament yet with the new twist of selecting and training persons that were capable of presenting themselves in a charismatic way to gain the attention of students seeking this particular spiritual path.

Regarding messengers or the saints, it is important to accept the fact that some persons have more spiritual knowledge and attainment than others. We have the record of many saints and sages over the ages that have demonstrated an extraordinary communion with God’s spirit and a profound dedication to serving the Will of God. This being true, it makes no sense to let our individual ego and pride stand in the way of honoring these persons and their work to serve the living God.


Just as there may be persons that are faster, more agile, better looking, or smarter than we are, the people that God has endowed with spiritual powers, such as these messengers, are souls that have worked hard to develop these abilities through lifetimes and they bring their gifts for our blessing.


Image of Francis of Assisi ordaining Clare. Both were later declared saints.

I have included examples of the embodiments of a few of the messengers introduced below to show a bit of their track record and preparation to be worthy to communicate the Word of God in their ministry. And for its own sake, this kind of knowledge can be very inspiring since it shows how a soul has progressed through the ups and downs of a series of lifetimes. Not every lifetime may result in a great victory, but the soul forges ahead using strength of character and learning from the past to meet and conquer the challenges of the current life.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messengers for The Summit Lighthouse

Mark Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse in 1958 after having been contacted and trained by the ascended master El Morya. It is worth noting that “Prophet” was Mark’s family name and it certainly reflected his mission later in life. Elizabeth joined the organization in 1961 and the two wed in 1963. Elizabeth was also trained by El Morya and Mark as a messenger and started delivering dictations from the ascended masters in the 1960s.

Something that may be considered unique about the teachings of the ascended masters delivered through the Prophets is the broad spectrum of insights the masters have given to help us solve both personal and planetary problems that threaten not only our harmony and peace but our very survival.  The healing of our psychology and healing of our bodies are at the forefront of the masters' teaching and one of the most important tools they give to bring about positive change is the Science of the Spoken Word. The “Science of the Spoken Word” page is two pages ahead.

From humble beginnings in 1958, The Summit Lighthouse moved from Washington D.C. where it began to Virginia, then to Colorado Springs, Colorado as it grew. A focus in Santa Barbara, California was added and then in 1976 Jesus called the organization to Los Angeles which resulted in a move first to Pasadena and then to a beautiful campus fittingly named “Camelot” in the mountains above Malibu, near Calabasas.

The organization and its spiritual community moved to Montana in 1986, a property named the Royal Teton Ranch that borders on the northern reaches of Yellowstone Park, near Gardiner. The move to Montana was inspired by the ascended masters to establish new headquarters in a natural setting where nature, mountains, and rivers absorb and radiate the light of spiritual devotions.

In 1975 the ascended masters directed the formation of Church Universal and Triumphant as a sister organization of The Summit Lighthouse. The Church was created to provide an avenue for spiritual seekers following the devotional purposes of a church community including the essential observance of the sacraments.

The organization is very much in a growth cycle with teaching centers and study groups dotted across the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America, Europe, and a strong membership in Russia. The Keepers of the Flame Fraternity is a membership-based group within The Summit Lighthouse dedicated to holding the flame of Life for all mankind. The Fraternity offers lessons in developing higher consciousness and in cosmic law. Summit University offers online and summer courses in various subjects geared towards putting on the Real Self and giving up the synthetic self through spiritual disciplines based on the teachings of the ascended masters. See a list of the organization’s various websites on the Resources page. These websites offer a wealth of free introductory programs.

I invite you to visit the website of The Summit Lighthouse by clicking the button below and check out the many options for further information and resources at the Bookstore including books, illustrations, music, free audio and video lectures, webinars, and interactive programs.

Artist impression of the ascended master El Morya

      Artist image of the         ascended master El Morya

Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Messenger Mark L. Prophet

Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Messenger Mark L. Prophet

The Summit Lighthouse

​Spiritual Community

Besides being a publisher, The Summit Lighthouse combined with Church Universal and Triumphant is a community of like-minded people that believe America and all light-bearers of the world have a glorious future ahead through a divinely inspired “Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness” that is aligned with Christian scripture and the Book of Revelation as well as the teachings of Buddha. We believe that this is God’s plan and understand it will take dedicated service on the spiritual path to make the difference between where mankind is and where we need to be in consciousness for earth to successfully pass through the dark night we find ourselves in. Individual effort to come up higher and God’s grace will be the determining factor.

Click the button for information about other organizations sponsored by the ascended masters.

The Role of Messengers

Before the fall of consciousness into duality, symbolized by the allegorical story of Adam and Eve being tempted in the garden to eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the Christ Self of every person was their teacher and mediator between the soul and God Presence. With the fall, the soul lost contact with the Christ teacher and since then heaven has relied upon messengers to impart truth and teaching to mankind. The ultimate goal of messengers is to help the Sons and Daughters of God restore their tie to their own Christ Self and God Presence so they may “Sit under their own vine and fig tree” and be directly God taught once again.

For anyone wanting to read more about the divine role of messenger, I recommend that you read the last chapter in the book The Path to Immortality, titled “The Messengers.” This book is part of the Climb the Highest Mountain series published by Summit University Press. The last chapter provides a deep understanding of heaven’s use of messengers, the training required for the role of messenger, and distinguishes between messengers sponsored by heaven and persons that communicate with spirits from lower levels such as the psychic realm.

The following quote from the book expresses Mark and Elizabeth Prophet’s attitude toward their work as messengers (page 437):


     "We have been asked whether we were chosen because of the purity of our being or our high estate of spirit progress. We have been asked whether we are unascended masters, saints or exalted beings.


     "To these questions we reply: If there be any virtue, if there be any Light, if there be any blessings coming forth to the followers of the Christ in the place where we stand, let men look up and acknowledge the Source of all Good. For we are only servants of God, by no means perfected, only willing to raise the chalice of our consciousness that all might drink of the living water of eternal Truth.


     "Often we are so humbled by the great height from which the divine energies are released, that we cry, “Lord, I am not worthy,” and to this He replies, “The Christ in every man is worthy to receive me; so are ye also worthy.”

How dictations are received and delivered

A dictation is a worded release from an ascended master to the messenger and since the message comes from the ascended level of heaven, it has the power of the Word. The messengers describe four ways a dictation may be transmitted. None of these methods involve the messenger being in a trance or anything of that nature.

The first way a dictation is communicated to the messenger is by the appearance of the message in letters of living fire that stream across the screen of the messenger’s mind and are read aloud with feeling and intensity imparted by the master. The stream of the message appears much as the lighted messages played out on the Times Square Building in New York City.

Another method is called “ex cathedra,” which means “from the mouth of God.” This occurs when the ascended master places his or her “electronic presence” over the messenger and essentially speaks to the audience in the messenger’s voice, but without the messenger having to discern or read anything.

Anyone into computer technology would love the third method which involves the dictating master releasing a thoughtform into the messenger’s consciousness that contain matrices of content that are in turn converted into worded content in the messenger by the Christ Mind interacting with the Mind of God in the ascended master.

The fourth method involves telepathy whereby the ascended master communicates with the messenger using mental patterns. This may be used for dictations when the master is far away or on an ad hoc basis when the master wants to quickly pass along some information or guidance as the messenger is going about his or her daily work.

Dictations from the ascended masters are available for reading in The Summit Lighthouse publication known as Pearls of Wisdom. Pearls are available free of charge at the website:

Previous embodiments of the messengers

I want to pass along to you some very interesting information on a few of the previous embodiments of these messengers to help give you a perspective of the track record of these souls in service to God. They have proven themselves in past lives and their work as messengers in their last lives was a capstone of accomplishment. This information is not provided to create any kind of idolatry of the messengers. On the contrary, the messengers were quick to shoot down any tendency towards idolatry among the students.

Click the button to read about a few of the embodiments of the messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

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