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Intro to Cosmic Law

Cosmic law and associated teachings of the ascended masters explain our true identity in God and help us understand how Jesus could command “Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect” and for it not be an unreasonable assignment. (Matt. 5:48) We are created in the image of God and in the last 100+ years much has been revealed about our divine image that underlies our being and consciousness. For most of us, our Higher Self is latent and unrealized, waiting to be activated and exercised in all aspects of our complex, personal domain.


Starting in 1875, heaven sponsored messengers on earth to introduce advanced spiritual teachings to help mankind deal with the challenges of the coming modern age that is now fully upon us. Messengers are like the prophets of the Old Testament era who God used to guide, chasten, and uplift the tribes of Israel through chosen representatives of the Word.


The ascended masters have sponsored several spiritual movements including the Theosophical Society, Agni Yoga Society, I AM Movement, Bridge to Freedom, and most recently, The Summit Lighthouse. Mark L. Prophet founded The Summit Lighthouse in 1958. He was later joined by his wife, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as messengers of the ascended masters. More information about these organizations and the Prophets can be found on the "TSL and the Messengers" page.


The term “ascended masters” describes those persons who have fulfilled their reason for being through service to God and man and returned to heaven through the process of the ascension, as Jesus did. Since the gift of eternal life is a fundamental promise in the New Testament, there must to a way to accomplish it. The ascended masters reveal that the ascension is the one and only means to eternal life and that the ascension is the goal of life itself. Simply put, the ascended masters are the persons that have accomplished the goal of life before us. (For references to eternal life see John 3:15, 6:69, 17:3; Matt 25:46; Mark 10:30, Luke 18:18; Acts 13:48; and Rom 6:23)

The ascended masters include renowned beings such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Afra, Gautama Buddha, Kwan Yin, Confucius, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Pallas Athena and countless other luminaries, saints, and sages from past ages. Included in their ranks are also persons who more recently completed their mission and returned to God such as Pope John XXIII, Aimee Semple McPherson, Mother Theresa and Padre Pio. There are countless numbers of ascended masters and they exist in the heaven world because they have graduated into eternity. We are the souls of God who are still working out our salvation in the schoolroom of earth.

Here are some images of the ascended masters that have been inspired upon various artists and published by The Summit Lighthouse.

Plant Shadow

Messengers of the sponsored organizations named above have delivered the teachings of the ascended masters to spiritual seekers for more than a century. The masters indicate there are millions of people ready to receive the advanced truth they offer. And this truth is intended to help each student fulfill Jesus’ prophecy, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8: 31-32).

iStock-1172530244 Girl praying.jpg

The masters bring teachings that illumine and guide nearly every aspect of human experience and they give us tools to clear our worlds of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. They also recount the fascinating saga of earth's cosmic history spanning glorious golden ages and periods of great darkness. The masters share hope for a new dawning day that will come if the people of God do their part.

The teachings dispel the wrong and perverse notion of a wrathful God and the burdensome message that we are worthless sinners at heart. We need to awaken to the reality of a generous and loving God that is close at hand and fulfills the promise: “Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto thee” (James 4:8).


The Chart of Your Divine Self

Within each of us exists a spark of sacred fire that sustains life within our form. It also activates our minds, hearts, and bodies to enable us to fulfill our individual purpose and mission. This spark is our point of contact with our greater spiritual identity referred to as the "I AM Presence" or “God Presence.” This relationship is illustrated in the image on the left called the "Chart of Your Divine Self" and also known as the "The Chart of the Presence."


This is your spiritual anatomy and it accurately portrays the appearance of our divine image. Meditating on this image can help us break free from identifying with only the limited human self which we have accepted for far too long. Read more about your divine nature on "The Chart of Your Divine Self"​ page.

Glimpses of cosmic law revealed by the teachings of the ascended masters help you discover for yourself an active and dependable path of salvation through knowledge of the divine self and the rediscovery of your soul's sacred opportunity for Christhood.

The majority of the teachings and many of the images on this website come from the publications of The Summit Lighthouse (TSL). This organization and the work of the messengers Mark L. Prophet and

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is described in more detail on the "TSL and Messengers" page. I repeat myself, but to make it abundantly clear, any material directly quoted from a TSL publication or another source is credited and referenced in the text or by a footnote.

What is a cosmic law?

There are actually many cosmic laws and all emanate from the First Cause of the Almighty.  The term "First Cause" describes the spiritual foundation and intent behind the material universe. Since we are an integral part of God's creation, cosmic laws automatically operate in our being and consciousness. Footnote 1


One marvelous thing about cosmic law is that each facet of law is consistent with all others because God's truth is One. This mutual reinforcement of many points of truth, one upon another, makes this teaching extremely satisfying, putting your heart at peace because you recognize what you are learning is Real.


Another experience you may have with this information is the inner confirmation of a point of cosmic law even though you may be hearing it for the first time. The Lord has said, “I will put my laws in their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people" (Heb. 8:10).  Many students of cosmic law have experienced this immediate inner confirmation when hearing a teaching because God's truth is built into our being and waiting to be recognized and accepted by the outer mind.

The ascended masters often explain cosmic law with examples from cosmic history by recounting events that took place before the earth's current recorded history in civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and other Golden Ages. Cosmic history, though intriguing, serves as a warning to motivate people to learn from mankind's errors of the past.


Here are a few examples of cosmic laws from the teachings of the ascended masters. They are introduced below and are described in more depth in various places throughout this website or in other publications as referenced.

The law of free will is a fundamental force in God’s creation. God gave us free will because we are intended to be co-creators with him. With the gift of free will comes accountability for what we do with God’s energy. We are limited to a number of life cycles to align our consciousness and actions with God’s love, harmony, and holy purposes. And as is well documented in scripture, there does come the moment when each of our souls will be judged by the Almighty. There is no more perfect reason for each of us to examine our lives and be certain we are following Moses’ admonition to “Choose life, not death.” (Deut. 30:19)

The law of karma is linked to the law of free will. Paul's statement of Jesus' teaching, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" is a statement of the law of karma. (Gal 6:7) This law applies in a very exact and binding way, not just casually or in general. The popular idiom, “What goes around, comes around” is true, but falls short of the profound interactions and unerring nature of karma.

God created each of us as a unique being with a mission, and his intention is that our soul will return to him as an immortal being. The soul, which can be defined as the "living potential of God," is mortal until it has fulfilled its reason for being and reunited with the higher spirit Self (I AM Presence). Footnote 2  The law of karma serves as a learning tool by returning to us, through circumstances and situations, the exact qualities of energy we have sent out so we may experience the effects of our own actions. When we send out love and light, we will receive more of the same to bless our lives. In the book Galatians, Paul lists examples of the fruit of the Spirit that certainly lead to good karma. They include: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance (Galatians 5:22). Kindness and compassion could certainly be added to the list.


On the other side of the ledger, when we send out discord, criticism, or other negative expressions, we can expect to reap the same upon our own heads, sooner or later. Paul also enumerates the “works of the flesh” which create negative karma that entrap and hold back the emancipation of the soul. In his words, “Those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” These are: “adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variances, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like.” (Gal. 5:19-21) It is worth noting that negative karma includes not only negative actions committed against others, but also harmful actions inflicted upon ourselves.


The law of karma operates as an accountability system tracking the percentage of energy we rightly qualify by doing good works and the percentage of energy we misqualify. Karma teaches the soul to self-correct based on what it receives back from life. It should never be perceived as punishment. Heaven strives to mitigate heavy negative karma for souls in embodiment whenever possible. It is good to know that the law of karma is profoundly precise and not happenstance or unfair. Current cosmic law dictates that a person must have balanced 51% of his or her karma to be eligible for the ascension, in addition to other requirements. Prior to the early 1900s, the requirement was to balance 100% of karma.



The most important reason to get onboard with accepting responsibility for balancing one's karma and striving to make only good karma is the tremendous opportunity to make the ascension and become an immortal being.

Unfortunately, the human ego and personality enjoy the sensual pleasures of the material world. Our human momentums carry over lifetime after lifetime. The question is, how long do we want to continue the empty pursuit of self-satisfying desires that in all eternity will not enable our soul to achieve its reason for being?

One day the Lord God will put to the torch all the maya (illusion) and selfish accomplishments that carry no weight on his balance scale. And even the soul of a person who has invested more in unreality than the real purpose of life and not worked to separate itself from darkness will be cancelled out. The process of judgment goes on every day for God does not wait until one final judgment day to weigh our actions.

Our Father/Mother God is a mighty lover of our soul and is patient and compassionate beyond measure. It makes good sense for a person to begin to make the effort to come into alignment with divine purpose and their inner being once they become aware of the equation of karma, reincarnation, and the cycles of life.

Faded Sandpaper

The law of reincarnation relates very closely to free will and karma. Living a single lifetime has never been a part of God’s plan. Footnote 3  Even in times of golden ages before the fall of man documented in the allegorical story of Adam and Eve, souls lived many lifetimes in both male and female bodies learning to master God’s energies. In those times, a soul carried forward the memory and knowledge gained in each lifetime to the next incarnation, and so had the advantage of cumulative learning and retaining a profound awareness of self as an ongoing being in God. Footnote 4


After the fall, mankind were further lured into experimentation with evil creating additional negative karma. Out of mercy for the soul, the memory of prior incarnations was cut off to enable a person to concentrate on their current incarnation without interference from painful memories from prior lives. Due to the long history of our souls, the total number of our incarnations has built up significantly and most people are working to balance both current and ancient karma.

The law of reincarnation demonstrates God’s mercy, giving us opportunity after opportunity to choose to obey his laws, balance our transgressions, and pursue reunion with our Higher Self. I capitalize "Higher Self" because it is an emanation of God. The ascended masters also teach us spiritual techniques that help us accelerate the balancing of our karma. Saint Germain, a master of divine alchemy, has stated that anyone that applies the given spiritual tools in a very determined way, can qualify themselves for the ascension at the conclusion of their current embodiment or in some cases after just one more incarnation. This is an extraordinary opportunity. Footnote 5

The law of correspondence was stated long ago by the ancient master Hermes Trismegistus in his maxim: “As above, so below.” The many wonders on earth only exist because they are the reflection of the corresponding elements in the heaven world. So, for example, we know love, because love is a creation of God and his love permeates our world. All true wisdom comes from above. Beauty is an expression of the nature of God, as is nature itself. Male and female exist on earth because the divine masculine and divine feminine exist in heaven. Our world is intimately connected with the heaven world and this realization has inspired many seekers over the ages to discover the connection between our physical world and the divine. This is what cosmic law is all about.

The law of octaves states that the heaven world may not take direct action to affect circumstances on earth unless invited to do so by its inhabitants because heaven honors free will. As recorded in Genesis, God gave to man and woman dominion over the earth. (Gen. 1:26-28 )  Dominion includes responsibility for the aspects of the world that are under our control. This law may be a reason many people consider God to be far, far away. They have not recognized the need to call to him or his angels to enter their worlds. Still, the angels serve many among mankind in all kinds of ways every day because of the prayers of the faithful.   Prayers and recitations, such as the rosary of Mother Mary, give heavenly beings the authority to take action in the physical earth, helping to avert all kinds of dangers and disasters. Millions of angels standby waiting for mankind to invoke their intercession.

Some devotees of Jesus have been led to believe that one day Jesus and his legions of angels will come swooping down to rescue en masse the faithful from the earth and take them to heaven. First of all, Jesus did not describe his Second Coming in this way, though some modern pastors have interpreted his words as indicating such an event. Secondly, such an action would violate the law of free will, the law of karma, and the law of octaves. The page "Mission of Jesus the Christ" tells more about the ascended masters' perspective of Jesus' Second Coming.


Jesus has dictated many sermons through the messengers to help us not only survive but prosper in this age. These messages are available in the publications of The Summit Lighthouse, in books such as The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Corona Class Lessons, The Word, and many others. See the Resources page for more information.


What is the Nature of God?

Considering that God sponsored each of the world’s six major religions, it is clear that he did not set down a single model and require all people to adhere to one belief system.  Rather, over the last few thousands of years, God has sent his prophets and avatars to deliver appropriate spiritual teachings to groups of people around the world according to their spiritual needs, ethnic and cultural identity, and karmic patterns. The Holy Spirit has been the agent of delivering distinct spiritual teachings over the millennia to raise people up, group by group, region by region, when they have become oppressed by government or religion.

It is almost mystifying that Buddhism, with approximately 376 million adherents around the world, helps followers live Godly lives without even acknowledging the existence of a central deity! Still, Buddhism serves God’s purposes for these people.

The extensive diversity among the major religions, the way each religion embraces its  own approach to the nature of God, shows that God’s spirit is greater than anything defined by any single religion and is likely greater than the sum of all of these religions, with their divine concepts, combined. The reality of God is greater than anything that a single teacher or avatar has passed along to mankind by example or doctrine.

One conclusion you can draw from this perspective is that it makes no sense, and is in fact counter-productive, for devotees of any religion to be at odds with followers of another religion because of differences in their beliefs.


Through the agent of the Holy Spirit, the ascended masters teach us the essential truth about ourselves and the nature of God in this age of Aquarius. They also expose false doctrines and inaccurate interpretations of some spiritual beliefs embedded in the world’s religions.

Click the button for more information about the Nature of God and the Creation of Twin Flames

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Our Origin in God

The ascended masters have spared no words in explaining our divinity and profound origin in God. The truth takes some getting used to because even though we are the offspring of the Almighty, we have been lead to believe otherwise by worldly voices. For example, we need to start understanding and relating to ourselves as a soul and less as the outer person. Next, we need to accept and develop a relationship with our individual Holy Christ Self, who is one with Jesus and is the mediator between our soul and God Presence.  And we need to start to relate to, appreciate, and then give adoration to this individual God Presence with us, also known as the “I AM Presence”, created in the beginning as our essential identity in the image of God. These are three components of our identity in God that are destined to become One when we work to achieve it.

The Chart of Your Divine Self is covered two pages ahead.

Earth is a Schoolroom

Locking into the reality that earth is a schoolroom and neither a spontaneous biological happening or the “end-all, be-all” of human existence, gives us strength to endure the daily challenges of the spiritual path. We are here to learn our lessons every day and demonstrate our willingness to be obedient to God’s laws and be a grateful receiver and giver of his life, energy, and love. In addition, there are specific requirements spelled out for graduation from this schoolroom. The formal graduation ceremony is called the “ascension."

Cosmic History

Cosmic history is not dull. In fact, the events that have transpired on earth (our planet’s official name is “Terra”) over tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of years stretch the imagination and comprehension. The ascended masters have shared enough cosmic history to provide the needed backdrop for us to understand the world as it is and to clearly see the plan for the way forward.


There is much more cosmic history covered in the pages "Darkness Comes to Terra" and "Sanat Kumara Rescued Terra."

Establishing Wholeness by Transcending the Lesser Self

It may sound simplistic, but the path to true wholeness often starts with taking small daily steps to draw down aspects of your Higher Self and call for its wisdom and compassion to act in your life to a greater extent than you have allowed in the past. The soul is subjugated by the outer personality and ego which are awash in the unreality of a synthetic, turbulent, and abrasive world. Ignoring the cries of the soul can cause it to retreat in quiet torment to a corner of our consciousness. It turns out that the diseases of the mind and body are usually directly or indirectly connected to pain and non-resolution of the soul and its karma.

Fortunately, there are many practical techniques for making progress in getting to know your Higher Self. We turn to "the true Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world” to resolve and lift the burdens from our souls and outer selves. (John 1:9) Half the battle is accepting yourself as a child, son, or daughter of God, and not just in theory but in practice. And at the same time, we must eradicate all self-condemnation.

Here are three liberating practices released by the ascended masters to start working with.

  1. The Science of the Spoken Word. Spoken prayer, song, fiat, mantra, calls and joyful praise have long been important tools used by the saints and sages to invoke God's protection and blessings of his light/energy/consciousness. The ascended masters add the method of giving decrees which are powerful worded invocations to the heavenly hosts for God's intercession in the here and now. Visit the Science of the Spoken Word page for more information and examples of this ancient-become-modern method.

  2. Knowledge and use of the Violet Flame is a gift from the ascended master Saint Germain released through the I AM Movement in the 1930s. Saint Germain teaches that the use of the violet flame decrees by I AM students during World War II was instrumental in assisting the United States to help the Allies win the war in Europe. Saint Germain has also stated that because of the challenge of karma in this age, anyone that wants to make their ascension in their current life must use the violet flame to accelerate the process of balancing karma. The violet flame is a great gift and it works. See the page Gift of the Violet Flame for more information.

  3. Studying divine psychology eases the process of transitioning from identifying as a human being to claiming your heritage as a soul of God with a divine origin and cosmic destiny. This takes work and help. Fortunately, the ascended masters have provided ample teaching to illumine the way. And other support, such as the books by psychologist Marilyn Barrick, PhD described in the Resources page, give needed guidance.

Cosmic Cycles and Astrology

There is great truth to be found concerning the origin of the universe and the cosmic cycles of creation in the ancient Puranas which are a subset of the Vedas of India. The Puranas have something of an advantage over modern cosmologists because they carry over spiritual science from ancient wisdom and completely embrace the reality that the matter cosmos was constructed and is sustained by Spirit.

The Puranas describe life cycles of God’s creation that span hundreds of billions of years passing through periods of outbreath, inbreath, and rest. One lesson to learn from this understanding is that the cycles of which we are a part are grand, profound, and divinely directed. Instead of making us feel small and insignificant, this knowledge when properly understood should make a person feel connected and even peaceful.

Each individual has a finite number of life cycles to fulfill their reason for being as a soul. This is all the more reason to be “up and doing” to earn immortality and emerge into God’s kingdom in the planes of Spirit. The masters describe the Spirit woas entirely more real than the dense planes of matter we currently inhabit.  

Earth is at a Crossroads

Another motivation for claiming and developing your innate spirituality now rather than waiting any longer is the fact that the earth and its people are at a cosmic crossroads. The ascended masters reveal that we live in a time, including the last several thousands of years, when the earth has been progressing from darkness into greater light. God has sent major teachers, leaders, and avatars to bring enlightenment to the people of earth such as Zarathustra in Persia, Moses in Egypt, Lao Tzu and Confucius in China, Gautama Buddha in India, Jesus the Christ in the Middle East, and many others. This investment of effort has been for the purpose of bringing enlightenment to as many people as possible to show the way of higher consciousness that enables the earth to transition into a great Golden Age that is within our reach.

The alternative to a Golden Age is a certain decline into gross darkness, self-destruction, and cataclysmic events, some of which have already occurred, such as the earthquake and tsunami that resulted in the Fukeshima reactor meltdown. Many people are concerned about global warming but there is a much more profound change process in gear that can be referred to as "earth changes" that are the result of the return of mankind's karma for failing to be good stewards of the environment and being ignorant of the effects of unbalanced personal and planetary karma. So, we are seeing warning signs of what the world will reap if mankind does not choose the higher way.

The perfect action to turn around increasing darkness is for each person to pursue higher consciousness and ultimately strive to put on Christhood as Jesus and other ascended masters have encouraged and even pleaded for us to do. See the “Christhood” information below.


Divine Astrology

Persons who have an interest in astrology will be interested to know that Mother Mary has released the divine science known as the Cosmic Clock that explains the appropriate role of astrology for seekers on the spiritual path. Just as God used the Three Wisemen, who were astrologers of their time, to honor Jesus at his birth and to protect Jesus from the viciousness of Herod the king, awareness of divine astrology has its rewards. Knowledge of the Cosmic Clock can help us understand our life’s mission, point out the areas we need to work on to balance karma, and anticipate both opportune moments for action and a time to pull back and lay low.

Click the button for information about the Cosmic Clock at the TSL free encyclopedia.

What is the Truth About UFOs?

Movies involving aliens and UFOs are a major genre in the entertainment industry these days and images of aliens are all over our TV commercials and popular literature. Couple this with speculation about how the U.S. government may be conducting an official cover-up of UFO activity and the existence of conspiracy theories about the government having obtained technology from aliens, and you have one of the hottest “non-subjects” around. The ascended masters instruct us about aliens and their spacecraft and the teachings are complex and thought provoking. The masters tell us that some aliens are benign, but most are not and these come to earth for very dark purposes.


Since God is with us, we have nothing to fear from aliens. In general, these are beings that left off the worship of God eons ago when they chose to enthrone technology and materialism as their gods. Due to their presence on earth, our solar system, and beyond, we have all the more reason to maintain our spiritual armor and walk the path with our Lord.

The following items address ideas in vogue today. Consider what the ascended masters have to say about aliens and UFOs.

  • Man and woman were created by God and are not the product of aliens introduced to earth long ago. It is true that aliens from other star systems have manipulated the genetic makeup of some people on earth for control purposes, but aliens were not the ultimate creator of life on earth.

  • Aliens seek to be worshipped as demi-gods because they possess advanced technology that enables their space travel and manipulation of energy and genetics. But the truth is they have wrested knowledge from divine science that enables them to create technological marvels yet they reject the worship of God. They fail to acknowledge him as the source of all good things so that they themselves may be idolized or feared by others.

  • Aliens are not a part of God’s plan for the salvation of souls and the earth. Visitors from other worlds come to earth only for selfish purposes, typically to steal natural resources and energy because of our planet’s exceptional wealth. The idea that spaceships will arrive one day and carry the people of earth to safety in case of war and cataclysm is a nightmare from hell.

  • The expectation that mankind will be evacuated to another planet when the earth becomes uninhabitable is also a complete fantasy and a horrible one at that. This idea is growing in popularity because a few prominent scientists and entrepreneurs have proposed an escape from earth into space as the inevitable solution to environmental challenges. The true inevitable solution is for the people of God to seriously embrace their divine identity and serve as wayshowers for others to follow. This will raise the earth into its divinely intended perfection that is built into the spiritual underpinning of the planet itself.

Walking the Path of Christhood

Walking the path of Christhood is the summum bonum (greatest good) of seeking higher consciousness because it aligns a person’s efforts for spiritual development with a divine identity that already exists. This is the goal heaven holds for us. Most persons have no idea that Christhood is an attainable state of being believing that only Jesus was worthy to be the Christ. But Christhood is accessible through hard work and application and Jesus himself calls us to join this walk with him.



1  The book Climb the Highest Mountain by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives

    clues on the subject of First Cause.

2  Ibid, p. 5.

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    June 2, 1996. Find The Summit Lighthouse® publication Pearls of Wisdom free of charge at the


    "If we would understand the order and ritual of nature, we must peer behind the passing scenes that make up the world of effect     even the world of secondary causes and effects. We must train the eye of the mind to look beyond our three- and four-dimensional frame of reference into the infinite dimensions of the realm of First Cause. We must fix our gaze upon those aspects of Being which have neither physical definition nor relativity in time or space, but which are eternal in the heavens.For it is in Spirit, in the Fiery World, that the origins of Life are waiting to be discovered. Here the etheric embryo of every God-idea that will take form in Matter and ripen in man and nature is found in its original Light body and design." (p. 311)

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