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The Nature of God

Cosmic law describes the existence or appearance of God in many forms. In fact, cosmic law reveals that the name “God” as we use it today refers to not only an ultimate, supreme being, which I will refer to as the “Almighty,” but also the means by which the universe is governed. The ascended masters reveal that the name “God” is actually an acronym standing for “Geometry of Divinity.” This fact may take some getting used to but thinking of God as a “divine arrangement” created and sustained by the Almighty to enable the existence of the material universe gives us a more realistic model to relate to than the idea of a single “God” being doing all the work by himself (or herself) without any intermediaries.

The Angelic Kingdom is an example of the intermediaries that are an essential part of the divine arrangement that is God. As we know, the Almighty has created the angels to minister to mankind to keep us uplifted, inspired and faithfully treading the divine path back to our origin in God. More is said about the angels in The Three Kingdoms section below.

Now we get to the best part, and this is profound. When we think of God and call to God, we are actually making a primary connection to our own, individual God Presence. This is why it is best not to think of God as a single being in the far distance, because part of the “Geometry of Divinity” is the reality that the Almighty has created an individualized portion of himself, in his image, as our core identity named the “I AM Presence” or “God Presence.” See The Chart of Your Divine Self page for this life changing information.

Getting back to the many forms of God, Hindus have the name “Brahman” for the ultimate, supreme identity of God as being, consciousness, and existence without limit or personal characteristics. This aspect of God may correspond to the name “Almighty” I like to use. Hindus also have reverence for the “Atman,” which is an individualized portion of Brahman that is the core, spiritual presence of perfection within each person identified by the ascended masters as the combination of our individual Holy Christ Self and Threefold Flame. The Chart page also has information about these elements of our being.

God is both masculine and feminine

Another important aspect of the nature of God to embrace is that God is both masculine and feminine. At the level of Brahman (undifferentiated existence), spirit is not divided into individual identity or characteristics. For purposes such as creativity and growth, however, part of the spirit that is Brahman transforms into an entirely new aspect of divinity by organizing into two complementary sets of consciousness and characteristics that are polar opposites of one another. This creates the dynamics for creation through plus-minus, yin-yang, masculine and feminine, and all their associated “opposite” yet complementary characteristics. The interplay of these forces as they are applied through spiritual science and cosmic law is the basis for the creation and existence of the entire spirit–matter cosmos. For example, we know the nucleus of the atom has a positive charge and the electrons have a negative charge. This polarity sustains the balance between the masculine and feminine forces at the atomic and molecular levels.

The creation of masculine and feminine partners leads to the identification of the roles of Father and Mother and the creative interaction between Father and Mother enables the creation of an additional divine identity, the “Son.”  Since the Son has the attributes of both Father and Mother, the Son can manifest as either male (son) or female (daughter). This can be a bit confusing since, in the English language, the word “Son” denotes a male. But a good way to think of it is that the divine word “Son” as in “the Son of God” represents an office, position, and status rather than gender. This concept is clearer if the word "Son" is spelled "Sun," which has no connotation of gender. This is how there is only one “Son of God” because the Almighty created only one image for his offspring from divine parents. There is only one image so there is only one “Son” but everyone created under that image was made as a “Son,” (or "Sun") in the beginning. Jesus embodied the fullness of his identity as the Son of God as he walked the earth and we are following in his footsteps putting on the fullness of our identities in the physical realm as Sons of God or, since gender is so important these days, as Sons and Daughters of God.


Jesus dictated the Book of Revelation to John the Beloved in about A.D. 96 when John was living on the Isle of Patmos, an island between Greece and Turkey. In the closing of Revelation, Jesus states, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last.” This statement has great significance because the ascended masters reveal that Alpha and Omega are the names of our divine parents, the beings that created our individuality in the beginning of this round of the spirit – matter cosmos. Jesus, as the Son, is declaring his oneness with his and our ultimate Father and Mother, and we can do the same.


The Creation of Twin Flames

Getting an understanding of the creation and existence of twin flames can lead to a cosmic moment when a person takes a step in awakening to the grand design of God’s kingdom and is forced to rethink their beliefs of who they are in God, or as the person would say, "Who I AM."


Sharing too many details here would be jumping ahead of background information that is presented in "The Chart of the Divine Self" page. However, introducing a few concepts about twin flames is appropriate because relationships between man and woman are topsy-turvy in the world today and need to be healed and aligned with divine purpose.

​When each of us was created as a divine being, it was not as a solitary soul but as an individualized God Presence made in God's own image. This created Presence contains all that God is but is established as a unique individualization of divine consciousness.

Just as in the example above where the polarities of masculine and feminine emerge out of Brahman, when God creates a new identity, it is created as a divine pair, known as twin flames. They are fashioned out of a single God Presence so that each half has the same divine attributes but they are expressed in opposite and complimentary characteristics. Each pair of twin flames share a single mission, a divine destiny in the cosmos, only that pair can accomplish.

Each of the twin flames has its own I AM Presence and its own soul. The soul is the vehicle of consciousness that becomes the center-point of experience and expression when the time comes for incarnation. The soul incarnates in form while the I AM  Presence remains in the planes of Spirit.

When twin flames take incarnation, the two souls may make individual karma that draws them apart and into separate paths and different parts of the world in subsequent incarnations. However, the magnet of their oneness in God will draw them together again in reunion through the ascension in God’s time.

The sacrament of marriage is intended to be an observance and celebration of the divine model of twin flames. While persons united in marriage are typically not twin flames, the marriage of a man and woman should be consecrated to God to honor and uphold the holy nature of the twin flame relationship. Such a marriage gives the pair the opportunity to balance karma and progress on the path to eventual reunion with the actual twin flame.

It is wise for a person to take into account the connection with his or her twin flame by living a life of righteousness that helps both parties progress on the homeward path wherever the other may be. The twin flame may be incarnated on the other side of the world or somewhere across the vast cosmos, awaiting incarnation, or already an ascended master. Making good karma can only help the divine partner and we are accountable to make ourselves ready for the divine reunion.


The masters recommend not putting much attention on trying to find the twin flame or becoming fixated about whether this or that person may be your twin flame. Instead, the goal is to be obedient to God's laws, to "love thy neighbor as thyself," and to trust that the Holy Spirit brings together twin flames at the appointed time.

The book The Path to Attainment by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet provides abundant information about the origin and destiny of twin flames. Endnote 1 Another resource on the subject by Mrs. Prophet is the pocket guide Soul Mates and Twin Flames. See the Resource page for more information.

The Three Kingdoms

Part of the “divine arrangement” that makes up the “Geometry of Divinity” (God) is the existence of Three Kingdoms that make up the players in this cosmic drama of life on earth and across the cosmos. The Three Kingdoms are: Angelic Kingdom, Elemental Kingdom, and Kingdom of Man (male and female).​​​​​​​​​​​

Angelic Kingdom—The two most important things to know and appreciate about angels is that they are real (if you have had your doubts!) and that they lovingly accept their assignments to serve the Christ in mankind. The next most important thing to know is that since they are here to serve, they respond to our heartfelt prayers and calls when we ask for help that is appropriate according to God’s love and will. The ascended masters have given extensive information on how to call to the angels for assistance of all kinds. Sometimes angels intercede invisibly, such as by releasing a portion of light/energy/consciousness to a person bowed down by the cares of life. And sometimes an angel will appear in the form of person when physical help must be rendered, such as at the scene of an accident. The angel quickly moves on after the good deed is done.

My grandmother’s experience with an angel.

Here is a story that shows how angels can work to save a person’s life. My grandmother, Odessa, was a nursing student early in her life in Utah. One afternoon while walking home from her studies and work, she was about to cross the street in a residential neighborhood when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder that compelled her to stop and turn around to see who it was. In the next instant, a fast-moving car roared around the corner cutting across the crosswalk right where she would have been had she stepped off the curb. She looked to see who had stopped her, but there was no one there. She knew it had been the hand of an angel that saved her life.

Elemental Kingdom—Talk of elementals may start to remind you of the epic story Lord of the Rings. To his credit, the author Tolkien acknowledged the existence of the elemental kingdom and wove the characters of dwarfs, hobbits, and elves integrally into his story. While the real world does not necessarily match Tolkein’s conception, the work of real elementals is nevertheless heroic and essential for maintaining life on earth.

The ascended masters teach that there are four kinds of elementals, one for each of the "four elements” that make up the totality of the earth. The Gnomes maintain and purify the earth element. The Undines maintain and purify the water element (seas, rivers, and lakes). The Sylphs maintain and purify the air element (atmosphere). The fiery Salamanders embody the fire element which includes physical fire and divine patterns and energy records of the earth’s etheric body. Note: fiery salamanders are in the form of an energy cloud not like the amphibian salamander with the same name.

The processes of nature are under the jurisdiction of the elementals with help from the angels. Chemistry and physics may describe the underlying characteristics of atoms and molecules, but matter is also acted upon, driven by, and profoundly affected by the spirit. For example, there are beings called “angel devas” that may oversee the work of the elementals to bring about the successful growth of an orchard. These beings bring their mastery of natural law to play to help a farmer achieve a successful harvest. Yes, it is amazing to our minds, but it is fundamental to the way God’s nature works. In short, much of the fulfillment of natural law takes place under the monitoring or oversight of a being of nature. At some time, as you pursue these teachings further, you can learn about the existence of your own “body elemental” that is assigned to your soul to maintain the health and vitality of your body as a “chalice” or “temple” of the soul, lifetime after lifetime.

Kingdom of Man—You and I are members of this kingdom and God intends us to become masterful in our lives through the Universal Christ presence within us. The Lord God assigned us to, “Take dominion over the earth” and we are still working on that, which includes taking dominion over ourselves as well as the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Mastery begins with true humility, realizing that “I of my own self can do nothing. It is the father in me that doeth the work.” (John 5:30, 14:10)

This entire website has to do with learning how to align our lives with holy purpose so that the Kingdom of Man on earth may become the Kingdom of God on earth, as intended.

As a side note, it is interesting to know that a being in one kingdom can transfer to another kingdom based on merit. For example, an elemental through dedicated and sometimes heroic service can earn the opportunity to become an angel. The ascended masters revealed that Archangel Michael began his service as an elemental and after long and dedicated service moved into the angelic realm and subsequently developed the attainment of an Archangel. This was an extraordinary achievement but shows how the cosmos recognizes and rewards hard work and accomplishment done by an individual for the glory of God.


Many people in Ireland (and elsewhere) are actually embodied angels serving in the physical world. Although there has been considerable strife among the Irish, which seems at odds with the angelic nature, you can feel the transforming angelic spirit and ethereal qualities in the highest forms of Irish music.

Mother Nature

No discussion of the Nature of God would be complete without honoring “Mother Nature.” We commonly refer to Mother Nature without thinking much about it, yet there is profound science behind associating nature with mother.

Esoterically, all physical matter is an aspect of mother. Mother provides the chalice in which the spirit dwells. This is true of our own physical body that provides a dwelling place for our soul and spirit to reside. You could also say that, “We on our planet earth dwell in the womb of the Divine Mother.” The earth is providing us a place to exist and be nurtured as we grow in spirit. It is not surprising to note that the word “matter” was derived from the Latin “mater” meaning “mother.”

The peace of God’s heart is reflected in Mother Nature where we escape to take in the beauty of the sky, forest, rivers, oceans, breezes, sun, and stars. We find it easy to recharge in nature and restore our balance because the harmony and beauty in nature’s places are also inside us, as our Higher Self.


The violence of storms, tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes are usually also attributed to the wrath of “Mother Nature.” However, the destructive aspect of nature is not the product of a vengeful God but the outplaying of mankind’s karma and also malevolent forces. Elemental life is assigned to balance the forces of land, air, fire, and water and keep them under control. But when the buildup of misqualified energy generated by people’s anger, hatred, and malevolence exceeds limits, the energy must be unleashed physically, much like excess flood waters spilling over a dam. And the general population is forced to deal with the consequences


The existence of elementals explains how some people see gnomes and fairies and write stories about them. Their existence also reveals a profound aspect of the natural world that is missed in the “scientific” conception of nature most people have accepted. Since God’s laws govern the natural world, the operation of the natural world is not mechanical because God works through being, consciousness, and the flow of life energy. Which is to say that processes like a rain storm, the growth of crops, and the maintenance of our own bodies are not driven solely by chemistry or physical law by also by conscious inputs by the beings of nature.




1 Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Path to Attainment (2008), ps. 3-45.

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