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Three Wise Men

The Mission of Jesus the Christ

The prior page, "Sanat Kumara Rescued Terra," gave an overview of the story of Sanat Kumara’s intercession on Terra and also had a lot to say about the essential and extraordinary role of Jesus. This page pulls together some of the amazing information about this cosmic history and adds other teachings of the ascended masters including from Jesus himself to give a broader and deeper understanding of Jesus’ life and mission than is portrayed in the mainstream narrative.

So, this section compiles details of the embodiments of Jesus, covers the period of preparation for his mission during the “lost years,” gives a glimpse of his continued service to life after the event of his being taken up into heaven at Mount Olivet, and extends to his work today as an ascended master. My main goal here is to clarify the purposes of Jesus’ mission according to the teachings of the ascended masters because their view can have a powerful bearing upon our own perception of the spiritual relationship Jesus invites us to have with him and the significance of his admonition for each of us to walk in his footsteps. These things are keys to understanding ourselves and integrating with our individual divine identity.

Overview of Jesus’ incarnations

The following highlights tell of some of Jesus’ previous incarnations on Terra and provide an overview of the magnificent service he has rendered over many thousands of years shepherding souls to God. Some of this material also appears on the preceding page, "Sanat Kumara Rescued Terra."


It is likely Jesus had other incarnations in addition to these, but these examples are more than sufficient to document the heroic nature of his life stream. Certainly, Jesus has had many different names during his incarnations, but I continue to refer to “Jesus” since this was his name during his final incarnation and is how he is known as an ascended master.

This is an accurate picture of Jesus who visited the artist Charles Sindelar over many days for this purpose

Portrait of Jesus by Charles Sindelar

Remember the significance of the fact that Jesus had many embodiments just as each of us has had many embodiments. He was not and is not the one and only Son of God. We share with him a common identity as individual expressions of the Universal Christ.

Jesus ruled a 
Golden Age Civilization on

The following is the kind of information that only the ascended masters can bring us. And this kind of information is the reason I have prepared this website and intended it for persons that already have an interest in higher or esoteric studies.


To be frank, not everyone is ready in their outer consciousness to accept deeper awareness of cosmic law and what may be termed “occult science.” Nevertheless, for those who are ready, information like the following is like food for the soul and is essential to awakening the inner self and Higher Self that is already at peace with God’s profound Truth.

The following information about some of Jesus' incarnations is excerpted from the book The Masters and Their Retreats by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Footnote 1

"Jesus first came to earth as a volunteer with Sanat Kumara and he has had many embodiments on earth since that time. In one of these, he reigned as emperor and high priest over a golden-age civilization on Atlantis that lasted two thousand years, from 34,550 B.C to 32,550 B.C. He ruled with his twin flame as his consort after a golden age had already been in progress for 1,500 years. They were qualified to rule because they were the highest representatives of God in embodiment in that civilization. All of the people knew and accepted God’s will so the two hierarchs did not have to impose any rules since all were in attunement with their Divine Source.

"However, after the hierarch (Jesus) had reigned for 450 years, the seeds of corruption were sown by one called Xenos, who was chief counsellor to the emperor. Finally Xenos convinced the people to revolt against the government (personified in the hierarch) because the government was supposedly not supporting them. Xenos took over as leader of the government. The hierarchs and two million loyal subjects (20% of the people moved from Atlantis to the land that would later be known as “Suern,” and later became India and Arabia. Half of his subjects made their ascension at that time; the other half have continued to evolve on earth until today....

"After that embodiment, Jesus materialized on Atlantis and elsewhere on the planet where and when he was needed if the people’s good karma and allegiance to the Godhead warranted his intercession. About 15,000 B.C., Jesus returned as the ruler, the Rai, of Atlantis. As described by Phylos the Tibetan in his book, A Dweller on Two Planets, this great Rai appeared in the Temple of the capital, Caiphul, and caused to spring up there the Maxin, the Fire of Incal. This unfed flame burned on the altar of the temple for five thousand years. The Rai of the Maxin light ruled for 434 days. He revised the laws and provided a legal code that governed Atlantis for thousands of years to come."



Jesus has been with us from the beginning, incarnated as Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve. The older brother, Cain, murdered Abel and the ascended masters’ explanation of Cain’s history and psychology that led to the killing can be found on the prior page. Explain Jesus’ stated purpose and mission to redeem his father and mother, Adam and Eve. Sanat Kumara writes in the book The Opening of the Seventh Seal about Jesus’ dedication to helping restore his parents to their rightful office and relationship to God.

"Jesus the Christ, whose soul had been embodied as righteous Abel and had suffered death by the hand of the unrighteous Cain, knew firsthand the sorrows of Adam and Eve following their unsuccessful bout with Serpent, the representative of the entire Luciferian false hierarchy. Thus, he vowed to me the vow which he fulfilled 6,666 cycles following the fall of his parents. Prepared on the Path of the Ruby Ray [the flame of Divine Love] with Joseph and Mary from his birth to his twelfth year and then in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood until the age of thirty, he came to John in the prearranged meeting for the initiation of the baptism. He was ready in the fullest manifestation of the Word to take on Satan and through him Serpent and his lie, denying the lawful path of initiation which was the original sin." Footnote 2

Seth— After the loss of Abel, Eve bare a son with Adam. As described in Genesis: “and she called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew” (Genesis 4:25). Seth was also an incarnation of Jesus.

The book of Genesis also documents one of the most significant events involving Seth: “And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the Lord” (Genesis 4:26). Take note of this landmark moment in the Adamic covenant when with the coming of Enos in the lineage of Adam men began again to call to their God, now from the level of living in a physical body. The book, The Masters and Their Retreats by the Prophets, makes a statement that explains what enabled the return to calling upon the Lord:

"Thus, through the rebirth and renewal of the spiritual seed of the mind of Christ in Seth—the reincarnated Abel—the sons and daughters of God once again had access to the mighty I AM Presence by means of his mediatorship." Footnote 3

Continuation of the passing of the Christic genetic seed

Calling upon the Lord continued during the Adamic covenant with figures such as Enoch and his descendants and leading to the time of Noah. The life and mission of Noah and his family on Atlantis led to a new covenant with the Lord, called by theologians the Noachian Covenant. Noah and his sons were destined to carry the Christic seed to future generations, which in turn led to the time of Abraham and his son Isaac and grandson Jacob under the Abrahamic covenant. Jacob, whose name was changed to “Israel” by an angel of the Lord (Genesis 32:28), had twelve sons and these sons became the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus returns to incarnation as Joseph, Israel’s second to youngest son.

Joseph— Son of Israel (Jacob) with the “coat of many colors”

Joseph was his father’s favorite of his twelve sons because he was the child of Israel’s old age with his beloved wife Rachel. Joseph became the target of his older brother’s jealousy and resentment because he was favored and because of the Christ light he bore. After the older sons sold Joseph into slavery to get rid of him, as God would have it, Joseph became a powerful leader under the pharaoh in Egypt. Israel and all his sons end up reunited in Egypt after famine in the land forces the brothers to travel to buy food, their sin against Joseph is revealed but forgiven, and the entire family remains in Egypt.

It is interesting to note that in approximately 200 years, the time period between the arrival of Israel and his sons and grandsons in Egypt to the departure of the twelve tribes in the Exodus, the community grew from a total of 73 males to over 600,000 men of military age plus their families (Gen. 46:27, Num. 1:46). The twelve tribes became a mighty force as a people.

The ascended masters teach that Joseph’s twelve brothers were later reincarnated as Jesus’ twelve disciples to serve in a great opportunity to help him in his mission.

Joshua, a disciple of Moses, leads the children of Israel into the Promised Land

Joshua was a man of God and if you read the book of Joshua in the Old Testament it may not be surprising to learn that Joshua was also a previous embodiment of Jesus. Again, in the example of Joshua, you see the extraordinary characteristics of the Christ in action that was characteristic of this soul, even before his actual life as Jesus. Just before Moses passed on, the Lord established direct communication with Joshua to instruct him as the destiny of the children of Israel unfolded.

Though the Lord had promised the land of Canaan to the Israelites, it was occupied by various peoples that were descendants of the Nephilim and other fallen angels who worshipped false gods. The Lord gave clear instructions to destroy these people because they were a threat to the incarnation of the people of God and retaining the purity of the Christic seed. And the Lord sent hosts of angels to reinforce the armies of the Israelites to give them success in battle to clear about two hundred square miles that constituted the “Promised Land,” not a paradise but a homeland they can possess and defend.

Joshua divided up the land and distributed it section by section to the twelve tribes so that each had its own jurisdiction and responsibility for defense.

David and the prophet Samuel

After Joshua died, the twelve tribes relied upon a system of judges to rule them. A judge, such as the well-known Samson, was typically a military figure that organized the combined tribal armies and provided leadership and decision making for the people. The last judge was Samuel who was both a wise and respected leader and prophet. Sanat Kumara sponsored and worked through Samuel. When the people demanded that Israel should follow the model of surrounding nations by having a king to lead and control them, Samuel resisted but regretfully complied and anointed Saul as king.

The people’s desire for a king represented their rejection of continuing to be under the direct jurisdiction of the Lord and was a departure from a close spiritual relationship. When Saul disobeys the Lord’s instructions, Samuel is directed to anoint David as king. 

Newly crowned King David carrying his harp and dancing and marching with others who carrty the Ark of the Covenant

But Saul does not yield and persecutes David until the day Saul kills himself rather than be captured in a battle with the Philistines. David becomes king of Judah and then also the beloved king of all of Israel for a total reign of 40 years. King David conquered Jerusalem from other peoples and made it the capital of the people of Israel.

The interaction of Samuel and David is an example of souls working together over a number of incarnations to fulfill the mission of Sanat Kumara and the Great White Brotherhood. Yes, David was a prior incarnation of Jesus. Once again you can see the unique Christic characteristics in David. He made mistakes, such as arranging for the death of Uriah in battle so that he could take Uriah’s wife, Bath-sheba. But he does repent his actions and fulfills his penance for the misdeed. When Jesus is born in Bethlehem, Samuel was reincarnated as Jesus’ father, Joseph. And this great being of light later had an illustrious series of incarnations including Saint Alban, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon. He took his ascension in 1684 and is known as the ascended master Saint Germain. There is more information about Saint Germain on the page “America the Beautiful.”

Elisha and Elijah

The prophet Elijah, whose name means “I Am That I Am is God” served Sanat Kumara as a prophet. Elijah was the prophet that challenged in the name of the Lord, the priests and followers of the false god Baal. Ahab was the king of Israel at the time and had converted to the worship of Baal, the religion of his wife Jezebel. And many children of Israel also left the worship of the Lord for Baal. As a penalty for Ahab and the people leaving off their love and honor of the Lord, Elijah predicts there will be no rain in Israel for three years, which comes to pass and leads to famine and hard times in the land. Towards the end of the three years, the word of the Lord comes to Elijah and he is sent to challenge the priests of Baal and to demonstrate, “The Lord, he is God.”  Read ‘1 Kings 18:18-46’ to appreciate this epic and dramatic story which demonstrates the power of the Lord and the capacity of Elijah as a man of God.

The Lord had directed Elijah to take on a disciple, Elisha, who became his servant supporting Elijah’s work for about 10 years. When it came time for Elijah to be taken up into heaven, Elisha, sensing what is to come follows him closely. As the two of them approach the Jordan River, which is a significant, fast-moving river, Elijah uses his cloak to smite the water, and the river parts long enough for them to walk across. Elijah knows that the finals moments of his life on earth are coming and asks Elisha, what blessing he asks Elijah to give him before he departs, and Elisha requests a “double portion of his mantle” (his attainment) be given him. Elijah responds that if Elisha sees him go up into heaven, meaning that he has the attunement and vision to see the spiritual process that is going occur, the blessing will be his.

Artist's rendition of Elijah ascending to heaven in a fiery chariot

On the other side of the river, the heavens open and Elijah is lifted up off the earth in what is described in the Bible as a “chariot of fire and horses of fire” (II Kings 2). Sanat Kumara describes this chariot as a “vortex” of sacred fire. [The Opening of the Seventh Seal, pg 165] Elisa does see Elijah go up and so he receives the blessing: Elijah’s mantle falls to earth and Elisha takes it up.

He immediately walks to the Jordan River and smites the river with the mantle and the waters part just as they had for Elijah showing that the attainment had been transferred to Elisha. Elisha served as a prophet and man of God in Israel for about another 57 years and performed many miracles and healings and also delivered prophecies for the Lord.

​In the relationship between Elijah and Elisha, we see an example of the Guru/chela or prophet/disciple relationship that is so prevalent in the work of the Great White Brotherhood. It is the goal of every teacher to pass along to his or her students the teacher’s attainment as happened with Elisha. Yes, Elisha was also an incarnation of Jesus. And a profound truth is that Elijah, who make the ascension at the conclusion of his life after he was taken up, returned to incarnation as John the Baptist to go before Jesus with the message of repentance and to tell the people that “the coming of the Lord is nigh!”

Jesus’ life culminated thousands of years of preparation

The point of all this information about Jesus’ incarnations is that there is so much more to understand about what was at work in his mission that it is impossible to fully appreciate the cosmic significance of the mission without knowing more of the full story. His life was a profound landmark moment in the thousands of years since the fall of consciousness during the time of Adam and Eve. And Jesus’ life was guided by the hand of his own teacher Maitreya and Sanat Kumara to bring the image and awareness of the Christ, the Son of man and the Son of God, to mankind again and take a major step forward in the restoration of the people of God to their rightful inheritance.

Jesus’ modeling of the living Christ, healing and teaching, undergoing the transfiguration, leaving the record of his resurrection, and demonstrating a physical ascension were essential milestones to leave behind and bring this phase of his mission to an end.

In addition to Jesus’ own incarnations, it is worth looking at other preparations carried out by heavenly beings that made Jesus’ mission possible. The role of Jesus’ father, Joseph, has already been mentioned. The role of his mother, Mary, is a wonderful example of the sacrifice, planning, and coordination of the Great White Brotherhood directed by the Almighty to enable the birth and success of an avatar.

Mother Mary’s Preparation and Role to Support the Mission of Jesus

Mother Mary is from the Angelic Kingdom and held the office of Archaii, the feminine office of an archangel, even before serving as the mother of Jesus. After completing her mission with Jesus, she made the ascension and continues to serve as Archaii with her twin flame Raphael.

The following story is from Mother Mary and tells about how she was asked by Alpha and Omega to incarnate and live and serve among the evolutions of earth to embody the Mother flame. Footnote 4


​"I am Mary. I have chosen to ensoul the Mother ray for a cosmos. I am the handmaid of the Lord Alpha and the instrument of Omega. I am the awareness of the Father-Mother God extending even unto the planes of Mater, that the children of the One might know the sanctity of communion–of the marriage of the daughters to the Holy Spirit, of the vows of the sons unto the Cosmic Virgin.

​"Because the flame of the fifth ray relates to precipitation in Mater and because the feminine aspect of the flame is directly involved in the spirals of God-realization descending from the formless into form, I was chosen by Alpha and Omega to incarnate in this system of worlds, to set forth in time and space the example of the Divine Woman reaching full self-realization in and as the Divine Mother. How well I remember that moment when I was bidden by heralds of the king and queen, our own beloved Alpha and Omega, and I came escorted by the beloved Raphael to stand before the throne of the twin flames of a cosmos!


“'You called, my father and my mother, and I have come.'"


“'Yes, our beloved, we have called. Unto you and to Raphael is given the opportunity from the heart of the Solar Logoi to manifest the balance of the flow of truth ‘as above, so below’ over the spirals of the figure eight of our cosmos–opportunity to embody on earth as in heaven the ensoulment of the Mother ray.'”


“'What does this mean, my father and my mother?'”


“'It means that you have been chosen, Mary, to incarnate in the planes of Mater, to take on the feminine form which the errant souls of the children of God now wear, to live and serve among them, to adore the Christ flame within their hearts–as Sanat Kumara and Gautama have done and as the Christed ones, the avatars and Buddhas who have gone before, and the many angels who have volunteered to work through forms of flesh and blood to save the lost sheep of the house of Israel who have taken on the ways of the idolatrous generation.'"


”I heard the words of our dearest Father-Mother and I looked into the eyes of Raphael, my beloved. And for a moment–only a moment–the pain of the anticipated separation was too much to bear. Instantly I was strengthened by the beauty and nobility of his countenance and the sternness of his eye disciplined in the law. He had, as it were, almost greater courage than I to descend into the planes of Mater.​But when I felt his hand press my own and the charge of the will of God and our dedication to eternal truth flowed into my being and soul, I faced the beloved Presence of God now pulsating in utter formlessness as cloven tongues of fire where a moment before the personages of the Divine Polarity had stood. I knelt in utter surrender to the call of hierarchy and in silence before the Holy of Holies gave my life that the Word might become flesh and dwell among the inhabitants of Terra, that the Christ, the eternal Logos, might incarnate, the Incorruptible One.


"Precious ones, did you know that for the souls and the angels who volunteer to incarnate in those several systems of worlds where the consciousness of the Fall, of fallen man and fallen woman, has taken over the race, there is no guarantee that the lifestream will emerge from that darkness unscathed, free to soar once more unto the arms of Everlasting Love?  Those who come from heavenly octaves in defense of truth, in defense of the life of souls who have strayed from the center of being, have only their commitment to the flame to rely on–only determination and will and love. For even the memory of those other spheres must be foresworn upon entering the birth canal and assuming the body temple that has been prepared–sometimes lovingly and sometimes not so lovingly–by earthly parents."

The following information about Mother Mary is taken from the TSL encyclopedia.

"Although an archangel, Mary has also taken physical embodiment. Mary dwelt on Venus prior to taking embodiment on earth, to which planet she was assigned by the Lords of Karma to show forth the raising of the feminine ray subsequent to the fall of Eve. There she served among the evolutions whose energies focalize on the etheric plane and who for thousands of years have sustained, through the laws of harmony and love, the culture of the Divine Mother.

"Through a long period of sojourn on Venus, Mary was prepared to come to earth and to challenge mankind’s perversion of the cosmic honor flame—of the fiery crystal spirals of obedience to God’s laws that sustain the very movements of the atoms and the rhythm of heavenly bodies. She came bearing a generous portion of the fires of Lady Venus, charged with her love, and carrying the responsibility to redeem the feminine nature in all mankind." Footnote 5

Mary Embodied on Atlantis
"In the early days of Atlantis, she served in the Healing Temple, tended the flame and studied the healing arts and the disciplines necessary for precipitation. At that time, she developed great concentration and consecration to the immaculate concept. It was her consciousness and momentum more than any others that sustained the flame in the temple and expanded its influence throughout Atlantis. The purity of her heart flame and her devotion shone upon her face and was evident to all who frequented that Temple. She remained a temple virgin during that entire embodiment."
Footnote 6

Mary Was Also the Mother of David
As further preparation for Mary to be the mother of Jesus, Mary incarnated to be the mother of David, a prior incarnation of Jesus. She became the wife of Jesse and mother of his eight sons, including the last son, David. David was born at the time of Samuel the prophet, approximately 1040 B.C. and was later crowned King of Israel. Footnote 7


Added comments
One has to marvel at the wisdom of the Almighty for such foresight and planning to enable Mary to be well prepared as a wise and loving mother for Jesus when it came time for him to be born.

Take note also of the time frame of Mary’s preparation and service that has extended over vast spans of time, thousands of years and more, from training on Venus to service on Atlantis and incarnation in Old Testament days. Understand that the development and experience of our own souls has also extended over ages and the vastness of the cosmos, here on earth and on other worlds.

The Three Wise Men Honor the Person and Mission of Jesus
Another example of the way the Almighty coordinated persons and events to support Jesus in his mission is the visitation of the Three Wise Men to the holy family days after Jesus’ birth. These magi from the Far East honored the birth of the Christ and brought gifts that provided the means for Joseph and Mary to hurriedly take their newborn son to safety in Egypt before Herod sent soldiers to kill male newborns and put an end to a troublesome messiah. The Three Wise Men helped delay the onslaught by deciding to not inform Herod of the location of the child.

The names of the Wise Men are recorded in scripture as Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar. The ascended master teachings reveal that these three embodied individuals later became the ascended masters El Morya, Kuthumi, and Djwal Kul respectively that are teaching and guiding mankind today.

iStock-1298780482 Three wise men.jpg

                             The Lost Years of Jesus: age 13 to 30 years old

The missing or lost years of Jesus, the period of his teenage and young adult life, are not covered in the Bible and have waited to be revealed by explorers, researchers, and the ascended masters. The importance of Jesus’ travels and experiences during this formative stage of his life must not be ignored because they tell us how he pursued knowledge, wisdom, and life experience to prepare for his mission as an adult even though he was born as a highly advanced soul with great attainment in Christ.

Unknown to most Christians, but well known to the people of Asia, Jesus left the region of his birth and traveled to India and Kashmir at an early age. He did not return until he was prepared to begin his ministry among the Hebrews. In India, Tibet, and Afghanistan he is known as Saint Issa and his presence in Asia is recorded in many places and most especially in the hearts of the people.

This is a wonderfully controversial subject but evidence of Jesus having been in India is substantial. Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote the book, The Lost Years of Jesus, which provides in-depth analysis of travels, research, and the writing of others on the subject, with their opinions,  both pro and con. The following evidence includes three of the sources covered in the book. Material directly quoted from the book appears in italics. Footnote 8

Nicholas Notovitch       

In 1894, a Russian journalist Nicholas Notovitch published a book titled The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ that tells the story of Notovitch traveling to Tibet in 1887. He visits the Buddhist monastery in Himis and the head lama volunteers information that Jesus traveled to India and the Himalayas and spent years studying sacred scriptures of the East. Notovitch convinces the lama to show him the ancient texts and read the relevant content to him as he takes notes. The following is Notovitch’s version of Jesus’ travels according to the manuscript as published in Prophet’s book.


"The biography of Issa, according to Notovitch, was composed of isolated verses which were untitled and scattered out of sequence throughout the text. The Russian author grouped the verses and put them in order, and then published the document several years later along with his account of its discovery.


"Some of it will sound familiar to anyone acquainted with the Old and New Testaments: the Egyptian captivity, the deliverance of the Israelites by Mossa (Moses), and backsliding of the Israelites followed by foreign invasions, subjugation by Rome, and finally the incarnation of a divine child to poor but pious parents. God speaks by the mouth of the infant and people come from all over to hear him.


"The narrative quickly jumps to Issa’s thirteenth year, the first of the “lost years,” and the time according to the story, “when an Israelite should take a wife.” His parents’ house, humble though it was, became a meeting place of the rich and noble who desired to have as a son-in-law the young Issa, “already famous for his edifying discourses in the name of the Almighty.”


"Issa had set his sights on other goals. According to the manuscript Notovitch published, he secretly left his father’s house, departed Jerusalem and, with a caravan of merchants, traveled east in order to perfect himself in the “Divine Word” and to study the laws of the great Buddhas.


"They say Issa was fourteen when he crossed the Sind, a region in present-day Pakistan in the lower Indus River valley, and established himself among the “Aryas” -no doubt a reference to the Aryans who migrated into the Indus valley beginning in the second millennium B.C. His fame spread and he was asked by the Jains to stay with them. Instead, he went to Juggernaut where he was joyously received by the Brahmin priests who taught him to read and understand the Vedas and to teach, heal, and perform exorcisms.


"Issa spend six years studying and teaching at Juggernaut, Rajagriha, Benares and other holy cities. He became embroiled in a conflict with the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas (the priestly and warrior castes) by teaching the holy scriptures to the lower castes¾the Vaisyas (farmers and merchants) and the Sudras (the peasants and laborers). The Brahmins said that the Vaisyas were authorized to hear the Vedas read only during festivals and Sudras not at all. They were not even allowed to look at them.


"Rather than abide by their injunction, Issa preached against the Brahmins and Kshatriyas to the Vaisyas and Sudras. Aware of his denunciations, the priest and warriors plotted to put Issa to death.


"Warned by the Sudras, Issa left Juggernaut by night and went to the foothills of the Himalayas in southern Nepal, birthplace five centuries earlier of the great Buddha Sakyamuni (a title of Gautama), born prince of the Sakya clan, literally the sage (muni) of the Sakya tribe.


"After six years of study, Issa “had become a perfect expositor of the sacred writings.” He then left the Himalayas and journeyed west, preaching against idolatry along the way, finally returning to Palestine at the age of twenty-nine" (pp. 16-18).

Casual and dapper pose of writer Nicholas Notovitch who documented Jesus travels to India in his 1887 book

Notovitch’s book, though controversial, was a stunning success and became more and more popular as it was translated into other languages from the original French.


As one would expect, the book came under criticism and attack because it presented new ideas about the life of Jesus that upset orthodox traditions. Notovitch vigorously defended himself and the veracity of his story.


He made a remarkable claim in his defense stating that after his return from Tibet, he met with a Roman Catholic cardinal who acknowledged the Vatican has “63 complete or incomplete manuscripts in various Oriental languages” referring to Jesus in India.


The Lost Years of Jesus also details the ensuing battle between Notovitch and his detractors.

​Swami Abhedananda      

Born in Calcutta, India in 1866, Swami Abhedananda became a scholar in Eastern and Western literature at Calcutta Oriental Seminary where his father was a professor. He later became a disciple of the Indian saint Ramakrishna. As the result of his studies and spiritual life, he became a proponent of the Vedas and traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, and Mexico promoting Vedanta, a Hindu philosophy based on the Vedas.

The Swami became aware of Notovitch’s book about Saint Issa and at first was skeptical of the story. However, in 1922, he decided to travel to Himis and find out for himself. Traveling on foot, he visited the same monastery that Notovitch wrote about and receives complete confirmation of Notovitch’s story from a senior lama there. Anhedenanda works with the lama to again translate the ancient manuscript text relating to Jesus, this time into English. Abhedananda recounts his experience in his own book, In Kashmir and Tibet.

Swami Abhedananda, a well respected scholar, who verified the historical records  of Jesus having lived in India
Portrait of the renowned traveler and mystic Nicholas Roerich who found throughout Asia evidence of Jesus' time in India

Nicholas Roerich  

The following statement about Nicholas Roerich is quoted from The Summit Lighthouse Free Encyclopedia, which also includes many other details about this acclaimed author and artist and his wife, Helena.

"Nicholas Roerich was a world-renowned artist, archaeologist, author, scholar, lecturer, costume and set designer, poet, mystic and explorer. He and his wife, Helena Roerich, served during the early twentieth century as amanuenses for the ascended masters El Morya and Maitreya. Nicholas ascended at the conclusion of that lifetime." Footnote 9

The Roerichs found verification of Jesus travels to the East in the legends and stories held in the hearts of the people across Central Asia in the. They explored many lands by caravan during the years 1924-28 including Kashmir, Ladakh, the Altai Mountains, Mongolia, Central Gobi, and Tibet. As expressed in the The Lost Years of Jesus, Nicholas “recorded the living history of Issa’s sojourn in the East embodied in traditions cherished by peoples of various nations and religions across the vast expanse of Asia and discovered one or more manuscripts on the subject.” Footnote 10

In his book, Altai-Himalaya that records his travels in Asia, Mr. Roerich shares the comments of a Hindu he encountered that convey a profound sense of relationship with Jesus since the man understood that the saint journeyed and studied in India.

"A good and sensitive Hindu spoke meaningfully about the manuscript of the life of Issa. ‘Why does one always place Issa in Egypt during the time of this absence from Palestine? His young years of course were passed in study. The traces of his learning have naturally impressed themselves upon his later sermons. To what sources do these sermons lead? What is there in them of Eqyptian. And why does one not see traces of Buddhism of India? It is difficult to understand why the wandering of Issa by caravan path into India and into the region now occupied by Tibet, should be so vehemently denied."  Footnote 11

Another example of how deeply embedded reverence for Jesus is in India comes from the author Penelope Chetwode author of Kulu: The End of the Habitable World (1972). She maintains that Roerich’s revelations about Jesus being in India are nothing new by recounting the way the 16th century Mughal emperor Akbar gave tribute to Jesus through a stone inscription added to a famed monument he built in northern India.


The author Chetwode writes:

"In Tibet he [Roerich] claimed to have discovered an ancient Buddhist chronicle which stated that Christ had spent the ‘hidden years” partly there and partly in India. This, in fact, was nothing new as there has always been a strong tradition that these were spent in Kashmir where a collection of Our Lord’s sayings from this mysterious period of his life is still preserved: one of them was quoted by Akbar on his Victory Gate at Fatehpur Sikri: ‘Said Jesus, on whom be peace! The world is a bridge, pass over it but build no house there. He who hopeth for an hour, may hope for eternity; the world is but an hour, spend it in devotion; the rest is worth nothing." Footnote 12

​Jesus’ later years after the ascension
As you will see, there are other revelations about the life of Jesus to learn about. This one comes mainly from the teachings of the ascended but there is also corroborating evidence from a most unlikely source, the Church Father Iraneus.

The ascended masters reveal a phase of Jesus’ life lived in a physical body on earth after taking his “ascension.” In other words, Jesus remained on earth continuing to fulfill his mission long after he finished his work in Palestine. Although the information about this period is brief, we have statements such as made by Mother Mary in a dictation given in June 1991. She conducted a healing service with the congregation through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet and made the following comment:

"May you know that Jesus is present, for it is the hour of his ascension on summer solstice. It is the hour, beloved, when he was given his ascension in the etheric retreat of Shamballa at the conclusion of his life in Kashmir at the age of eighty-one." Footnote 13

When the ascended masters release key information like this, simply stated and not embellished with details, the intent may be to open a door of awareness within students of the teachings and let them work with the concept without saying more than is needed.

It is reasonable to believe that Jesus wanted to demonstrate the appearance of the physical ascension to his followers at Mount Olivet, but since he still had work to do, he chose the method of rising into the air out of their sight rather than fully ascending to heaven.


Part of his intent may have been to put an end to making public appearances in the holy land and yet be able to continue ministering to his flock and people in other lands by remaining in a body that he could materialize or de-materialize at will, as he had done a number of times during his Palestine mission.

Majestic and peaceful Dal Lake in Kashmir, the land where Jesus lived out the remainder of his long life

Dal Lake, Kashmir

He could be certain the event at Olivet would be recorded in scripture so Christians throughout the ages would have an example of the ascension, whether a physical one or an ascension that occurs on the inner planes, which  is more common. Remaining in a physical body gave him the opportunity to promote his mission for several more decades. As Jesus said, "As long as am in the world, I am the light of the world" (John 9:5). If Jesus had left the world at that time, he would not have had the opportunity to continue to be the light of the world since he would have moved on to other planes of existence. Instead, Jesus moved to Kashmir for an additional period of service.  

The Witness of Jesus' Later Years by Iraneus, Church Father

In the case of Iraneus, as a Church Father, he and others such as Ignatius, were responsible for creating many of the ideas that developed into orthodox dogmatic theology by the fourth century. Unfortunately, this dogma led to persecution of the Gnostics, the Essenes, and other Christian sects that promoted beliefs that were closer to Jesus’ original teachings. The book The Orthodox Christian Conspiracy by Joseph P. Macchio documents the history of these events. Footnote 14

Nevertheless, in his book, Against Heresies published in about 180 A. D., Iraneus writes that it is well known in his time that John and other of Jesus’ disciples verified that Jesus lived into old age. These are Iraneus’ words about Jesus:

"For how could He have had disciples, if He did not teach? And how could He have taught, unless He had reached the age of a Master? For when He came to be baptized, He had not yet completed His thirtieth year, but was beginning to be about thirty years of age (for thus Luke, who has mentioned His years, has expressed it: Now Jesus was, as it were, beginning to be thirty years old, when He came to receive baptism); and, [according to these men,] He preached only one year reckoning from His baptism. On completing His thirtieth year He suffered, being in fact still a young man, and who had by no means attained to advanced age. Now, that the first stage of early life embraces thirty years, and that this extends onwards to the fortieth year, every one will admit; but from the fortieth and fiftieth year a man begins to decline towards old age, which our Lord possessed while He still fulfilled the office of a Teacher, even as the Gospel and all the elders testify; those who were conversant in Asia with John, the disciple of the Lord, [affirming] that John conveyed to them that information. And he remained among them up to the times of Trajan. Some of them, moreover, saw not only John, but the other apostles also, and heard the very same account from them, and bear testimony as to the [validity of] the statement. Whom then should we rather believe? Whether such men as these, or Ptolemaeus, who never saw the apostles, and who never even in his dreams attained to the slightest trace of an apostle?"

"For He came to save all through means of Himself--all, I say, who through Him are born again to God --infants, and children, and boys, and youths and old men. He therefore passed through every age, becoming an infant for infants, thus sanctifying infants; a child for children, thus sanctifying those who are of this age, being at the same time made to them an example of piety, righteousness, and submission; a youth for youths, becoming an example to youths, and thus sanctifying them for the Lord. So likewise He was an old man for old men, that He might be a perfect Master for all, not merely as respects the setting forth of the truth, but also as regards age, sanctifying at the same time the aged also, and becoming an example to them likewise." Footnote 15

Ireneus conveys evidence that Jesus remained with the disciples until the times of Trajan who was emperor of the Roman Empire during the years 98-117 A. D. It may be that the “times” of Trajan as Ireneus states possibly include the years preceding his emperorship since Jesus would have been over 100 years old during Trajan’s reign if he were still living then, which is not the case according to the teachings of the ascended masters.

Gallery of images from Jesus' life

       What were the core purposes of Jesus’ mission according to the teachings of the ascended masters?

Jesus’ mission was complex and all-encompassing, beyond our comprehension. Yet, there is a modern trend to wrap up his accomplishments into a single phrase, such as ‘Jesus died for our sins.’ Such one-dimensional concepts are inadequate and misleading because they substitute a mere platitude about Jesus for the full story of his mission. A person can be mistakenly led into believing they know what Jesus was all about when there is so much more to appreciate and understand.

This is a brief review of some of the core purposes of Jesus’ mission emphasized by the ascended masters according to my perspective as a student of their teachings. Anyone that wants to know what has been on Jesus' heart and mind during recent decades can read any of the  nearly 200 dictations he has delivered through the messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet during the period 1958-1998. These messages are published and available free of charge at The Summit Lighthouse Pearls of Wisdom website. Footnote 16   His messages are intended for dedicated followers who are open and ready for progressive revelation. Two of the main themes in Jesus' dictations are the need to correct orthodox misinterpretations of his mission and the need for lightbearers to earnestly pursue their Christhood.


Note: The Summit Lighthouse® is publishing Jesus' dictations in a series of eight books titled "The Word." The fourth book in the series was released in January 2023. See the "Resources" page for more information.

Jesus’ mission focused on the elimination of sin, replacing sin with righteousness, and as the embodied Christ, he delivered the judgment to evil doers that had infiltrated the Jewish and Roman hierarchies.

Sanat Kumara pinpoints the emphasis of Jesus' mission in these three areas: sin, righteousness, and judgment. Footnote 17

In Hebrew, the origin of the word “sin” had to do with ‘falling short of the mark.’ This concept is much different than how we use the word today where the word "sin" has the connotation of a dark and evil action. Jesus came to remind us of our divinity and to forsake error that leads to ‘falling short of the mark’ since such mistakes detract from our higher walk with God. We are fully capable of achieving oneness with him but we need to avoid the consciousness and behaviors that trip us up and must be overcome before we can advance on the path.

Jeremiah, a prophet of the Old Testament times, prophesized the coming of ‘The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS’ that would raise up the tribes of Israel (Jeremiah 23:6).  The ascended masters teach that the way of righteousness is the way of God and of balancing karma. They also teach that ‘The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS’ is another name for our individual Christ Self that is one with Jesus. In effect, righteousness means being obedient to our Christ Self.

Jesus also came to expose the forces of evil that are entrenched in the world and the fact that they work incessantly to destroy the Christ when it appears in a messiah or anyone. This was not the judgment of the common people for as it written in the book of John, “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved” (John 3:17). Rather, this judgment was for persons like Herod the Great (the father) that ordered the killing of all male infants at the time of Jesus’ birth and Herod Antipas (the son) that put John the Baptist to death.

John the Baptist and Jesus recognized the fallen angels that had embodied to take their places in the Jewish and Roman hierarchies to oppose the coming of the messiah. This is why the two holy men delivered their intense condemnation upon the “generation of vipers” numerous times during Jesus’ mission.  The ascended masters reveal that some of the specific individuals that attacked his mission were the very same individuals that had been associated with Serpent, the fallen angel that corrupted Eve with his subtle lies in the Garden of Eden. Footnote 18

Idolatry of Jesus as the one and only Son of God

The idolatry of Jesus rather than the emulation of Jesus is a monumental issue that must not be ignored. The concept that there is only ONE Son of God, Jesus Christ, is a terrible weakness and distortion of truth in Christianity. And it is the major cause of many of his followers to idolize the Master yet resign themselves to remain as a human being rather than determining to walk in his footsteps to Christhood.

Remember, the Christ is an office not a single person and the evidence of this is the fact that every ascended master, of which there are numberless numbers, has reunited with the Universal Christ, exemplified by Jesus. Every ascended master that has incarnated from the Kingdom of Man and returned to heaven is a Son or Daughter of God and that same seed matrix is within every person so created by the Almighty living on earth today.

The wonder and miracle of Jesus' mission was that he succeeded in demonstrating what an embodied Son of God looks like and he did so as a step in the restoration of the people of God to their true identity such as is revealed in The Chart of Your Divine Self.

The ascended master El Morya speaks clearly about how the concept that Jesus is the one Son of God is a distortion of the truth.

"Beloved ones, I point out to you one of the most pernicious errors of orthodoxy this day, and it is the lie that Jesus is the only Son of God, and furthermore that Jesus came into embodiment in the full mastery of Christhood and did not himself have to follow the Path and realize his own inner God-potential before beginning his mission.

"These things are plain in scripture, but the scriptures have been read and reread so many times that the true intent is no longer heard by the soul. The layers of misinterpretation and then the removal of the very keys themselves have given to Christianity today a watered-down religion that does not have the fervor or the fire to meet the challengers of civilization—whether it be in World Communism or in pornography or all manner of perversion or immorality that does steal the light of the soul.

"Beloved ones, I tell you, nothing can move forward in life unless the individual has a true understanding of God and his relationship to that eternal Spirit. Therefore, realize that Jesus did not come from God a new soul, born for the first time in his incarnation in Nazareth. Nay, I tell you! He was embodied as Joshua, the military hero of the Hebrew people. He was embodied as Joseph and wore his coat of many colors as the favorite son and did go through all manner of trial and persecution by his own brothers who were jealous of him; and yet he found favor in the sight of Pharaoh.

"Beloved hearts of light, you know the soul of Jesus in Elisha, the disciple of the prophet Elijah. And you know that Elijah came again in the person of John the Baptist as was prophesied and as it is written. Jesus gave to his own disciples the confirmation that this John the Baptist was Elias come again, thereby ratifying the teaching of reincarnation. Yet it is still denied by those Bible-quoting Christians who have determined to say it is not so. And I will tell you why they say it is not so: it is because they do not want to accept their accountability for their own past karma!

"You cannot believe in reincarnation unless you will also stand, face, and conquer the deeds of the past. Thus, the nonaccountability, due to the upbringing of children in the West today, does not prepare warriors of the Spirit to meet the inroads that are being made by all forces of lust and greed after this nation’s light and after this citadel of freedom.

"Understand, then, that your understanding of the one God and the one Christ enables you to see that that one God and one Christ has vouchsafed to you the I AM Presence and Christ Self as the manifestation of pure divinity—not many gods, but one God. And the pure Son of God is the universal Christ whose body and bread are broken for you. And therefore, as partakers of the Light, as one with the Holy Christ Self, you also may pass through the initiations of discipleship as Jesus did. And you ought to look forward to and expect the fullness of that Christ dwelling in you bodily." Footnote 19

Paul was an apostle who clearly accepted the possibility of sonship and the reality of the inner Christ. In Galatians Paul writes:

"Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world:

"But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,

"To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.

"And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.

"Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ."   Galatians 4:3-7


Joseph Macchio in his book, The Orthodox Christian Conspiracy, documents Paul’s approach to the Christ presence within in a section titled ‘Christ as Indwelling Presence.”

"The Christ whom St. Paul preaches is also an indwelling presence, a presence not confined solely to Jesus. We cite the following examples: After St. Paul had submitted himself to the 'mystical crucifixion,' Christ, as an inner presence, dwelt in him: 'I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.' (Gal. 2:20) 'And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying Abba, Father.' (Gal. 4:6) St. Paul teaches that this indwelling Christ must be nurtured in the hearts of the faithful: 'My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.' (Gal. 4:19, emphasis added) St. Paul prays to the Father for the members of his community at Ephesus: 'That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith…And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.'” (Eph. 3:16, 17, 19)

"The nurturing and development of this indwelling Christ as the Divine Spark in the hearts of St. Paul’s disciples results in the believer’s transformation into the Archetypal Man called by St. Paul an inner man, perfect man or new man: 'Till we all come in unity of the faith, and of the gnosis of the Son of God, unto the perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.' (Eph. 4:13) '…Put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.'” (Eph. 4:24)
Footnote 20

A Codification of Doctrine

The book The Path of the Universal Christ by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains how the misleading concept of the One Son of God came about. Footnote 21

   "Jesus unveiled and gave to us the great teaching of the Universal Christ, but Church councils, not having the real holy spirit and fervor of this revelation, have sought to codify into doctrine and dogma things that Jesus never taught.

  "Early Church Fathers decided to allow only a narrow perspective of what he taught that eliminated the understanding that you are the son of man, that each one of us is the son of man which simply means the “son of manifestation.” You are the Light of manifestation of your I AM Presence this very moment. That son of manifestation is a soul who has descended into these dense bodies and this concrete, physical world. The soul has free will, but the soul is not permanent. The soul becomes permanent when she becomes the bride of the Universal Christ. That fusion of the soul with the Universal Christ is called the alchemical marriage.

  "Jesus, the Son of man, was the full incarnation of the Son of God. This we know. This we believe. The Council of Nicea and other church councils, confusing the Universal Son of God with the Son of man     the question of Jesus’ divinity and his divine Sonship     decided that the human, flesh-and-blood Jesus was the only begotten Son of God. They decided the rest of us were sinners, that God only created one Son and the only way we could be saved was simply to believe in him. Jesus did not teach this, but they made it church doctrine....

  "Nowhere will you find written that Jesus said that he was the only Son of God, that he was the exclusive Son of God. The apostle said, 'Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.' (Phil. 2:5)  It is lawful for us to seek to embody that Universal Mind, who is the Son of God."

Jesus: “I AM the way, the truth and the life”
The divine understanding of Jesus’ magnificent statement is not that he as an individual is the pathway to the Glory of God. The correct understanding as taught by the ascended masters is that Jesus holds the office and role of the embodied Universal Christ and Son of God and that it is this office that is the open door to reunion with God.

Sanat Kumara makes this important distinction because Christianity has largely excluded the people of God from fully accepting they are made in the image and likeness of God, which is the Universal Christ. The essential core truth in Jesus original message has been corrupted and is now largely misunderstood. Sanat Kumara explains that Jesus was the incarnation of his Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self, which is one with our own I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.    And therefore it is the model of Christhood that Jesus demonstrated and that we can attain to that is “the way, the truth, and the life.” Footnote 22

                   Jesus came as a member of the spiritual hierarchy

                                   of the Great White Brotherhood

Jesus brought great attainment to his mission and simultaneously relied upon support from the spiritual hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood to be successful. He was up against entrenched forces of spiritual darkness in high places so his connection to hierarchy was essential for his victory.

The Summit Lighthouse Encyclopedia defines hierarchy in the following way. Footnote 23

"Cosmic hierarchy: The universal chain of individualized God-free beings fulfilling the attributes and aspects of God’s infinite Selfhood. Included in the cosmic hierarchical scheme are Solar Logoi, Elohim, sons and daughters of God, ascended and unascended masters with their circles of chelas, cosmic beings, the twelve solar hierarchies, archangels and angels of the sacred fire, children of the light and nature spirits, called elementals, and twin flames of the Alpha-Omega polarity sponsoring planetary and galactic systems.


"This universal order of the Father’s own Self-expression is the means whereby God in the Great Central Sun steps down the Presence and Power of his Universal Being/Consciousness in order that succeeding evolutions in time and space, from the least unto the greatest, might come to know the wonder of his Love. The level of one’s spiritual/physical attainment—measured by one’s balanced self-awareness “hid with Christ in God” and demonstrating his Law, by his Love, in the Spirit-Matter cosmos—is the criterion establishing one’s placement on this ladder of life called hierarchy."

Jesus mission was an integrated effort that was accomplished under the sponsorship of Sanat Kumara and Jesus’ own guru Maitreya, and included participation by archangels, angels, elementals, and men and women in incarnation, such as Joseph and Mary, and the apostles and disciples.

It makes sense to be receptive to the beneficial nature of heavenly hierarchy because each of us needs help in finding the pathway home and to be able to make progress day by day and step by step in putting on higher consciousness. Conditions on this planet are such that it is difficult if not impossible for a soul to eradicate herself from personal and world karma and the illusions of this world without help from heavenly friends. It is not a ‘go it alone’ process. So, just as Jesus accepted help, we would be wise to do the same.

Jesus acknowledges the guidance of his teacher in a number of places in scripture. Jesus’ gave credit for the teachings he delivered to “the one that sent me.”

"Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work (John 4:34).

"Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me (John 7:16).


"Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me.
And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.

"I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.
And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.

"He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

"For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

"And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak" (John 12: 44-50).


The ascended masters reveal that when Jesus prayed to his father he was praying to his own I AM Presence as well as to Maitreya and the ascended hierarchy. And when he gave the Lord’s prayer to his apostles, he had also passed to them the understanding of their own I AM Presence as the object of this prayer.


The following version of the Lord’s Prayer is the one Jesus gave to his apostles and is the version published by The Summit Lighthouse®.Footnote 24

                   I AM Lord’s Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed by thy name, I AM.
I AM thy kingdom come
I AM thy will being done
I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven
I AM giving this day daily bread to all
I AM forgiving all life this day even as
I AM all life forgiving me
I AM leading all men away from temptation
I AM delivering all men from every evil condition
I AM the kingdom
I AM the power and
I AM the glory of God in eternal, immortal manifestation
All this I AM.

I AM Lord's Prayer
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Feel free to give the I AM Lord's Prayer with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and a group of students. Click the prompt and read along.

Sanat Kumara explains the difference between this version of the Lord’s prayer and the version in scripture (Matthew 6:9).

"The Lord’s Prayer recorded in Matthew and Luke is for children who yet pray to the Father and the Son as external to themselves. For they have not yet known of their freedom to elect to be initiates… on the path of individual Sonship." Footnote 25

Sanat Kumara further explains how Jesus spoke at his behest and also on behalf of his own I AM Presence:

"For though he [Jesus] was the clearest example of the indwelling Father, the people then and now often worship his person—and his flesh and blood person at that—instead of the Mighty I AM Presence of whom he spoke when he said, 'He that seeth me seeth him that sent me. I AM come a Light unto the world, that whosoever believeth on me—the I AM THAT I AM that dwelleth in me who is the first principle of the Light in me and in every creature of God—should not abide in darkness.'”

"Jesus Christ understood that the speaking of the Word is the transmittal of the Person of myself, the direct transfer of the Light of Alpha and Omega that I AM. Therefore he said 'He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the Word that I have spoken, the same
shall judge him in the last day.' Jesus Christ was the great example of the initiation of the power of the Word by the Lord of the First Ray and the chohan [master] thereof—the unloosing of the mouth of God in the mouth of man." Footnote 26

Carved stone image of Lord Maitreya that reflects the strength and kindness of this master of the Far East

Image from a statue of Lord Maitreya

The ascended master Maitreya, who has the title of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha and has been known for ages as the Coming Buddha, overshadowed Jesus before and during Jesus’ mission, comments about his relationship with Jesus in a dictation released through Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

This dictation was given on Palm Sunday, 1982 before the congregation and refers to Jesus preparation for the initiation of the crucifixion which was prophesized in scripture and was a necessary part of his mission in demonstrating the victory over death.

"I would speak to you of the Passion Week from the level of the Cosmic Christ and the very personal relationship of the ascended Guru with the unascended chela who must shortly pass through this initiation.

"Truly the flow of hearts—the oneness of our hearts—on that occasion is something that the world must know and be aware of.

"As Jesus called me Father, as I served in the office of Father closest to him, so through my heart which kept the vigil of his entire mission, he was one with Gautama, with Sanat Kumara, with Alpha, and therefore understood the One Sent, (John 6:29) understood the Messenger in heaven as the messenger on earth, as the very extension of the divine Light who is God.

Thus, as to me Jesus was an extension in form of my life and as each one above me in the offices of hierarchy so considered the same, we all partook of his cup as the Great Law would allow. For one part of Life—especially when that part of the Light is the living, pulsating manifestation of the Cosmic Christ—can only be experienced by every other part of Life who is Cosmic Christ as the essence of one’s Self.

"This unity, beloved, this feeling of every part of Life that is part of God everywhere, is something that is dulled to your own outer awareness—not because you are sinners, but because you are here in form with many tasks to perform to prepare this manger for the birth of every avatar to come.

"Thus, if you were to retain the world pain, the ongoing world crucifixion of the Christed ones, you would then, perforce, be required to sit in meditation, like the statue of the Buddha or of Padma Sambhava. For only in perpetual meditation and in the giving forth of the science of the Word does one hold the balance for this experience of the oneness of the mystical body of God.

"Thus, activities change on the ascending scale of hierarchy. But remember also that Lord Confucius, one of great attainment and light, keeps himself entirely active in the service at the Royal Teton Retreat while yet maintaining a certain awareness of Life becoming life through the cosmic travail of the Woman.

"Thus I myself, in this understanding that I have shared with you, was, of course, one in the very heart and the pierced side, the full experience of the Lord Christ. And I can tell you that the ongoing invective of the fallen ones endured by the light-bearers over the centuries is just as great as the final conclusion in the physical octave, and perhaps greater. For as you know, and as Jesus has told you, the brief period upon the cross for him was not nearly the suffering that some saints have experienced lifetime after lifetime. (Rev. 12:1,2)

"This he said. And, therefore, let none accuse him of disparaging his own office or his own dispensation of the crucifixion. This he has not done, nor have you. But only for the glorification of the Son, wherever that Son does appear, is the Lord Jesus Christ come—and every other avatar whom I have sponsored.

"In contemplation of this week, then, we approach it not from the sorrowful way of the fourteen stations of the cross, but moreover as profound instruction, illumination of the Lord Christ by the Holy Spirit, so that each one may squarely understand what he may expect as he sets his heart to the true path of original Christhood.

“'Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world!' (John 16:33)  He spake those words of mine as I spoke them to him, giving unto him the good cheer of my office and attainment, reassuring him for the victory. In so many of the phrases that you now read by this illumination in scripture, you will feel the vibration of the golden thread of illumination, of the quietness of the Buddha. The yellow fire is a quiet yet all-powerful strength emanating continually the Word as affirmation of being.

"The initiation of the crucifixion—which means the fastening of oneself to the cross of Alpha and Omega to be where there is the convergence of the Father/Mother Light—this, beloved hearts, is a calling and a selection which you would not want to miss in this embodiment." Footnote 27

Hierarchy in the Book of Revelation

Additional evidence about the existence and operations of heavenly hierarchy comes from the Book of Revelation, a prophecy given by Jesus to John the Beloved through an angel. This excerpt is from The Summit Lighthouse Encyclopedia under the subject "Book_of_Revelation." Footnote 28

"Many beings of the heavenly hierarchy are named in the Book of Revelation. Apart from the false hierarchy of Antichrist, including the reprobate angels, some of the members of the Great White Brotherhood accounted for by Jesus are Alpha and Omega, the Seven Spirits, the angels of the seven churches, the four and twenty elders, the four beasts, the saints robed in white, the two witnesses, the God of the Earth, the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Manchild, Archangel Michael and his angels, the Lamb and his wife, the one hundred and forty-four thousand who have the Father’s name written in their foreheads, the angel of the Everlasting Gospel, the seven angels (i.e., the Archangels of the seven rays) which stood before God, the angel clothed with a cloud and a rainbow upon his head, the seven thunders, the Faithful and True and his armies, and him that sat upon the great white throne."

Jesus spoke the commandments of love that were a foundation of his mission.

The goal of Jesus’ mission was never to re-establish a kingdom of the twelve tribes of Israel in the Middle East as the Jewish hierarchy that remained at the time expected. Long before Jesus’ life, the twelve tribes had dispersed throughout the known world and any possibility of recreating a great military and religious nation under a king like David was long gone. And neither was this the plan of the Almighty anyway. Rather, Jesus came with a much different message and purpose and that was to establish standards such as, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” So, the prophecy from Isaiah, “And the government shall be upon his shoulder,” the shoulders of the Universal Christ, would apply to another age and another land.

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).


One could say that the requirement for the present and future dominion of Christ in society and civilization is the establishment of divine love in the people of God and the bonding of the people with their God through love and devotion rather than mere obedience to God’s laws that was the foundation of Moses’ dispensation. God’s love is the new foundation.

"And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all?

"And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

"And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

"And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he: And to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbour as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.

"And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God. And no man after that durst ask him any question" (Mark 12:28-34).

The ascended masters teach extensively on divine love because God’s love is the driving force of the cosmos and love of God, love of the Higher Self, and love of neighbor are the means of making progress to eternal life.

Repent and be saved is still the message

The need for repentance of sin and error is not a popular idea these days. It may well be that every generation needs to be reawakened with the same message of repentance that John the Baptist delivered in his time!


Consider the following account in the book of Matthew about John the Baptist. The Jews respected the prophets and had both a love and appropriate fear of God, so there was a very significant response to John’s warnings


"In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea,
And saying,'Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.'


"'For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.'

"Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judaea, and all the region round about Jordan,

And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins" (Matt. 3:1-3, 5-6).


Today, relatively few people understand that John’s preaching to “Repent and be saved” was on ongoing message that will echo through time as long as people do not prepare their body temple to receive the living Christ. John’s message of repentance, his witness of Jesus, and telling of the coming of the Kingdom of God did not only apply to the years of Jesus’ mission in Palestine.

John the Baptist led the way for Jesus' mission by preaching repentance for sins

John the Baptist preaching repentance

The time frame of the Lord is very long and anyone who believes that Jesus expected the kingdom of God to fully come into manifestation during his own lifetime is quite mistaken. Jesus came at the beginning of a 2,000-year period to demonstrate Christhood and set forth his teaching in a way that gave the souls of God many years and cycles of incarnations to learn to follow his Word and integrate with the Christ aspect of their own identity. Many saints and sages understood Jesus' example and followed him in later centuries.

​Where is mankind in consciousness today? Do we think that the worship of fame, fortune, and superstars is an accepting offering to God? And since the earth is still intact and human life is ongoing, does it means that everything is OK? A person need only look at any level of our society and civilization to recognize that all is not well and in fact very little is well. Life on earth is reeling in turmoil at all levels.


The right place for a person to start is with themself as an individual. A person must ask himself or herself, “What about my own soul?” because the soul is the bottom line of our existence and the soul deserves and desperately needs our attention and love. The ascended masters, and most notably Mother Mary, are concerned about the salvation of the soul because this is the spiritual part of us that is subject to mortality and can be lost if it does not successfully bond with the higher consciousness of our Christ Self. This is a spiritual law yet how many people do you know that are consciously working for this goal of bonding? The answer likely is, “Too few.”


Souls are being lost!
So, does that mean that many souls will be lost if they do not turn around and pursue the bonding with Christ? The answer is “Yes.” And Mother Mary has already communicated to her followers around the world that “Many souls are being lost.” A soul being “lost” means that it is inextricably tied to darkness that it cannot be rescued or that the soul is going through the second death, which is a permanent canceling out of that soul as an expression of God.

Our God is merciful and even merciful to himself. Our divine parents give a soul a finite period to return to them so that as parents they themselves do not have to forever suffer having an offspring that is drifting farther away into unreality rather than return to their love. The limit may be millions of years in earth’s chronology, but the time allotment however long does come to an end when a soul is expected to have learned obedience to God’s laws. And if not, no additional opportunity to experiment in time and space is given.


The ascended masters' teachings are given to help fulfill Jesus' mission.

The ascended masters have released their teachings to expand opportunities for souls to rediscover their identity in God and the masters provide tools such as the Science of the Spoken Word and the Violet Flame to help people balance karma and accelerate their consciousness up and out of the maya of the human domain. This divine science is covered in "The Chart of the Presence," "Science of the Spoken Word," and "Gift of the Violet Flame" pages. The teachings are designed to help emancipate souls by revealing the image of their divinity and to literally ‘Shake awake’ each soul and person into awareness of the Higher Self.

In the book of John, Jesus states how the Holy Spirit would remind us of what Jesus taught:

"These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you" (John 14:25-26).

The ascended masters reveal that their teachings are an element of the Holy Spirit that is a part of the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise. Each person is accountable for their own soul and Jesus’ messages then and now are not just words designed for self-improvement; the well-being and very existence of the soul is in the balance. The message that “We do not have forever to return to the father as the prodigal son or daughter” needs to be understood and heeded today because the majority of people are not aligned with the laws of God to the extent required to be eligible to enter eternal life. It is an opportunity the soul does not want to miss!

The Danger of Orthodox Catch Phrases

Orthodox Christianity has produced a number of catch phrases in various forms to perpetuate official doctrine. Unfortunately, this approach can impede a person’s deeper understanding of the mission of Jesus Christ and what his ministry intended to accomplish. The following are some examples.

‘Jesus died for our sins’

‘You were born a sinner’

‘You are stained by original sin’

‘Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved’

‘Only by faith are ye saved, not by works’

Each of these statements could be taken one at a time and analyzed to show how it “falls short of the mark” of accurately explaining Jesus’ teachings and what it means to follow in his footsteps. Hopefully, the information on this tab already reveals the shortcomings in these catch phrases. A few additional comments may help communicate the point that needs to be made.

The statement ‘Jesus died for our sins,’ puts the emphasis on Jesus’ death on the cross and ignores the fact that he also resurrected and later ascended. He could not have demonstrated the victory over death through the resurrection if his physical body had not died. So, this statement tends to put the emphasis on his death rather than his many faceted mission. And on top of this, the phrase has the effect of putting the blame on us for his death, that is, it was because people have sinned that he had to die. Well, he came in part, as Sanat Kumara tells in the section above, ‘to put away sin,’ so this was a fundamental part of this work.

The concepts that we are ’born sinners and were ‘conceived in original sin’ are examples where Church hierarchies have put a blanket of condemnation upon the people that leads to self-condemnation and a ‘loser’ mindset. This kind of message is essentially a tactic of the fallen angels to suppress the Spirit and keep people from identifying with their Higher Self.

The following quote is from a footnote in a Pearl of Wisdom published by The Summit Lighthouse on January 15, 2007. Footnote 29

"In a dictation given on April 4, 1962, in New York City, the Goddess of Liberty said: 'You have heard, beloved ones, of the doctrine of original sin. I am the spokesman for the Karmic Board, and I tell you, beloved ones, there is no such thing as original sin. For God did not create it, the cosmic masters did not create it, and I think that it has never been created! Original sin, beloved ones, is a figment of the human imagination. That which is original is purity. It is the law of life, it is the law of eternal perfection, and it is that which was intended to act in the world of man as it acts in the universe.'”

The problem with the message "Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved" is that it implies that all we need to do is believe in Jesus and nothing else and we are going to heaven. The ascended masters teach that salvation is a do-it-yourself project requiring obedience to God’s laws and actively applying the lessons of scripture in our daily lives. Attaining salvation takes work and there is no truth in the concept that Jesus did it all so all we need to do is believe in him. Belief is the starting point that must be followed up by walking in Jesus’ footsteps and listening for and being obedient to the dictates of our own Christ Self, one with Jesus. No one can earn our ascension for us.

In a dictation by Jesus Christ given through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Lisbon, Portugal, the master makes a clear statement about orthodoxy. The following is an excerpt. As you read his words, consider how his message truly fits the history and heritage of the Portuguese people.

"Lo, I AM come into your midst, O people of great faith. O my sons and daughters of the living flame of cosmic Truth, I am in your midst in this hour out of the profound love of the Father and the Son for your devotion to the Blessed Mother, for your devotion to Life and Truth, upon whatever course it [your devotion] has taken you.

"Know, then, that in the fullness of the joy of angels I come to gather my own unto the victory of Life everlasting, to call you and to call you again to return to my heart and to see me as I truly AM in the victory of the ascension–one who walks midst those who are of the Light and does not necessarily enter those paths of organized religion and orthodoxy [whose hierarchs] have closed out my Heart and my Teaching behind their garrisoned walls where they render themselves impervious to the cries of the people or to their proper role of challenging the evildoer.

"What has happened to the “Church Militant” on earth that does defend Life when Death and Hell move against the souls of a people?  Where, then, are today’s saints?  They are outside of its walls, I tell you, for the true saints have long ago recognized that these walls cannot contain nor house my Great Causal Body.

"And therefore, I must in protest come again to overturn the money changers in the temple. These are they who conspire with world movements of totalitarianism, who enter into compromise, and challenge and deny the true path of individual soul freedom and the rightful inheritance of every son of God to walk and talk with me and to commune with me as I walked and talked with my disciples for many years, even many years after my resurrection. For I did remain upon earth and the Gnostic text Pistis Sophia does bear witness to this even as does the Church Father Irenaeus, commenting that I was teaching well into the [fiftieth year. And it was so.]

"Blessed ones, the mysteries I have taught have been banned and denounced as heresy, and therefore you are as shorn lambs today, having accepted the orthodox lie of sin and condemnation.

"Therefore, upon the hour and the brink of an age of destiny when the dark powers of this world are determined to make war and to destroy and to take this entire continent, I say to you, because they have not passed on to you the great teaching of my heart, therefore the true shepherds are not raised up. Thus, the wolves in sheep’s clothing in Church and State have effectively taken from my own the great Truth of the ages.

"But I AM your brother and I come to your side in this hour of need and world crisis. I call you not only to be my disciples, [but] I call you [also] to be shepherds and to feed my sheep, to quickly devour by the Holy Spirit the teaching that is already set forth and therefore to put on and receive the mantle of apostleship–that you might know yourselves as shepherds and feed the children of God mouthful by mouthful that morsel of bread, that cup of cold water in my name that does return to them the inner resource of Light, the fount of that holy Christhood and the Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

"This must be done quickly, beloved, for the fallen angels know that they have but a short time, but a narrow few years in which to move against the world that is about to deliver the mandate of the Universal Christ nation by nation." Footnote 30

One final teaching about how Orthodox Christianity is at fault for misleading many people of God is that the messenger has taught that many Christians, even persons that were ministers by profession in their last life, when they arrive in heaven and learn the truth about the necessity of ‘working out your own salvation’ on earth are shocked and even angry when they realize they have been lied to and misled by orthodox hierarchy about the purpose of life. It is a tragic result for many sincere lovers of Christ.

The Second Coming

The event known as the Second Coming is rooted in the following scripture that tells about the ascension of Jesus and the two men in white (angels).

"When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?

"And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.

"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

"And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.

"And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;

"Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

"Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day's journey" (Acts 1:6-10).

Other scripture that foretells the Second Coming in a very dynamic and visual way includes these additional references:  Matt. 24:27-31; Mark 13:24-26; Luke 21:25-28; I Thess. 4:16, 17; Rev. 1:7.

Such a dramatic event as was prophesied in the gospels either has already come to pass, is happening now, or has yet to happen. Regardless, the ascended masters explain that the Second Coming is not necessarily an "all at once" sudden event where Jesus and a multitude of angels sweep down to earth and take all believers to heaven. Rather, the Second Coming happens on an individual basis, person by person, as each one has prepared room in their consciousness for Jesus in the person of their own Holy Christ Self to enter. It is a momentous event, nevertheless.

The following is an excerpt of a dictation by Jesus delivered through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet to the congregation in 1989 that explains essential aspects of his Second Coming.

"I AM Christ, thy Lord. I come to receive my brides.

"O my souls, thou who art the mirror of the Divine Image of my Self and thy Christ Self to all the world, know, then, that all the world does see that Christ Image as at inner levels I touch everyone.

"And every eye does see me face to face and in the mirror of thy souls–thou who hast prepared and truly polished the mirror of self [so] that the weary traveler or the doubter or the one gone astray or even those who champion the cause of Evil might look into your soul, beloved, and see the true image, the Divine Image out of which all sons and daughters of Light were made. Take thee to thy self this solar image. Take to thy self my Self.

"I come, then, in the appearance prophesied and I come again and again and again, my beloved, for the so-called Second Coming has occurred and recurred. So understand, beloved, that I am in the earth as foretold and I am here to fulfill the prophecy that every eye shall see me.

"Blessed hearts, I have called you to be my own, my disciples, my apostles. I have called you to be the Christ. I have called, beloved, that the multiplication of my Body, which is broken for you, might be that my Electronic Presence should move in the earth through you and that my Sacred Heart upon your sacred heart might amplify that threefold flame and that open door of the heart whereby through us, one upon one, my Self superimposed upon [your self], the souls of earth might enter into the path of discipleship unto the same fulfillment of the Law that you yourselves are realizing and have realized in some measure.

"The hour is come, beloved, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear my voice and they that see me shall live. For to see the true image of Christ, even with the inner eye, is truly the quickening, the resurrection. It is to take unto oneself that image; for what the eye beholds of me, beloved, is instantaneously stamped upon every cell and atom of being.

"Let it be so, beloved, for all must choose to receive the Christ of the heart–Jesus of the Sacred Heart–and to live, else in seeing [him] they may choose to deny that Christ and [thereby] instantaneously commit their souls to outer darkness.

"Beloved, the denial of the Christ in oneself, when that Christ does come as I AM come to enter the temple, is sudden death to that soul.  [For] though the body may continue to [have life and to] move about [until the life force is spent and death does overtake it], the soul that has [with finality] denied Christ has denied its own immortality, its everlasting life and, alas, its reason for being, [hence any possibility for continued existence].

"This is why the Second Coming of Christ is an apocalyptic event, beloved. For in the First Coming [of the avatar of the age] the opportunity to choose to be or not to be is given:  to embrace the Light or not to embrace it. And two thousand years, beloved, [and, in truth, many aeons prior to my Advent] were given to all inhabitants of these several worlds to choose to be in Christ the fullness of everlasting life and the fountain of youth and of resurrection’s flame to all. Therefore in the end [of the age of Pisces] that Second Coming does denote for many final choices, [even for the fallen angels whose time is up].

"Blessed ones, they pay me lip service. They pretend to look to the coming kingdom and [to] their entering in as the goal of life, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. They are the seed of Satan sown in the Body of Christ and in the churches of the world. When they see me, beloved, face to face, they reject that Christ and that Light. They deny [my Second] Coming [though they have trumpeted it loud and long; they deny my] Person and, above all, [they deny] the Divine Image that our Father-Mother God has placed in you all.

"[It is because the Second Coming is also for the judgment of the seed of the Wicked One that it is written: “Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him:  and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.”]

"Now, therefore, as the seed of Satan move up and down the earth, so I come. And I come until spring and beyond, up to the moment of the prophesied end of the age of Pisces. And from now unto that hour, beloved, I assure you that I shall have appeared to everyone on every plane of this Matter house and on other worlds whose time has also come for my Second Appearing. (Emphasis added)

"This, then, must precede, even as some consider it must follow, that moment [and that hour] when there is the dividing of the way on a planetary scale, where such Light does become incarnate in all who choose to be that Christ and [to] enter the ritual of the alchemical union, and where such Darkness [does] descend [so] as to result in the second death of souls. There, beloved, is alchemy. There, beloved, is world chemicalization." Footnote 31

To recap this last point of Jesus, the opportunity to bond with the Christ through the first and the Second Coming has been going on for a long time and the decision of the soul to bond or not to bond with Christ, even in our time, is extremely consequential; perhaps the final opportunity to do so.


Think of it in terms of it being, as he says, an ‘apocalyptic event.’

It is worth noting that The Chart of Your Divine Self showing the Christ figure in the clouds was intentionally designed this way to reflect the prophecy in scripture of the Second Coming.

Middle section of the Chart of Your Divine Self showing the middle figure, the Holy Christ Self, one with Jesus

It would be a big mistake to reject or limit Jesus because of the failures of Christian orthodoxy and liberalism in churches.

One of the main reasons the teachings of the ascended masters have been released is to retore the truth brought by avatars, prophets, and sages over the ages to correct departures from the original teachings they brought. The corruption of Jesus’ teachings has been made plain on this page and the ascended masters let us know that distortions in modern Buddhism compared to the original teachings of Gautama Buddha are as great as the distortions of Christianity. Footnote 32
The failures of churches do not reflect upon the Master. Vast segments of the U. S. population and elsewhere are drifting away from the religion of their fathers and churches in general. This is not surprising because in many cases church doctrine has become devoid of the fire and Spirit of God. Some churches try to fill their pews each Sunday by offering jazz concerts and focusing on the social aspects of a church community. But, what is lacking is spiritual truth that helps a seeker connect with the flame of God within and develop a relationship with his or her own Christ Self and God Presence, which is the only method of obtaining self-mastery in God and true peace and happiness.

Jesus bore only a part of our karma and only for a limited time

The ascended masters bring an important truth about ‘Jesus bearing the sins of the world.’

The following excerpt is from the book The Path of the Universal Christ by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Jesus Mission in Terms of Karma
"The true understanding of Jesus’ bearing the sins of the world is that when mankind make a karma that is so grave that it could not be balanced and therefore they would have to go through the second death, God has periodically taken mercy upon mankind and sent a Son of Light who is virtually karma free or has just enough karma to keep him on earth. That individual, by his attainment and his adeptship, will take on the planetary karma and bear the sins of the world; and by doing this he renews opportunity for those who sinned to correctly qualify energy and return to God.

"However, the misinterpretation of this teaching has resulted in people ignoring the law of karma. The fallen ones have distorted the law of karma and distorted this concept of the Saviour taking on the sins of the world to mean that people need only confess their sins and they can have salvation.

"The karma that Jesus took upon himself is the original karma involving the fall of Lemuria though disobedience to the Law of God and the lowering of the energies in misuse of the sacred fire. Jesus did not take upon himself all future misdeeds of the race. He took upon himself that basic karma of the Fall, or the descent of consciousness, so that people could, in effect, from the point of grace that he had attained to and on the momentum of his consciousness, return to the state of grace in order to balance the karma of their electronic belts and thereby bring themselves to the place where they could bear the karma of their fall. And when they get to the place of bearing the karma of their fall, they are at the place of meeting their own dweller-on-the-threshold and the totality of the spirals that occurred through the Fall the negative spirals of the fall of consciousness from the upper chakras to the lower chakras.

"There is a difference between balancing the karma of day-to-day sins and the balancing of the karma of the original Fall. Since we have to function from the level of the consciousness of the planet, which is in the state of this fallen consciousness, we are functioning in a certain plane that almost of necessity involves sin on a day-to-day basis. Since this is a way of life the planet, the Masters have developed a code of ethics by which people may live until they evolve out of this state of consciousness. People will be dealing with karma until they come to grips with the mastery of the sacred fire.

"Unfortunately, instead of doing this, people place the whole of responsibility for all of their involvements on Jesus and think that thereby they have no responsibility. This is the scapegoat consciousness, the inherent desire of the carnal mind to place the responsibility for its failures, its inequities upon the Christ and upon the sons and daughters of God who have the Christ consciousness." Footnote 33

The Time of the Book of Revelation is Now!

The Book of Revelation dictated by Jesus through his angel to John the Beloved contains a very esoteric and complex message expressed in code words and symbolism.

In a 1989 lecture titled "The Four Horsemen: a 2,000 year ride" given in New York City, the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet taught about Revelation and the role of the Four Horsemen. Here is an excerpt from the lecture that reveals the significance of Jesus' message in Revelation for each soul.

"God gave his Revelation to Jesus Christ so that his servants might know beforehand "things which must shortly come to pass." Our Lord delivered this Revelation to his apostle John the Beloved, "sent and signified by his angel."

"The Book of Revelation is God's gift to all who have answered his call to walk the path of initiation unto Christhood in the footsteps of our Elder Brother Jesus Christ. Its 22 chapters are a study in the psychology of the soul and the soul's testings under the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. These she must master on her homeward path leading to reunion with Alpha and Omega, the Father-Mother God....

"According to their soul pattern, evolution and attainment, Lightbearers of the world are experiencing all of the leaves of Revelation; and each of those leaves is tumbling in its time and space, though not necessarily in the same dimension, for we are multidimensional beings.

"Revelation portrays the juxtaposition of the soul and the collective planetary evolution between the forces of Light and Darkness as these are engaged in Armageddon. The outcome of this warfare of the spirit is either the soul's resurrection unto eternal life or her final judgment. By free will the soul must choose either the path of initiation under the Lamb of God and his hosts or the path of Lucifer and the fallen angels in their rebellion against the Lord God and his Christ.

"The Book of Revelation is an outline of these two paths and a prophecy of the outcome of freewill choices made     to be or not to be     each step of the way. Through a preordained series of lifetimes God gives each soul the opportunity (1) to serve the Lord and glorify him in her members or (2) to deify the ego, the synthetic self and the carnal mind while swearing enmity with God and his Christ and making war with the remnant of the seed of the Divine Mother.


"At the end of this cycle of opportunity, the Keeper of the Scrolls reads the soul's record before the Ancient of Days, who sits on the great white throne at the Court of the Sacred Fire; and before the Four Beasts and the Twenty-four Elders "every man is judged according to his works." [Emphasis added]


"In the course of dealing with personal and planetary psychology and the karma of the cycles, the soul will encounter the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These impressive Cosmic Beings sent by God through the Four Beasts come as initiators of the soul of the planet. They are the emissaries from the Court of the Sacred Fire. Though they are fearsome, we ought not to fear them. For in them we meet our God. Through them we know God as the Lawgiver, whose law of karma is inexorable.

"Thus the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Cosmic Initiators who are providing the final karmic testing at the conclusion of this 25,800-year cycle to all of earth's evolutions. None are exempt." Footnote 34

More information about the Four Horsemen and the 25,800 year cycle of returning karma is available in the Pearl of Wisdom referenced by the footnote just above. In addition, the messenger has given a detailed interpretation of the Book of Revelation and its dramatic symbolism in an audio lecture titled "Unveiling the Mysteries of Revelation" published by The Summit Lighthouse®. See the "Reference" page or the following footnote for more information. Footnote 35

As documented on the previous page, Sanat Kumara is the one that sits upon the great white throne as witnessed by Isaiah.  And in John's vision below, Sanat Kumara appears in Revelation.  As John relates and Mrs. Prophet explains, each soul comes before him (aka the Ancient of Days) and before other members of divine hierarchy for judgment, hopefully unto eternal life. So, we see how Sanat Kumara continues to have an important role in saving the planet for God and his people.

"And I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them." (Rev. 20:11)


The ascended masters explain that those in the earth and heaven that fled away are the fallen angels. This phase of Revelation tells about the final judgment and the presence of Sanat Kumara at this stage means the fallen ones no longer have a place to dwell, either on earth or in heaven, and are going to judgment.

Closing Comment     An Appeal of Sorts

The following premise may be obvious, but whether it is or not, please consider it.

If you have been able to follow along with the information on the Sanat Kumara page and through to the end of this page that tells how Jesus in Revelation connects the process of judgment with the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara), you have an understanding held by only a very small percentage of people, and this knowledge can be put to good use.

For example, if you can accept the fact that one day your soul will be judged in heaven, this is a milestone. If you can also accept that the judging will be done in part by Sanat Kumara, a being that long ago (more than a million years) committed himself to saving a planet in distress and  sponsored everyone of the avatars and sages sent from heaven to rescue souls, you can rest assured you are in good hands. You can also be sure the entire the team charged with carrying out the role of judgment also loves every soul of God with an intensity far beyond our comprehension.

If you can further accept that Sanat Kumara sent Jesus to demonstrate the reality of Christhood and that every person of God was created as an expression of the Universal Christ and that Jesus' teachings were intended to instruct all his followers in how to bond with him and develop their own Christ Self, you are connecting with the realms of Higher Consciousness!

Finally, if you can accept the premise that the ascended masters, our Elder Brothers and Sisters, are doing everything possible to promote the victory of your soul and every soul by helping them develop Christhood and safely navigate this troubled modern world, you have found a very dependable path and a community of like-minded persons who are determined to turn this world around! I hope you have reached this point! And if you have not, give yourself time, because the ascended masters have brought profound new concepts and cosmic awareness that can turn a person's perception of the world upside down! But, for good ends!

Godly fear is needed in times like these because the forces that oppose Life, Beauty, Truth, and Happiness are waging war against all that is God. Only the Almighty can resolve such conflicts and the Great White Brotherhood has the plan and wherewithal to do it.

The other beneficial aspect of Godly fear is recognizing and accepting that each of us has "fallen short of the mark." Yet, we must not tremble in our boots for fear of what God will do to us or say to us because of sin. This whole story is about the Lord wooing the Prodigal Son and Daughter back to the embrace of the Father-Mother God's loving arms. We must not reject the offer and turn away. The gate is still open and there is time to walk through and knock on the front door.

Our job is to seriously assess ourselves and to take steps as quickly as possible to align our beings with our diving nature. This takes work and focus.

I offer two remaining pages on this website: "America the Beautiful" and "Capstone." Each page has content geared to provide additional motivation for a person to embrace the goal of Christhood. I strongly urge every spiritual seeker looking for divine Truth to take up this path.


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