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The Resurgence of Ancient Wisdom

Looking up at the grandeur of the Milky Way at night, a person may sense there is something extraordinary about both the expansive view of far-off worlds and what it means. Though the distant planets and stars seem remote and the intervening space is vast, they send a quiet and intriguing message: "God is" and our inner being echos, "I Am."

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Image by Fernando Lavin

Cosmic Law Insight has been created to help restore our awareness of age-old spiritual truth that has been forgotten, covered over by the debris of civilizations, or suppressed by persons in high places due either to ignorance or malintent.

Cosmic law is like the governing hand of God that manages the flow of energy that sustains the entire universe. Cosmic law affects the stars and planets as they travel in their orbits and integrates us with God's overall creation as we carry on our daily lives.

This website will introduce you to the reality of cosmic law and encourage you to become familiar with its operation in your life. Within the parameters of cosmic law are the keys to your identity in God, the essential secrets of soul liberation, and the understanding of the scriptural promise of the gift of eternal life. These factors deserve serious attention.

​​Cosmic law is simple, yet profound. The admonition of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is one of the most fundamental and binding laws of the universe and not just a nice idea. The Golden Rule clearly spells out the law of karma, which is an active feedback system established by the Almighty to oversee his creation by defining boundaries and providing consequences to tell us when we have strayed too far from the nature of God.

We live in a time when it is possible to have insight and answers to the big questions of life, such as “What is the goal and purpose of life?” and “If there is a God, why is there so much suffering?“ The study of cosmic law also supplies divine knowledge to help us unravel the cords of fear and ignorance that bind us. It provides a pathway that can lead a person to awakening, inspiration, understanding, love, and mastery through God’s Spirit.


If there ever was a time when mankind need Truth with a capital “T,” it is now. Here is a quote from the Intro to Cosmic Law page that helps paint the picture of where we stand in a self-created chaotic world:

"Unfortunately, men and women, societies, and entire civilizations have departed from God’s laws including the laws of nature many times and in big ways.  The consequences of violating cosmic law are costly and painful and have led to the enormous suffering we see including the sense of powerlessness, alienation, loss of purpose, confusion, addictions, broken families, suicide and rampant dysfunctionality on the personal level and hunger, disease, and war on the planetary level. However, since God’s laws are written in our hearts, we have not completely forgotten our divinity and, by the very nature of our being and existence, we have a path to God’s heart, which is a heart of abundance, love, and peace."

Experts, politicians, scientists and radical activists stuck in their limited human consciousness will never solve the problems of the individual and society. Solutions will only be forthcoming when God’s people individually and collectively align themselves with their higher nature and draw down from the heart and mind of God, the solutions to mankind’s dilemmas.

Cosmic law is full  of wonder. It is about gaining an understanding of self and the purposes and goals of life. It is about awakening to the divine nature within. Just as the man and woman above gaze into the starry heavens and feel a profound sense of belonging to something great, there is no limit to the greatness of God and he is more than happy when we make his greatness our own.

The pages of this website are intended to be read in sequence starting with this Home page then proceeding on to the next page in the order they appear in the header, left to right. The reason being that each page builds a foundation for the next. After the first 7 pages, continue with the "MORE" drop-down menu. Read these pages top-to-bottom.


Go at your own pace and move forward as you become familiar with new concepts and gain a deeper understanding of what is being presented. The two ending pages "America the Beautiful" and "Capstone" are under construction.

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