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Defeating an Ancient Conspiracy of Darkness

If you feel overwhelmed by the endless turmoil of our times, please consider the following information that explains the situation at a deep spiritual level and points the way to better days.  And there will be not only better days, but transcendent peace in our world.

The troubles we need to address include socialist and tyrannical governments, power elites trying to remake civilization, planned pandemics, attacks on the family, substance abuse, and organized crime, to name a few. These major problems can be conquered if we understand that the darkness we see (darkness is synonymous with evil) is the result of coordinated spiritual warfare being waged against mankind. Our assignment is to take appropriate steps to counteract and vanquish it. This is a call for action because information alone is not enough to turn the tide of evil.

My goal is to reveal ancient truth that has been buried and nearly forgotten that must be reborn in a new light and acted upon by people who love freedom and liberty and want to regain and expand our God given rights. We are engaged in an epic confrontation between light and darkness, whether we realize it or not, and divine truth reminds us of a destiny waiting on the other side of this fight.

Revelations of Cosmic Law and Cosmic History

I am a student of cosmic law and cosmic history. I was drawn to these subjects because, even in my childhood, I wondered why there was so much conflict in the world. Wars are too common and enduring personal happiness seems to be in short supply. Because I love people and believe God did not intend the world to be so full of suffering, I pursue spiritual/scientific study to find divine truth that helps me understand the causes of world pain and dysfunction and then try to do something about it.

Cosmic history tells how forces of darkness have waged a coordinated attack upon soul and civilization for many thousands of years. The current troubles are a continuation and an acceleration of this fight. The term “forces of darkness” may seem nebulous, but scripture and other sources reveal the names of individuals that long ago declared their enmity with God, his Christ, and the people of God. So, we know the enemy and it is time to call out their destructive words and works and do our part to bring them to an end.

The majority of the key players that make up the Conspiracy of Darkness are fallen angels who were cast out of heaven as the penalty for their rebellion against the laws of God. Due to their angelic origin, they live on, persecuting the people of God century after century. And they are likely to continue to do so until called to the Last Judgment. Endnote 1  Adding to these troubles, other individuals not from the angelic realm and best described as “renegades,” joined the ranks of the fallen angels over the ages to form the conspiracy that operates today.

It may be surprising to learn that the darkness we see erupting in civilization is being forced to the surface by the hand of God so that it can be judged. This is the time ordained for the judgment. Souls and angels are being tested to see who they align with and serve: the living God or the fallen consciousness that leads to death and hell. Many fallen angels have already been judged but have been allowed to linger until their allotted time runs out. It may be that some fallen ones and their cohorts still have an opportunity to turn themselves around and honor the Christ they rejected eons ago, but it is their last time to do so.

The fallen ones who will never submit to the Almighty have become blatant in their rebellion. They believe they no longer need to completely hide their plans and existence because they appear to have the upper hand in this world and think it is theirs to claim. Yet, at the same time, they are desperate because they can only second guess how and when the Lord will play his hand and their end will come.  The dark forces are making mistakes and have underestimated the power of God in his people to cast off evil when they see it so plainly.


The People of God are Targeted

The people of God bear the universal light of Christ and therefore are targeted by the forces of darkness. I use the phrase “people of God” to refer to members of all the world’s religions who honor the one God as Creator and consider themselves and others to be his offspring. These are people who love God, have faith in God, and do their best to live a godly life, including respecting the right of others to worship the Almighty through their chosen religion. It also includes persons who may not associate with an established religion but honor God in the same ways.

We must understand that we, as souls of God, have been and are under attack. I believe we must have the “big picture” of cosmic history that reveals the seriousness and long-term nature of the conflict to motivate us to respond with the enthusiasm and intensity necessary to make the needed difference. The stakes are high, so we must be moved to outrage for what the dark ones have done to us in the past and the gains they are trying to make, especially within the next few years. We must be propelled to inconvenience ourselves to take decisive action to reject and turn back their plans. This is the time God has ordained for the overcoming of long-standing tyranny and he has provided a sure plan for the people of God to win a great victory.

Historical Background from Scripture and Other Sources


The following stories tell about the origins of evil, the fallen angels, and their subversion of life on earth. Try to see these events in a new light; not as happening so long ago that they are irrelevant, but as events that distorted God’s plan for the earth to such an extent that we are still dealing with the consequences today.


Wickedness in High Places

We are dealing with what Paul refers to in the book of Ephesians as “wickedness in high places.” He says:


“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


“Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand (Eph. 6:12).


Ancient History Tells the Story

Paul understood that Jesus confronted the rulers of darkness in his time. Jesus and the disciples inherited the teachings of Enoch who lived many thousands of years earlier and found himself face to face with fallen angels that were incarnated during that period. Enoch describes in The Book of Enoch how these fallen ones were a mortal threat to the people of God.


Shocking as it may seem, this is where the world is again today: the people who are leading the charge to corrupt and destroy our civilization are either allied with the cause of fallen angels or are fallen angels themselves.


Understanding the Fall of Consciousness at the Time of Adam and Eve

Unfortunately, the only time Adam and Eve are referred to these days is on TV commercials that use their nakedness to grab our attention. This is an example of how the forces of darkness have belittled and minimized important spiritual history. The experience of Adam and Eve is relevant because, as documented in scripture, it was the treachery of fallen angels that led to Adam and Eve’s fall from grace. As we will see, the attack by fallen angels upon mankind continued through the intervening centuries between then and now and has actually intensified in this modern era.  These evil doers know their time is short and try to prolong their own existence through any and all means. In fact, the world is overrun with the ways fallen angels have abused souls and civilizations. Unfortunately, we have forgotten or disregarded the lessons of the distant past.


Our forgetfulness is largely due to the ongoing and relentless suppression of wisdom and truth over the ages by those aligned with darkness. For example, it is not generally understood today that it is common for angels to embody in physical form. Angels perform a major service to mankind by incarnating and sharing their great angelic love and strength as they live among us. In the distant past, when fallen angels were cast out of heaven, many were required to take on human form as their karmic penalty. Enoch documented how fallen angels walked the earth and cohabitated with women. Yet, fallen angels and their allies have taken special care to cover up the tracks of their own existence. So, for example, by the time of the formation of the early Christian church, even prominent church fathers denied that angels could incarnate.


The coverups and disinformation promoted by Big Media today reflect this age-old tactic. History has been “scrubbed” to conceal the tyranny of dark forces making it necessary for anyone who wants to know the complete story to have to search alternative sources and piece together the details.

The book of Genesis tells how Adam and Eve, a beloved son and daughter of God, were beguiled, lied to, and deceived by a fallen angel. As the result, the pair disobeyed God’s Word in a very consequential matter, which required them to be cast out of heaven (Garden of Eden) into the physical world. The LORD God cursed serpent and also cast him out into form as the lowliest of all creatures and declares enmity between woman and serpent and her seed and his seed, meaning the conflict was destined to continue in ensuing generations. This tragic event is described in very few words, but it is there in the Old Testament. Endnote 2

Thus began a long period of travail where Adam and Eve and their offspring had to walk a difficult path of redemption to balance a serious karma. From all appearances, the karma of the Fall accrued to all mankind since it occurred before any of the world’s religions were established. It is the answer to the question of why life is so difficult. The scheming of fallen angels is at the core of planetary suffering, yet humanity must take responsibility for having yielded to their influences and tyranny long ago. The consistent theme of the Bible is the requirement for soul redemption: the soul trying to regain an original state of grace. Some souls have accomplished it and moved on to eternal life, but the mass of humanity has not.


The fall of consciousness at the time of Adam and Eve becomes more understandable when information about the origins of evil is added. So, we will return to the story of Adam and Eve later and see how the ongoing enmity between mankind and fallen angels resulted in the destruction of an ancient civilization. 

Additional Background Needed for the Next Part of the Story

This section introduces the teachings of the ascended masters that provide information about cosmic law and cosmic history that is not available from any other source. We need these inputs to be able to understand the dynamics of life that carry over from ancient times.


An ascended master is a person who lived some time ago, gained self-mastery through hard work and service to Life, and was able to balance their karma, complete their divine plan, and fulfill other requirements for graduation into eternal life. The ascended masters live in the realm of Spirit. They refer to themselves as our “elder brothers and sisters” because they have walked with us and now many of them are working to help people achieve their own ascension. Eternal life is a fundamental promise in the New Testament and the ascension is the one and only door that leads to it.


The book of Acts records Jesus’ ascension into the air from Mount Olivet. (Acts 1: 9-12) Enoch ascended thousands of years earlier as described in the New Testament: “By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him.” (Hebrews 11: 5) The prophet Elijah was taken up in a fiery spiritual whirlwind witnessed by his student, Elisha, as recounted in the second book of Kings. (2 Kings 2: 11) Countless other souls have ascended in less dramatic ways following the conclusion of their lifetime, after their soul left the physical body and entered the spiritual planes.


Other ascended masters include Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Confucius, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Saint Germain, and El Morya. Endnote 3  Padre Pio, Mother Theresa, Aimee Semple McPherson, and Maria Montessori are masters that ascended more recently. Just as eternal life is an unrestricted promise in scripture, the ascension is the goal of life for every soul.


Since 1875, the ascended masters have been releasing their teachings through organizations such as the Theosophical Society, Agni Yoga Society, I AM Movement, and most recently, through The Summit Lighthouse and its messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Endnote 4  The ascended masters started to release their teachings specifically in this era to help raise the consciousness of humanity and to give us the spiritual tools needed to successfully deal with the personal and planetary challenges of our day.


Based on my experience studying the teachings of the ascended masters for many years, I suggest that these teachings reflect the “truth” Jesus spoke of when he said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8: 32)   


The Soul.  The ascended masters teach how every son and daughter of God was created in the image of God as a being with eternal life. Because we chose to incarnate and subsequently made decisions that disobeyed the laws of God due to influences of darkness, just like Adam and Eve, we lost our immortality and our consciousness was confined to the soul. The soul is the feminine aspect of identity for every person, male or female, and it is mortal because of its separation from the masculine aspect of our being, which is the Christ Self. The process of redemption involves the bonding of our soul once again with our Christ identity. This bonding is the alchemical “marriage” taught by Jesus. Endnote 5


Reincarnation is a fundamental tenet of universal law (aka cosmic law) and is an essential key to understanding the soul, divine identity, and the problem of a planetary conspiracy. The majority of souls on the planet have had many incarnations and all have been subjected to the tyranny of the fallen angels over the ages. This makes the opportunity to stand, face, and conquer today’s self-declared tyrants an imperative and a duty we must accomplish for our own sake and those who come after us.


For anyone who objects to the notion of reincarnation because the Bible contains only a few references to it, there is evidence that the early Church fathers made certain that any mention of it was removed because it clashed with their preferred narrative about the soul, sin, and salvation. Nevertheless, the remaining few references to reincarnation in scripture are strong. The spiritual community into which Jesus was born upheld reincarnation. Even the Sadducees that opposed Jesus’ mission taught reincarnation. And we must not forget that Hindus and Buddhists believe reincarnation is a fundamental truth. For any religion, the understanding and acceptance of reincarnation serves as an open door to higher consciousness.


Reincarnation helps explain the continuity and long-term effects of dark forces on the planet where fallen angels and their allies have incarnated and continue to come back lifetime after lifetime to carry on their rebellion against the Almighty and to attack the people of God. It is fair to ask the question, “Why does God allow fallen angels to continue to incarnate?” The answer is, if the Last Judgment of all fallen angels were pronounced, the souls that have followed them by free will and made karma by becoming emmeshed with their evil deeds would likely also be faced with the Last Judgment and the possibility of the second death. (See endnote 1)


In his great mercy, the Almighty is holding back aspects of the judgment to give the people of God time to separate themselves out from darkness. The sooner this happens, the sooner the separation of the chaff from the wheat can be carried out. It is worth knowing that many fallen angels have already been judged and gone to the second death.


Anyone who is not ready to accept reincarnation should still be motivated to stand firm against darkness for the sake and salvation of our children and coming generations.

God Has Oversight of the Creation through a Heavenly Hierarchy

Thinking about fallen angels can be burdensome, so it is important to keep their rebellion and darkness in perspective. Fallen angels and persons that choose to perpetuate evil are a minority in God’s Kingdom. And although evil doers loom large in life because their efforts to attack and destroy goodness are shocking, their days are numbered. While the process of the judgment is playing out, we must take refuge in the reality of God. The forces of Light are far superior to that of the enemy. Endnote 6

The ascended masters teach how the cosmos is governed by Universal Laws, such as the Golden Rule, and administered by a “Heavenly Hierarchy.” Endnote 7 This hierarchy is made up of masterful beings such as Archangels and their legions, Elohim, builders of form, ascended masters, and cosmic beings whose consciousness spans the universe. Have you ever wondered how heaven interacts with mankind and how civilization continues to advance with many positive outcomes even though at times the odds seem to be stacked against it? It is the Heavenly Hierarchy that continues to inspire and impress upon the people of God and civilization the way of God Good.


God’s creation is organized and managed by beings in three distinct kingdoms: the Angelic Kingdom (Archangels, angels, and devas); the Kingdom of Man (ascended and unascended masters and evolving souls); and the Elemental Kingdom (Elohim, who are the creators of form, and elementals that sustain the physical creation). The world and cosmos do not continue to exist and operate through mechanical forces of nature but by the conscious, cooperative efforts of the beings of these three kingdoms.  


Although hierarchy generally works in the spiritual realms and behind the scenes, invisible to human eyes, several members have been identified in scripture, such as the Ancient of Days, Melchizedek, Alpha and Omega, the Lord God Almighty, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, the Lamb, the four-and-twenty elders, and the seven Spirits of God. This hierarchy is a vast network of divine beings that supports and promotes what is known as the Universal Christ on earth and across the cosmos.

A wonderful example in scripture of the cooperation between members of hierarchy and the man Jesus is the meeting witnessed by Peter, John, and James on a high mountain. After Jesus is transfigured, the apostles saw him standing with Moses and Elias (Elijah), who were ascended masters by this time, talking about Jesus’ crucifixion which was to come. Endnote 8 These two masters were supporting Jesus as he faced the difficult initiations of the crucifixion and the resurrection. This was a prime example of ascended masters appearing in the physical world and, in addition to the benefits of Moses and Elijah encouraging and strengthening Jesus, the meeting was likely performed in the company of the disciples so they would leave behind a record of the event.


It is also a powerful witness to the workings of reincarnation to know that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. Jesus verified to his disciples that John was Elijah “come again” as had been prophesized in the Old Testament. This means that when Elijah appeared to Jesus on the mountain, this was the soul of his friend John, who had been recently executed by Herod, but in the persona of his previous incarnation. Elijah’s appearance as an ascended master shows that death is not real.


The Old and New Testaments are the record of the Heavenly Hierarchy guiding a particular group of the people of God to redemption through a series of covenants (agreements or contracts). Working through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Judges and Prophets, and David, hierarchy labored tirelessly with souls to inspire them to return to their rightful relationship with God. Hierarchy sponsored the Hebrews as a chosen people during the covenant period according to a long term plan. The plan was adjusted according to the free will decisions of the players. By the time of Jesus’ mission, the majority of the twelve tribes of Israel had scattered across the known world, yet this development was also used to advantage.

As the messiah, Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God rather than reestablishing the nation of Israel as a political and military power as the Jewish leadership expected. Jesus frequently acknowledged the Heavenly Hierarchy when he made statements such as, “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.” (John 6: 38) And Jesus made it clear that the message of the Kingdom of God was intended for all souls by the way he raised up Paul, a Jew, to go and convert the Gentiles. His message was about the Universal Christ.


To repeat a prior point, since the Fall occurred before any of the world’s major religions were founded, it makes sense that every soul requires redemption. In other words, everyone’s consciousness has fallen to a debased level of self-awareness and behavior. Furthermore, since the Heavenly Hierarchy sponsored the gradual process of soul redemption starting with Adam and continuing through the life of Jesus and beyond, it also makes sense that Jesus’ mission was the capstone of a great effort, and that his message of the inner Christ was delivered for the purpose of illumining all souls willing to receive it.


Understanding the Origins of Evil

Understanding evil and the origins of evil are essential to defeating it. The ascended masters explain the history of how evil came about and this helps neutralize one of the main weapons of evil, which is fear.


As a starting point, it helps to understand that are two types of evil: Human evil that exists in polarity with human good and then there is Absolute Evil which is a mindset of being anti-God. Human evil and human good exist only in the human domain because God created only Good. It was mankind that created the concepts of relative good and relative evil by entering into duality through the abuse of free will. Therefore, the statement that you cannot have good without evil is not true.

The ascended masters teach that the word “evil” is an acronym for “energy veil,” which can be thought of as a state of consciousness spun out of misguided thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions that deny a person’s conscience and can lead to harm. Witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, and crime are all examples of human evil that generate this kind of negative, harmful energy that can affect others. The book The Path of Christ or Antichrist by Mark L Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet nails down the definition of darkness, which is synonymous with evil, “Darkness is not merely the absence of Light, it is the misqualification of Light.” Endnote 9 The word “devil” is also an acronym and indicates an individual that “deifies evil,” a person that has made evil their god.

All energy has its origin in God, so there is no source somewhere churning out evil energy. Evil comes from someone willfully taking God’s energy and misusing it fulfill his or her own selfish and harmful aims rather than promoting God Good.

Absolute Evil is the product of individuals who hate God and have committed themselves to compete with or destroy God. And since God himself cannot be destroyed, they attack his plans and his sons and daughters. The following stories tell about specific individuals that descended into Absolute Evil through wrong decisions.


Lucifer was an archangel of great attainment who had served the Almighty even during the phase of Creation. The following paragraph from The Path of Christ or Antichrist tells how Lucifer and his legions began to move in a self-destructive direction. Endnote 10

     "The Luciferians, although they retained the concept of God-Good, had become competitive and ambitious through their misunderstanding of the transcendent nature of God, whereby each part of Life competes with itself in order to overcome and transcend its present level of accomplishment. Their attempt to introduce rivalry within the framework of God’s consciousness was the beginning of the energy veil that gradually separated them from their Creator."

Peshu Alga. The Prophets also describe the tragic situation of this man. His story is found in a divine document titled The Book of Life to which they were given access for the purpose of passing along this teaching. Endnote 11

     “…we read the story of Peshu Alga, the first individual in this solar system to fall from the high state of the consciousness of Good.

​     "Peshu Alga was a great and wise king and a graduate of the wisdom schools of the Brotherhood. But in a moment of grief over the death of his child, when God would not answer his pleas, he turned to the powers of Darkness to restore his child. Failing to ponder the Realities of immortality and the fact that the Lord’s silence is often his most articulate answer, Peshu Alga lost his reason and his soul. In his mind, Evil was conceived.


     "And so it is written of him in the Book of Life: “And this man thwarted Reason; entering into a personal sense of loss, he justified his actions. He no longer cared for his universal responsibilities. He determined that the universe should meet his demands—and if it would not, he would take the law into his own hands. His willful attempt to control the forces of nature brought about the uniting of his energies with the Luciferians.”


Lucifer and his legions took up the cause of Peshu Alga to seek retribution against God, and this formed a seed conspiracy of rebellion and darkness that led to the corruption of this planet and other worlds. Lucifer also refused to honor the offspring of God thinking himself to be superior to the Son, and therefore, in the sin of pride, he was unwilling to worship the Christ.


Lucifer and His Legions Are Cast Out of Heaven into the Earth. Revelation 12 tells the story of how Archangel Michael and his legions battled and defeated Lucifer and his forces and then cast them into the earth. This chapter also reveals how Lucifer and his other fallen angels (the great red dragon) came with great wrath knowing they have only a short time before the judgment. The book of Revelation clearly prophesises the attack that is upon the people of God: “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Rev. 12: 17)


Satan Selects Serpent to Beguile Eve. The ascended masters teach that Adam and Eve were part of a group of volunteers selected to help the Heavenly Hierarchy establish a path for souls who had already been compromised by evil to reconnect with their divine source. Adam and Eve came as divine beings with immortality and lived in the heaven world referred to as the Garden of Eden, which actually still exists in the Spirit realm of the planet.


All the volunteers were trained in God’s laws and were fully warned about the danger of the knowledge of good and evil. A stern warning was given to them because of the big difference between theoretical knowledge of the existence of good and evil and having actual mastery to resist both relative good, relative evil, and even Absolute Evil when they appear to be viable options to God Good. Adam and Eve had not yet developed this mastery and so the warning was given to protect them.  


Their situation was more subtle than we might think, as the teachings of the ascended masters explain. In the case of Eve, her temptation had to do with trying to solve the problem of rebellious souls not by reconnecting people to their divinity, as God intended, but by relying upon outer methods, perhaps such as hard work and their innate skills. Eve was also motivated by the appeal of accomplishing something for herself and gaining personal recognition. It was a case of having good intentions but doing something for the wrong reasons. Endnote 12

Satan, a lieutenant of Lucifer, selected the most cunning angel in his bands to beguile Eve. His actual name is Serpent. Serpent enticed Eve to follow her own will by downplaying the Word of the LORD using two related lies: “Ye shall not surely die” and “Ye shall be as gods.”


Adam accepted Eve’s decision to follow her own will rather than God’s. Their consciousness began a steady decline until they were no longer eligible to reside in the realms of heaven’s perfection. This relates to the statement about Adam and Eve being “naked.” As immortals, each of them had possessed garments of light that were a part of their identity. But this light gradually dissipated to finally reveal their degraded state of consciousness. The two of them and other volunteers caught up in the same lie were required to embody to work out their karma. Some of the fallen angels who had conspired against them were also forced to embody, which compounded the levels of darkness in the earth.

The Fall Opened the Door for Other Evolutions to Come to Earth

Because of the Fall, other evolutions were either allowed to come to earth as their new home or they came uninvited, on their own. This revelation from the ascended masters stretches our imagination and beliefs. But when these facts are considered with an open mind, they provide many missing pieces to the puzzle that is life in our world. As you learn about each of these evolutions, you may recognize their karmic patterns in peoples of various races because they continue to live here. And their signs can be clearly seen in the ranks of people that are driving the Conspiracy of Darkness today.


Laggards are souls who have “lagged” behind others in their soul evolution, some due to rebellion against God, some due to preoccupation with technology including genetic manipulation, and some due to hedonism, the inordinate pursuit of pleasure and sensuality. These souls came from civilizations on other planets; mainly from the planet Maldek whose remains make up the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Maldekians blew up their planet through a nuclear holocaust unleashed long ago by two factions that preferred planetary destruction to forgiving their enemies. They brought their vendettas to our planet and we see them being outplayed again, this time in the Middle East and elsewhere.


The apocryphal writing Prologue of the Sons of Jared records the efforts of fallen angels to introduce gross evil into society. Endnote 13 The Prologue attributes to Satan the onset of dividing people into factions based on popularity and competition and then leading groups into armed conflict. It describes the beginnings of the use of alcohol and drinking establishments to debase individuals and society. The forces of darkness first compromised the laggard evolutions that arrived from other planets and then used their misbehavior to seduce the people of God. Fallen angels also taught and promoted alluring music, dress, and body decorations to enhance sexual appeal that eventually led to debauchery and perversity. Fallen angels also introduced abortion to women so that there would be no offspring to care for as the result of their escapades.









Mechanization man is a name given to another type of laggard evolution that came to earth but were not invited. The fall of consciousness on earth made the people vulnerable to this kind of intruder. These were renegades that came in their spacecraft and successfully integrated with evolutions here because of their technological mastery. They and their offspring are soulless beings because they gave up the worship of God and instead worship themselves as demigods. Mechanization man idolizes the technology and genetic experimentation used to perpetuate their existence. They created a race of soulless biological automatons that are still here, mixed in with the population. These individuals are also referred to throughout the Bible as “the wicked,” such as David’s prayers asking the LORD to deliver him from the evil doer.





Because mechanization man came in spacecraft and subsequently formed a conspiracy with fallen angels based on their common goals, it is no wonder that forces within the U. S. government have done their best to conceal the existence of UFOs for decades. UFO sightings reveal the existence of alien civilizations and open mankind’s awareness to the larger story of God’s creation. The power elites are committed to confining the consciousness of the people of God to a small box and do everything they can to limit or deny enlightening truth. Unfortunately, some counter-movements that are trying to reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life on earth are mistakenly declaring alien beings to be entirely benign. This was not true in the distant past and is not true today. Truth can be a fine line.

Two Additional Groups of Angels Fell to Earth          These Through Lust

After the Fall, two additional groups of angels descended into incarnation to take wives with “the daughters of men.” The first was an order of angels that later came to be called “Nephilim” by the Hebrews, meaning “those that were cast down.” The ascended masters teach that the daughters of men who accommodated the lust of this group of angels were the offspring of Cain, the first-born child of Adam and Eve who murdered Abel. They also reveal that Cain was a laggard soul that came from Maldek and was born to Adam and Eve as the result of the fall of their consciousness. The name Cain means “acquisition.” So, because of their own rebellion, Adam and Eve acquired Cain as their son.


The offspring of this group of Nephilim inherited the powerful genes of angels, which set them apart from other inhabitants at the time. As a result, the female offspring of the Nephilim attracted a different group of angels called “Watchers” that were of an even higher order than the Nephilim. The duty of the Watchers had been to oversee the Christ purity of souls taking incarnation, a very high and holy calling.


Two hundred Watchers formed a group that willfully gave up their first estate in heaven for the purpose of cohabitating with these women, the object of their lust. Enoch, the seventh from Adam, wrote the details of this story in The Book of Enoch, even including the Watchers’ names. For example, Enoch wrote that the fallen Watcher Azazyel taught men to make swords, knives, shields, and breastplates and stirred men to conflict eventually leading to war and great bloodshed. Another Watcher, Amazarak, taught mankind sorcery.


The Book of Enoch predated the writing of Genesis and was carried forward through oral tradition until it was put into writing again in about 200 A. D. It is an important book to read for several reasons including the insight it provides into the workings of heaven. Endnote 15

Offspring of the Watchers Became Giants in the Earth

Apparently, due to the doubling up of angelic genes in the two generations of offspring, first the Nephilim and then the Watchers, the offspring of the Watchers developed into giants who brought terrible consequences to the people of God. The Book of Enoch recounts that it was difficult to satisfy the giant’s appetites when they grew to full stature, and so they ravaged the land and even resorted to cannibalism. These were godless, soulless beings with no conscience whatsoever, making them dangerous, destructive, and cruel.


We do not have clear evidence of how big these giants were when they were first created. In the Old Testament, the giant Goliath of Gath that fought David was 9 feet tall (6 cubits plus a span). Endnote 16

The height of Og, the king of a race of giants in Bashan who was slain by the Hebrews, was in the range of 10-12 ft tall and his bed was 14 feet long. We also have the description of the Anak, a race feared by the Hebrews because they felt “as grasshoppers” compared to them when fighting in battle. (Num. 13:33).


These episodes recorded in the Old Testament occurred thousands of years after the original giants first appeared and well after intermarriage with other races had reduced their size. It is reasonable to believe that the original giants stood somewhere in the range of 20 to 40 feet tall! They were very real yet their existence has carried down through the centuries only through fairy tales and mythology.


The Watchers and their progeny, both referred to today as Nephilim, continued to propagate and intermarry with other evolutions down through the ages. Their size was moderated but they still tend to be tall and formidable people who dominate as an evolution. Their characteristics are explained in the following paragraphs taken from The Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia under the subject of “Watchers.” Endnote 17

     Watchers. These fallen ones are with us today in positions of power in Church and State as prime movers in matters of war and finance, sitting in the banking houses and on policy-making councils that determine the actual fate of mankind by population control and genetic engineering, the control of energy and commodities, education and the media, and by ideological and psychopolitical strategies of divide and conquer on all fronts. They have been from the beginning the spoilers of the dream of God and man. This is an ancient conspiracy that is still with the mankind of earth and will be with us until children of the Light receive the true knowledge concerning the seed of the Wicked One and the seed of the son of God.

The Watchers are always the ones at the top and behind the scenes, and they consider themselves far superior to the Nephilim class. They consider themselves the superrich, the elite, having the highest and best genetic strain on the planet. There is no question that the Watchers consider themselves a different race—a different evolution separate from and having all the little people beneath them. They think that the little people exist only to be pawns in whatever game they happen to be playing.


     Nephilim. The Nephilim are a lower order of angels [than the Watchers], and they are the ones who frequent with laggards who have betrayed their Christhood. They are found more in the fields of science, genetic engineering, population manipulation, philosophy. They seek to control society through psychology, socialism, liberalism and other ideologies; whereas the Watchers are always found in positions of power in money, in law, in government and in the economy.


Note: At told by Enoch, the Watchers have already been judged by the Almighty but have been allowed to remain here, likely because of their interconnected karma with the people of God.


The Cause and Occurrence of the Great Flood

The catastrophic event of the Great Flood destroyed the artifacts that would have told us more about how and why a civilization was wiped from the surface of the earth. The Bible provides even fewer details than what is given for the story of Adam and Eve to explain the causes behind the Flood. The key statement in Genesis is: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Gen. 6:5).


The ascended masters teach that the statement about the “wickedness of man” was actually pointing to the evil of dark forces and not mankind itself. This is likely an example of how scripture has been modified to cover up the existence and evil of the fallen angels and transferring blame from the wicked ones to mankind. In the Bible, the term “wicked” always describes the actions of fallen angels and their offspring.


The various groups of fallen angels, laggards, and extraterrestrials described in previous material were encamped and active within civilization prior to the Flood. These were the evolutions that carried out their own unique, self-serving, and evil agendas to dominate, subjugate, and even destroy the people of God. This was the cause of cataclysm.


One of the main triggers of the Flood was the creation of ungodly, genetically engineered forms of life. We have been led to believe that creatures such as centaurs and satyrs only existed in mythology. However, these and other grotesque forms of life were made by scientists who violated the laws of God by combining animal and human genes. In their experimentation, scientists convinced some women to take genetic material into their wombs and give birth to monstrous forms of life including biological automatons used to do menial work and persons who had extra appendages such as tails, feathers, or wings. Endnote 18

In his book, Edgar Casey on Atlantis, the famed clairvoyant gave many readings that give clues to the nature of life on Atlantis including references to these mis-creations, referred to as “things.” The title of his book leads to another essential chapter in this story, because as the ascended masters also teach, Atlantis was the land mass destroyed by the Flood.


Noah lived on Atlantis

The existence of Atlantis is another truth that needs to be uncovered in the story of the conspiracy of dark forces. Many people have heard about Atlantis and seen TV documentaries about it, but historians and archeologists have successfully derided the “lost continent” as a myth and kept it in the shadows.  Denial of Atlantis as the “lost continent” needs to end because the history of this ancient land reveals many of the causes of the current socio-political warfare occurring in the United States.

The patterns of the fallen angels during this period of ancient history carried down to the present day: fallen angels established the fallen consciousness as a baseline for civilization and successfully lured many souls into their camp. The sullen, severe, jaded look of the “beautiful people” we see in all the glamour magazines that is admired and emulated is one of the looks owned by the fallen ones.


Their light has been cut off, but they retain a glittery magnetism that enables them to steal light from the people of God who mistakenly idolize them and thereby feed them energy. Many famous rock stars are fallen angels who continue to thrive by living on light stolen through rock music, wealth, and the thralldom of their fans.

Jaded couple -495523510_edited.jpg

This is an example of the sullen, jaded look of the so-called "beautiful people" promoted through the media. The body language and attire of the woman conveys the vibration of the fallen feminine aspect.

The book, The Soulless One, written by Mark L. Prophet is an excellent expose´of these beings. Endnote 14 

Their influence can be seen in the promotion of transhumanism and in the mindset of scientists who propose moving mankind to another planet because Earth is being wasted. Mechanization man ruined their home planets and moved on and so they propose the same approach again because it has worked for them before. They cannot conceive that God can heal an entire planet through his people if they would live in harmony with the laws of the universe. Mechanization man created and led tyrannical forms of government and financial systems in the past. They are at work in these arenas today.

UFO fleet-842606500_edited.jpg

Atlantis was an advanced civilization that experienced repetitive cycles of flourishing during a golden age, declining into a period of strife, and rising again. This occurred over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. Teachings that originated with the Theosophical Society tell how Atlantis experienced three periods of cataclysm, the third being the final collapse into the Atlantic Ocean of the remaining group of islands that had once been part of a vast continent. This event is what was recorded as the Great Flood.


The name “Atlantis” was coined by Plato. He learned about the continent from a prominent Greek statesman and philosopher named Solon, who had traveled to Egypt to study records about an ancient continent that had existed outside the circle of Mediterranean civilization. Solon’s information included the year of the sinking of Atlantis, which in our current calendar corresponds to the date 9,564 B. C.


Artist Ariel Bessemer’s Conception of a City on Atlantis During a Golden Age

The ascended masters teach that Noah and his family lived on Atlantis. It was there that the LORD told him to build an ark to save him and his family and to ensure the divine seed (genetic traits of the Universal Christ passed down from Adam) continued to propagate in succeeding generations. Noah was also instructed to take some animals into the ark for domestication along with other animals that had been created by Atlantian scientists using segments of human genes. This second group of animals also needed to be saved so that the light energy unlawfully invested in their genes could eventually be retrieved.


Edgar Cayce’s readings reveal that an ongoing moral-social-political battle occurred on Atlantis during its last years in which the forces of darkness known to Atlantians as the “Sons of Belial” fought for control and dominance over the “Sons of the Law of the One.” The Sons of Belial promoted the classic self-destructive behaviors of debauchery, mind altering drugs, destructive music, and perverse genetic engineering. They apparently also had developed weapons that could break apart land masses. Endnote 19

In the ascended master teachings, Belial is recognized as a fallen angel that fell after Lucifer. His sons were known to have taken incarnation, appearing over the ages to “corrupt the perfection of the soul of man and obscure the divine image.” Endnote 20 Details in Casey’s readings corroborate teachings from the ascended masters.

In the Heavenly Hierarchy, a masterful being of the Angelic Kingdom named “Servatus” witnessed the darkness on Atlantis and gives the following testimony:


     "Science reached a great crescendo of materialism and mechanization. People became more and more dependent upon the scientists of the day who had their instruction from the laggards who came from Maldek, from the fallen ones and from the Luciferians.


     "And therefore, the science of genetics and the manipulation of the DNA chain was in advance of that which it is today. And today’s scientists are just beginning to touch on the records that were in the laboratories of Atlantis that caused such a degeneration of consciousness and of body and such a proliferation of perverted forms and the cross-breeding of all types of animal life with human life so as to ultimately find the decree of the LORD God in the flood of Noah and in the sinking of that continent." Endnote 21

Most Americans Previously Incarnated on Atlantis

Both Cayce and the ascended masters state that a majority of the population of the United States was embodied on Atlantis at one time or another. This is why it is important for Americans to know something about Atlantean history. Americans bear a karma for having been a part of that civilization and need to learn the lessons of its earlier glory and final downfall so that a similar outcome does not occur again in the USA or elsewhere.

During his career, Edgar Cayce gave many readings for Americans and these often refer to  Atlantean incarnations. These readings reveal that many of the Sons of the Law of the One on Atlantis knew years in advance that the continent was coming to an end and so emigrated to Egypt, the Iberian Peninsula, or what is now the Yucatan Peninsula. The ascended masters tell how adepts, before the deluge, transferred spiritual focuses on Atlantis to Egypt and the region that is now Romania.


Many sources, including geological evidence, show that water did not cover the entire surface of the planet as the result of the Flood. It is certain there was torrential rain and rising flood waters, but the end came when the remaining islands of Atlantis plunged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Reduction of Individual Energy and Lifetime

The Flood destroyed the giants and other miscreations and put an end to a civilization gone wrong. At the same time, the divine decree went forth that the life span of a man would be reduced to 120 years. (Gen. 6:3) This would be a very long life for a person living today, so we probably do not think much about it. But, considering that Noah lived to be 950 years old, the reduction was a game changer for incarnation.


The purpose of reducing the life span was to limit the amount of negative karma an individual could make during an incarnation. This change was accomplished by diminishing the amount of spiritual light energy that flows daily to a person to sustain their life though what is known as the “crystal cord.” (See the section below titled “The Chart of Your Divine Self” for more information). The reduction in flow automatically had the intended effect of shortening the life span. Apparently, as in the case of Noah, the reduction did not occur for persons living at the time but applied to succeeding generations.  


Zecharia Sitchin and Ancient Sumer

Researcher and author Zecharia Sitchin mastered the reading of ancient cuneiform tablets from the Sumerian civilization that arose relatively suddenly in the area of Mesopotamia at the end of the Stone Age, about 4,500 B. C. Sitchin published his remarkable findings in a series of popular books, such as The 12th Planet. He postulates that the Sumerian civilization made rapid advances in writing, construction, metallurgy, textiles, medicine, and other fields because it was founded by an extraterrestrial race from a distant planet where such skills had been previously mastered and were brought when these visitors migrated to earth in spacecraft.


Sitchin can be congratulated for his extraordinary research which revealed physical evidence of some of the influences extraterrestrials have had upon this planet. However, he also proposes that the founders of Sumer were also the creators of mankind, and this is at odds with cosmic law and cosmic history. The upper echelons of the Sumerians relied upon spaceships to travel from place to place while the Spirit of God has no such dependence. And the bickering, promiscuity, and competition between the elites of Sumer were far from divine, as was their weakness for beer!


Sitchin found Sumerian records telling of a time when a worker race was created as a workforce to mine ores. “Birth goddesses” were employed to deliver a new type of human that was strong and obedient. This is an example of genetic engineering that occurred on a regional level and was not the origin of mankind.


The ascended masters acknowledge that such genetic engineering has occurred on earth. Both extraterrestrials and fallen angels have created “counterfeit” races to do their bidding, and in some cases, to intentionally reduce the intelligence and spiritual sensitivity of mankind through intermingling of the races.


Humanity is not the product of extraterrestrials or others that have tried to usurp the role of the Creator. This planet hosts a very diverse population of people not from the same origin. But one thing is certain, the sons and daughters of God and the children of God originated in the heart of God and their legacy is nothing like these counterfeit creations that are still be incarnating.


Another noteworthy event revealed by Sitchin’s research occurred when the extraterrestrial rulers of Sumer concluded that the population of their primitive workers had grown beyond expectations and they decided to reduce their numbers by introducing sickness, disease, and then starvation. These same attitudes and approaches are evident today in the actions of the self-appointed rulers of the Conspiracy of Darkness who believe they have the right to determine what the population of Earth should be. We are seeing again the use of biowarfare, control of farming, production, and distribution to attempt to threaten and restrict populations.


The Battle Continued During the Mission of Jesus

The Heavenly Hierarchy that oversees efforts to emancipate mankind worked with the people of God throughout the period of the Old Testament prophets and the time of Jesus. Jesus’ mission was the capstone of an effort to restore souls to their divine relationship with God. Besides sponsoring the Hebrews as a unique people, the hierarchy sent other teachers to places around the world, such as Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Zarathustra, and Mohammad to bring spiritual truth, help raise consciousness, and establish many pathways back to God.

Conflict between the people of God and fallen ones continued after the Flood showing that the underlying problem was not completely solved. Even so, conditions for the people of God were greatly improved after the Flood compared to what they had been during the last days of Atlantis.


Clash Against Giants.   The twelve tribes of Israel clashed with numerous groups of giants around Canaan, including the Anak previously mentioned. Joshua and his army fought successfully against giants and the LORD typically instructed him to order his troops to kill every man, woman, and child in their settlements because these people were the descendants of the godless offspring of the Watchers.


Elijah Challenges Baal.  Prior to the lifetime of Elijah the prophet, many Hebrews drifted away from their religion and joined the followers of Baal. The ascended masters identify Baal and his wife, Anat, as fallen angels. Elijah is instructed to challenge the priests of Baal to show to the people that the God of Israel is the real God. The outcome is one of the most remarkable stories in the Old Testament in its demonstration of the immediacy and power of the Almighty that routed the false priests. (1 Kings 18)


Jesus and John the Baptist Call Out Vipers.   Both Jesus and John the Baptist confronted fallen ones in their mission together. The ascended masters teach that both of them knew that the individuals in the Jewish hierarchy they called “vipers” were reincarnated fallen ones from the bands of Serpent, the fallen angel that misled Eve. These vipers incarnated at the same time as Jesus to oppose and destroy him. John challenged Herod for the wickedness and evil of his household knowing what the personal consequence would be. John successfully established the message of repentance as preparation for the coming of the messiah, so his mission was done. Teachings indicate that Herod represented the council of the fallen Watchers.


Jesus’ statement, “For judgment I am come into this world….” made it clear that one of the fundamental goals of his mission was to bring judgment upon the fallen ones, who claimed to “see” and be the truth but were ravening wolves inside. (John 9: 39) The ascended masters reveal that Jesus allowed himself to be crucified to fulfill prophecy and thereby activate the final judgment upon the specific reincarnated fallen ones who were dedicated to destroying the Christ.

The Conspiracy of Evil in the 21st Century

The preceding biblical and secular evidence clearly establishes that vicious forces have thwarted God’s benevolent plans for mankind throughout recorded history. Since there is no evidence that the tyranny of fallen angels was ever completely overturned, there is no reason not to believe that the threats to freedom and liberty we see today are the work of the very same evil doers who have been active for many thousands of years.


The Heavenly Hierarchy works tirelessly to counteract darkness, but it can only do so much when mankind by free will has tolerated and even embraced many aspects of fallen civilization. The fallen angels have exponentially expanded their influences today through TV, movies and entertainment, social media, fantasy video games, pornography, illegal drugs, elections, banking systems, government, and more to trap and control populations. Just as in the past, the people of God are allowing themselves to be lured into self-destructive behaviors that subvert their higher aspirations, hopes, and dreams.


What Are the Signs Fallen Angels and Their Allies are Active Today?

The effects of dark forces in our society are so prevalent that it would be much easier to answer the question, “Where are the influences of fallen angels not evident in our civilization today?” Yet even this question cannot be easily answered because the fallen consciousness penetrates every level of our being down to the core of how we think, who we believe we are, and our perception of the goal of life.


The ascended masters indicate that the majority of the population of the United States lives under a veil of illusion and self-deception. Most people are either so preoccupied with their own lives or programmed not to question what they are told, that they do not see what is happening right before their eyes. Thankfully, some people are fully awake and others are waking up to challenge the evil around us.


As we review elements of the fallen consciousness that have been woven into civilization, remember that the goal of the ascended masters is saving souls and nations. They point out the dangers of addictions and self-destructive lifestyles to educate and help people extricate themselves from practices that lead to the subversion and death of the soul. They do not criticize, condemn, or coerce anyone for their choices but rather warn them of the consequences of the wrong use of God’s energy. They bow to the right of the individual to make decisions based upon his or her own free will.


For starters, consider the following five conditions that are examples of how deeply the fallen consciousness dominates the world. Each situation was created over the long term by the fallen angels and their allies to control the people of God. The ascended masters reveal that the fallen ones plan and carry out their strategies over the time frame of centuries, not years and decades. These examples show the scope of the total problem and are evidence that we are dealing with Absolute Evil and not mere human evil or happenstance.


Peoples Republic of China Ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

  • Tragically, 1.4 billion Chinese live in a suffocating totalitarian dictatorship.

  • The CCP denies citizens freedom of speech, worship, assembly, and expression.

  • China is attempting to overtake the U. S. as the most dominant nation in the world. If they are successful in doing so, the result would be the establishment of a totalitarian superstate that would be worse than anyone can imagine.

  • China aggressively subverts peoples and nations that oppose the will of the CCP.

  • China carries out genocide against Uyghur population, imprisons and tortures Christians and Falun Gong practitioners, and harvests organs from prisoners to sell them in the Chinese transplant market.



Background comment: Since abortion has been promoted as a woman’s right, this comment is added to help anyone that has been misled by attempts to justify the procedure. The ascended masters explain that the karma of abortion is comparable to the karma of murder. It is important for anyone that has had an abortion to understand that God does forgive the error of abortion when it is forsaken, and the karma of the act can be balanced through service to life.

  • Enoch revealed that fallen angels originated abortion to eliminate having to care for offspring produced by their sexual escapades.

  • Abortion creates a burdensome karma for the woman and anyone that supported or carried it out. Generally, such a karma requires the woman to provide a life-giving opportunity in a future incarnation to the very soul whose life was terminated. The ascended masters warn that the continued practice of abortion on demand will lead to cataclysm.

  • Abortion is promoted by the fallen ones as a means of population reduction and to keep souls from having the opportunity to take incarnation and fulfill their missions.

  • Reincarnation is a cornerstone of God’s plan for soul evolution. Abortion subverts that plan and has interrupted cosmic cycles.


UN, World Health Organization (WHO), and Work Economic Forum (WEF)

  • The UN created their Agenda 2030 as a plan that sounds benign but given the nature of elites and socialists that promote it, it is likely their roadmap for establishing a one world government. A person only needs to look at Communist China to see what the power elite are trying to create worldwide. For example, Klaus Schwab, the founder of WEF, openly honors the president of China, Xi Jinping, as a model leader. He raved about China’s severe Covid lock down as the way a pandemic should be handled.

  • The UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Goals include policies to sexualize children through the public schools, including teaching toddlers to masturbate, helping elementary students to have sex partners, and promoting the guideline that a child should have his or her full sexual experience starting at the age of 9 years old. These policies are being implemented in some European countries and at least one instance has appeared in the United States. The stated goal of these policies is the reduction of worldwide population; the logic being that people will be so caught up with diverse sexual activities that sexual intercourse for the purpose of procreation will be minimized. The unstated goal of these policies is likely to promote pedophilia to satisfy the perverse sexual appetites of elites engaged in fallen lifestyles. Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, is a strong supporter of pedophilia. Endnote 22

  • Bill Gates, a major supporter of the WHO, suggested in a Ted Talk in 2010 that world population growth expected to rise from 6.8 billion people at that time to 9 billion over the next couple of decades could be reduced by 10-15% through health care, reproductive services, and vaccines. Based upon Gate’s priorities, observers consider that by “health care and reproductive services” he means abortion. He didn’t explain how vaccines entered into his suggestion, but logic points to vaccines that either directly cause fatalities or lead to infertility in the vaccinated.

  • The WHO is promoting changes in its charter that would give it worldwide control and dictatorial powers over national public health agencies when it comes to health emergencies and pandemics. This is a dangerous proposition considering the fact that leadership of the WHO is strongly controlled by the CCP.

  • Transhumanism is a nightmare mindset for the people of God yet a technological dream of those who want to turn the human body into a biological, computerized machine, supposedly better than God created. This is the stated goal of WEF promoter Yuval Noah Harari, a professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and others who are caught up in the movement. This is a counterfeit method to achieve eternal life rather than by following the spiritual path back to reunion with God. The path of transhumanism appears to be a desperate attempt by fallen angels and mechanization man to find a means to extend their existence, because they have cut themselves off from God and see their end approaching. The way out, they may believe, is to transfer their identity and consciousness to biological/mechanical bodies. And by promoting such a goal, they try to fool the sons and daughters of God to follow them in their ungodly experiment.



  • Evidence shows that the Covid 19 pandemic was completely planned. For example, a tabletop exercise titled “Event 201” hosted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security in New York for a hypothetical corona virus pandemic was carried out just 6-months before the pandemic. This was likely a dress rehearsal to tell compliant national public health agencies what was coming and coordinate their preparations for mask mandates and lockdowns. In addition, the Sars covi-2 virus was thoroughly patented years before the pandemic; work on vaccines for the specific virus began months before the pandemic started.

  • The pandemic virus, Sars covi-2, has clear signs it was genetically modified in a way that enabled it to enter human cells. Scientists have identified that the “Ferin-cleavage” was spliced into the virus structure to gain entry to the human body. Endnote 23

  • The spike protein of the Covid-19 virus was the primary characteristic selected to induce antibody production by the human body through new vaccines. In April 2020, a laboratory with the Institute of France, Academy of Sciences analyzed the Covid-19 spike protein and revealed that its structure closely resembles snake venom. The question is, “Why would a vaccine be designed to replicate in the body a substance as toxic as snake venom unless the actual goal was to induce the very conditions that are occurring in the vaccinated, such as blood clots, myocarditis, and sudden death?” The conflict between woman and the serpent described in Genesis seems prophetic of this discovery that venom-like substances are being used in mRNA genetic experimentation. Endnote 24

  • An article published in August 2021 by researchers at the University of Arizona described the substance that was killing the Covid-19 patients they studied to be “Like venom coursing through the body.” Endnote 25 A question that needs to be answered is, “Was the Covid-19 virus genetically engineered to have the capacity, first, to enter human cells, and second, to release spike protein that has the same effects as snake venom upon the human body?”

  • In the U.S., data from vaccine injuries and deaths has been aggressively suppressed by the CDC, FDA and liberal media while vaccines continue to be promoted as “safe and effective.”

  • No specific safety studies were completed for children and pregnant women by the vaccine companies before vaccines were recommended for these segments of the population. Data from the Dept. of Defense shows that miscarriage rates for women in the military increased 300% after the Covid vaccines were required for service. Endnote 26 Dr. Kimberly Biss, an OBGYN practitioner in Tampa Bay, Florida documents an increase in miscarriages and stillbirths in her area following the introduction of the Covid vaccines. A base rate of 4% of pregnancies that was typical prior to and up to 2020 climbed to 8% in 2021, 16% in early 2022, and reached 25% in December 2022. Endnote 27

  • Tens of thousands of scientists and medical doctors signed the Great Barrington Declaration released in October 2020 declaring that the lockdowns, school shutdowns, and vaccine and mask mandates implemented were misguided and harmful public health practices for a pandemic. Endnote 28


The United States

The Biden administration is advancing a socialist, climate change-oriented agenda. Many world class scientists and energy experts have exposed the carbon dioxide driven climate change theory as a hoax. Endnote 29 The Biden Administration is also aligned with the “Great Reset” ideology through its “Build Back Better” program. Biden et. al. supports the WHO takeover of international medical emergencies and pandemics.

  • Federal agencies such as the Dept. of Justice and the FBI are using bullying tactics to suppress political opposition.

  • Foreigners have been empowered to illegally stream into the country putting difficult economic and security burdens upon states and communities.

  • The White House colluded with Big Media to stifle free speech and counteract the sharing of truthful information regarding the Covid pandemic.

  • The Biden administration has suppressed the petroleum industry resulting in high gasoline prices and financial burden. At the same time, the administration is forcing the switch to electric vehicles before needed infrastructure is in place. A switch to electric cars favors Communist China due to its unique resources and advanced battery manufacturing industry.

War on Life, Beauty, Happiness, and Love Itself

The forces of darkness have developed intricate and far reaching strategies and tactics to attempt to thwart the people of God. These constitute a war on life itself and all of its wonderful attributes, such as beauty, happiness, joy, and love. Evil cannot thrive in an environment of love and so all of the many facets of love, especially pure, holy love, are being attacked. And the attack is upon each one of us as a person and a soul, and against the family unit, communities, nations, and the cohesiveness of civilization.


Another important element to be aware of in the war against the soul is the fact that the fallen angels live off the light energy they steal from the people of God. The light energy expended in war, murder, suicide, rape, and abuse is literally harvested by fallen ones and their demons to sustain their continued existence. So, for example, when a toddler is molested in pedophilia, the very life energy of that soul is being stolen and utilized by the perpetrator.


The same is true when a soul is attacked by dark forces and driven to suicide or when demons invade a person’s consciousness through the portal of anger and manipulate him or her to take a gun and commit mass murder. The demons revel in and absorb the light energy released by the carnage and spilling of blood. It is not an exaggeration to say that stolen spiritual energy is the currency of the forces of darkness.


Remember the statement in scripture, “And God saw everything he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” (Gen. 1:31) The matrix of life given by God to man and woman was very good, which means none of the darkness we see is natural. The evil we see in the following conditions is the product of the fallen angels, their allies, and their wickedness.


Please do not let yourself be burdened as you review the previously described or following difficult conditions the fallen ones have put upon the people of God. The goal here is to help us recognize how seriously souls and civilization have been oppressed by the fallen ones. Let any and all fear and foreboding that might come upon you be lifted by the fact that this is time God has ordained for us to do something about tyranny, with his unfailing help. 


First Strategy of Evil: Attack the Individual and Soul

Background comment:  Due to the Fall and mankind’s rebellion against divine laws, the feminine aspect of identity was compromised and immortality was lost. This feminine aspect is what we refer to as the soul. The Heavenly Hierarchy established a path for souls to redeem themselves through incarnation in physical form and balancing the karma of rebellion by working to restore the divine connection and reunite with the Higher Self. The Higher Self is explained later in this article.


Everyone who is incarnated on earth today and souls awaiting reincarnation are working on redemption. The soul is a deep reflection of a person’s divine nature and it is aware of its prior incarnations. The outer self is usually governed by the human ego and personality and has no memory of incarnations because these memories are intentionally blocked to help the person concentrate on their current lifetime.


The fallen angels are fully aware of the dilemma of the soul and try to do everything in their power to stop it from advancing. Here are some of their tactics:


  • Conceal the identity of the soul as the living potential of God.


  • Promote fixation on the outer personality rather than the soul and Higher Self.


  • Introduce and promote addictive substances to weaken and destroy the body as the temple of the soul.


Background comment:   It is important to understand that our God is merciful and that he forgives a soul for an error when that error is forsaken and forgiveness is sincerely implored. We are all deeply in need of mercy and forgiveness because we have mistakenly emulated the ways of the fallen ones and their causes. Therefore, if any of the following behaviors have been a problem for you, consider changing course and casting them out of your life. Ask for God’s forgiveness and strength to overcome self-defeating patterns. Be quick to forgive yourself and others. This will take spiritual work and the support of friends and family. Obtaining the help of a therapist to work through traumatic conditions can also make an important difference in your efforts.

Alcohol. How many millions of lives have been ruined by the abuse of alcohol? The Book of the Sons of Jared describes how alcohol and drinking establishments were introduced ages ago by Satanic forces to have exactly the effect they have today. Endnote 30 Medical science shows that within minutes of consumption, alcohol starts to deaden the area of the brain that governs self-control and inhibitions. This is what leads to outbreaks of anger and misbehavior. Endnote 31

A certain maker of adult beverages describes one of their products as “wicked good.” This is the way the fallen consciousness tries to convert a term such as “wicked,” which has a clear connotation of evil, into something that is good and desirable.


Marijuana and hashish. The ascended masters reveal that the marijuana plant was developed by the fallen angels thousands of years ago to entrap people through a drug that induces a euphoria that mimics a state of higher awareness but often leads to one or more bad outcomes. The drug THC debilitates a person by sapping and squandering the creative energy a soul needs to accomplish its mission.


Many other legal and illegal drugs, such as opioids, fentanyl, tobacco and vaping, cocaine, and methamphetamine, are an attack upon the soul while the sale of these toxic substances profit organized crime and corporate supporters.


Big Pharma. The book, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert J. Kennedy, Jr., reveals the massive problem the pharmaceutical industry is today. The glaring fact that errors in drug prescriptions and administration is the third leading cause of death in the United States should be enough to shake awake the entire population of the country. The number of deaths from therapeutic medication errors in 2000 was 218,000 putting it below only the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer. Endnote 32 Big Pharma has displaced the traditional practice of medicine with a multitude of drugs, many of which are dangerous due to serious side effects.


Drug protocols have become the standard treatment for the majority of diseases and override a physician’s training, intuition, and options for treating a patient. Big Pharma has become a power unto itself using its economic and political clout to influence and even dominate public health agencies (FDA and CDC) and legislative decisions regarding drug approvals and regulations. Lawsuits that challenge such abuse of power and accuse these industries of “crimes against humanity” (related to the Covid pandemic) are working their way through the courts. Hopefully, justice will prevail.


Suicide. The fallen angels committed spiritual suicide when they rebelled against God and gave up their place and role in heaven. Now, through the media, they popularize and justify suicide as an acceptable way to deal with the tough challenges of karma. Suicide is never an acceptable option. God always gives a person a reasonable way out of any predicament. Suicide is often connected to a history of drug abuse.


  • Introduce and promote self-destructive lifestyles.

Homosexuality and lesbianism. These practices were created long ago by incarnated fallen angels for sexual gratification. They violate the laws of God. The ascended masters teach that every soul, in one incarnation or another, has had exposure to these practices and some level of participation. A person who may feel an affection for a person of the same gender may mistakenly think that “God made me this way” and may start to identify with being a homosexual or lesbian. Such a feeling is likely a record from a past life that is coming to the surface to give the person an opportunity in their current life to decisively reject and overcome these practices once and for all.


The ascended masters teach that the misuse of the sacred fire through oral sex and homosexuality was one of the causes of the expulsion of mankind from the Garden of Eden. Endnote 33 A person who remains involved in a homosexual or lesbian relationship is not eligible for the ascension at the conclusion of his or her life. Both of these practices make serious karma for the soul and interfere with reunion with God.


Transgenderism. Over the course of development, a soul will incarnate in both male and female bodies at different times to gain mastery of each gender. A person’s gender in any given lifetime is determined long before the soul takes incarnation based upon the most important karmic issues the soul needs to work on. The gender, identity of the parents, and optimum life plan is communicated to the soul before birth.


This being the case, the introduction of transgenderism in society is clearly a ploy calculated by the fallen ones to disrupt souls from their divine plan and create negative karma for the soul by enmeshing it in gender confusion through the mistaken belief that “God made a mistake by assigning me to the wrong gender.” Trying to change gender is an act of rebellion and separates the soul further from God.


All of the transgender practices, including gender affirming care, promotion of gender fluidity, sex change surgery, puberty blockers, and hormone treatments, are perverse and subvert the soul’s divine plan.


  • Create and promote preoccupation with sex, violence, and fantasy through TV, ungodly movies, harmful music, advertising, and video games. People are desensitized and programmed through popular media.


Pornography. This can easily become a preoccupation and addiction that leads to the condition where sexual activity becomes a major goal of a person’s life and competes with higher aspirations. Pornography destroys the innate holiness of the image of man and woman and subverts the purity of the soul.


A divine energy called the “sacred fire” is released during sexual intercourse and masturbation. When this God-given creative energy is squandered in recreational sex, it is no longer available as the inner drive to pursue career, projects, and service to life. It is important for youth to be raised up with the right understanding of human sexuality and its appropriate role in their lives. The divine understanding of sexual intercourse is that it is a sacred ritual that should be restricted to married life. 


  • Popularize worthless distractions that consume time and energy, such as preoccupation with social media, that is not creative and does not build character.


You can access descriptions of other strategies used by the fallen ones to subvert the people of God by clicking on one of the following links.


How is the Attack on Civilization Coordinated?

Some people have a hard time believing that there is a coordinated attack upon civilization because it is difficult to understand how such a war could be so effectively conducted. We have to start with the point that there is undeniable evidence that a coordinated conspiracy is at work, and on a massive scale. Just because the methods are not obvious does not justify dismissing the idea that a conspiracy exists. It is a matter of looking deeper.


Take the “plandemic” for example. Several experts, researchers, and investigative journalists, including Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, David Martin, PhD., Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mikki Willis, researcher David Sorensen, and others have studied the events of the Covid pandemic and have been able to explain in detail how the event was carried out by self-declared elites allied with governmental agencies and corporations supported by mass media. There are still unanswered questions, but it is clear the plandemic was the product of decades of planning and not a spontaneous, unexpected outbreak of a virus that emerged from nature.


Notable historians and researchers have documented the ways family dynasties, such as the Medicis, Hapsburgs, Rothchilds, and Rockefellers, have deeply influenced the development of civilization as they pursued power-grabbing, self-serving goals. These powerful families have been key players in the Conspiracy of Darkness. History is the witness.


When evidence about the nefarious influences of fallen angels and their allies is added to the picture, it is clear to see how the conspiracy has accomplished its reign of tyranny. Before moving on to new information, let us review the pieces of the puzzle that have been missing but now are found because the ascended masters have revealed them to us. In summary:


  • Fallen angels of various orders declared war against the Kingdom of God. Many fallen ones were cast out of heaven and required to incarnate as their karmic penalty. Because they are angels and had knowledge of many of the mysteries of God, they have used advanced knowledge about the creation to attack the Divine Manchild (Christ) in the people of God.


  • The reality of reincarnation explains much of this cosmic drama. Armageddon is a fight to rescue souls from the fallen consciousness perpetuated by fallen angels and their allies. It was never a part of God’s plan that a soul would have only a single incarnation. The goal of the soul is to learn and demonstrate elements of God’s consciousness, master them, and essentially become God in manifestation according to the soul’s unique divine plan. This process takes time and effort and even when conditions are ideal, such as in the early ages following the creation of the earth, it requires a minimum of fourteen incarnations.


  • The warfare of the fallen angels has interfered with soul evolution, resulting in souls regressing rather than progressing in attainment. So, instead of a dozen or so incarnations, soul evolution and development has extended hundreds or thousands of lifetimes for the average person. Since souls incarnate again and again, the fallen angels use their own attainment to track individual souls, learn their weaknesses, and use that information in attack them. Fallen angels also continue to incarnate and rather than progressing to reunion with God, they become more adept at thwarting souls and they carry their momentum of darkness with them.


  • Some fallen angels did not incarnate and remain in lower realms of the heaven world. This means they are hidden from mankind but are still able to wage war from their level, such as by planning and coordinating the means of attack to be carried out by incarnated fallen angels and others.


  • It is likely that a large percentage of the people involved in the lower levels of the conspiracy are not consciously aware that their causes are inspired or led by fallen angels. These people may be committed to an idealistic purpose, motivated to advance their career, or simply want to make money. And so, they unwittingly join a movement that appears to be benevolent and are unaware that the leadership has nefarious goals.

End of summary.

The Fallen Watchers Continue to Be Major Players in the Conspiracy of Darkness

The following information about the Watchers is taken from a message that the ascended master Enoch delivered in 1981 through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The entire message is published in the Pearls of Wisdom by The Summit Lighthouse and is available online free of charge. Endnote 34

I include Enoch’s personal witness because there is no other way for us to understand how this conspiracy operates at the highest levels. Although the power elites expose themselves here and there, such as when they promote pedophilia or praise the CCP, they continue to conceal their interconnectedness most of the time.

Enoch is a real person that encountered the Watchers face to face when he was incarnated ages ago. Now, as an ascended master, he is fully aware of their subsequent misdeeds on earth. He explains that the great day of Judgment and the second death for the evil doers is a necessity because, as he says, the “creations of men and the multiplication of mechanization man and the inbreeding of the Watchers and the Nephilim with this creation cannot endure.”

A Statement by the Ascended Master Enoch

     “Thus, beloved hearts, even those proud spirits who are cast into outer darkness continue to exist in outer darkness. And therefore much of planet Earth has become that state of astral existence—outer darkness itself. And you can enter quarters where you may be convinced that even in the physical octave you are dwelling in the depths of hell itself. And it is so because of the auras of these Watchers described as “clouds.” (Jude 12)

     “These clouds, I am certain you understood, are vibrating forcefields of energy that have this magnitude of the light left over from this angelic evolution which they had before they fell and before they were judged. Thus, beloved, these forcefields of magnetism are extensive. And therefore they influence. And therefore they have an attraction of the silvery substance of the moon and the moon consciousness that is a part of the Nephilim. And these vibrating forcefields are able to influence entire cities and nations.

     “Not very many fallen ones or Watchers can actually hold the consciousness of millions of people in their grip, [that is, “It does not take very many fallen ones or Watchers to hold the consciousness of millions of people in their grip”] especially their own slave race which they have positioned here and there among the races of men. Realize, then, that such influence is indeed ungodly.

     “Remember those who were the leaders who fell are listed as having been two hundred in number. And the propagation of their seed is now everywhere on the earth. And there are many that are in the streams of all of the races; and they are considered as second- and third- and fourth-generation Watchers, but nevertheless each has the interconnectedness with these forcefields of their auras described as clouds. You can look over the large cities of the earth and see these floating grids and forcefields ….

     “Now I point out whence cometh these mass entities—floating grids and forcefields where there are clinging every form of demon and foul spirit who come forth and emanate from the Watchers themselves. For, astrally speaking, they give birth to those demons even without physical manifestation. Therefore you may see, as a very immediate example, the recent attention of the people of this city [Los Angeles] to the crime wave. This murderous intent of Satan and his ministers proceeds directly from the Watchers and from this lineage of descent.

     “Have you noticed, blessed hearts, that the best of the people of light on earth have not been able to check terrorism abroad or the increase of crime in the United States? By the aura of Archangel Gabriel, terrorism has been stayed to a certain extent in America. But the crime of murder is due to the tolerance of the people, in their very midst, of leaders who appear on the outer as having great eminence but are whited sepulchres themselves. And it is their forcefields, unbeknownst to the many, that are the generating centers for the insane crime, the sudden murder, even the murder of an entire family and then of the self, in suicide, of the perpetrator of that crime occurring on Christmas Day when the Watchers do multiply the force of Satanic rite.

[Added note: Prior to the message by Enoch, the messenger read to the congregation the following news item about an event that occurred four days earlier: A 35-year-old Navy commander shot and killed his estranged wife, 11-year-old son, and brother-in-law as they slept in the officer’s home near San Diego, California, early Christmas Day. He then walked into his own room and killed himself with the same revolver.]

     “Blessed hearts, did you not hear in the reading that these fallen ones and the Watchers are concealed from the people and appear only in the hours of the slaughter of the people?—and, until those hours, they appear to be respectable members of society. Of course, they see to it that they are never implicated in crime. But lesser manifestations, the robot creation, the insane, the embodied evil spirits, and even now and then a child of the light gone astray through chemicals, through drugs, through manipulation becomes the instrument of these vast—and I use the word vast specifically to describe the interconnected forcefields of the Watchers.

     “You see, therefore, that the cooperation of the fallen ones as heads of state, in the community of international bankers, in the manipulation of the economy and education is almost as though it were conducted as an orchestra. Well, it need not be because, you see, the very brain waves of these computerized automatons, abiding in the bodies that still bear resemblance to the giants of those days, simply send their thought waves. And they register simultaneously with a simultaneous intent upon all.

     “All of this explanation can be summed up in the simple words: birds of a feather flocking together. They are indeed, blessed hearts. And they are as a blanket covering the earth and holding back the light-bearers.”

End of quote from Enoch.


Archetypal Watcher: Fidel Castro

The ascended masters teach that Fidel Castro is a prime example of a Watcher in a position of power. He was one of the original Watchers that fell. Endnote 35 Castro was a socialistic revolutionary that led forces to overthrow the Cuban government in 1959 with help from the USSR. The Cuban missile crisis in 1961 led to a stand-off between the US and USSR that nearly resulted in nuclear war between the superpowers. He inspired other socialist revolutionaries like Che Guevara and created a momentum of socialism in South America that still has a strong foothold in the continent today. Cuba remains a socialist country as are Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Other nations in the region lean towards socialism.

Competition between Watchers and Nephilim

The fallen angels do not always cooperate with each other. They break into factions and establish their own turf, much like street gangs, and compete and fight amongst themselves. This explains much of the armed conflict around the world, where blocks of fallen ones who want to control an area or nation use populations as combatants to defend their fiefdoms. The historical battle between leftist and right-wing parties in South American countries is an example of the fallen ones vying for power at the expense of the people.


The following teaching from the cosmic being, Purity, who occupies the office of Elohim*, explains the competition between Watchers and Nephilim.


*Note: The Elohim are the beings involved in the original Creation and are referenced in Genesis. In the Hebrew version, Genesis 1:1 states: “In the beginning [Elohim] created the heavens and the earth.” Elohim is plural and indicates “beings of God.” The term is used 2,750 times in the Old Testament, sometimes indicating the deity in the singular and sometimes in the plural. Both uses have been translated simply as “God.”


A Statement by the Elohim Purity

     “Great are the crimes of the fallen ones in South America, for they have been the imitators of the path of Omega’s sons [sons of God]! They have placed themselves in positions of rightist royalty, decking themselves with honor, with gold and diamond and precious jewel, in imitation of the sons of God. They have anointed themselves kings and priests and allowed the little people to become impoverished.

     “Now, some of these little people are the dear hearts of Mother Mary and the creation, in the beginning, of Elohim. Others of the ignorant masses are a strain of mechanization man, formed by other Nephilim who also moved on this continent, as you have heard of their movement in the Middle East and on the African continent. Endnote 36 Therefore, some are the godless, empty ones who are ready to follow a demagogue, ready to follow the Watcher, in whatever direction. Thus the Archdeceiver, in the person of the black magician, comes along.

     “You must realize that those that are on the position of the circle in the rightist camp are other Nephilim gods, self-styled gods; and they are in competition with one another. By the rivalries and the competition of the fallen ones, we find them at the point of the extreme Right and the extreme Left—merely as a point of their own rhetoric, as a point of assembling the masses on their own side for their own personal self-aggrandizement!  And no matter what they say or pursue, they do not have the fate of the people at heart.

     “The people, to them, are expendable at any moment that they move against their own enormous ego. Therefore, the tragedy of tragedies:  that those who appear to defend the so-called American way of life will indiscriminately eliminate from among the people the leaders in labor, teachers, priests, all those who even incline the ear to the message—the new and combustible message out of the East, out of the tail of World Communism. [In other words, some rightest leaders who are Nephilim have eliminated leaders even if they had only minimal interest in the communist message and did not necessarily buy into it.]

     “Thus, there is no compassion.Endnote 37

Doing Our Part to Defeat the Enemy: The Opportunity Is Great!


Just as the saying goes, “It is always darkest just before the dawn,” I believe a glorious opportunity is waiting for us on the other side of this dilemma. The ascended masters explain how the cosmos is literally poised in anticipation of unleashing the spiritual intercession that will put an end to planetary oppression that has been upon us and other planets for many thousands of years.


Though the nature of the enemy and the array of their tactics are daunting, we must not shrink from this challenge. We have an essential role to play that involves both “outer” and “inner” effort. First, the section immediately below titled “Actions to Take to Help Defeat Darkness,” describes things we can do with family, friends, and community to counteract tyranny trying to overwhelm our lives. The section after that is titled, “The Great Opportunity is Soul Salvation," and it suggests new approaches to accomplishing the spiritual work needed to emancipate our individual souls from alignment with darkness and the burden of our negative karma. Essentially, this is the effort of soul redemption made practical.


One thing to consider regarding the problem of darkness is that the enemy is one enemy. The conspirators are all connected and pulling the plug on the evil that is behind them will start to drain the entire mess. This will take time, but not as long as we might think because we are in a cosmic moment.


Remember, God has the plan and it is built into the entire cosmos. It is and will be implemented by the Heavenly Hierarchy. For those who understand the concept of “Tao” as the ultimate and animating power, wisdom, and love of the universe, think of the plan to eliminate darkness as being fundamentally woven into the Tao. It is God’s Will for darkness to be routed, judged and consumed as if it were a scroll of parchment lit by a torch in his hand, and the flame consumes it entirely so that not even a single ash is left in our memory.


Several ascended masters have acknowledged they would love to be in incarnation today to help mankind get the victory in this battle because it is an epic opportunity to uplift and transform life. Their consolation is knowing they need to be where they are to assist our efforts from above.


Actions to Take That Will Help Defeat Darkness

Seek out the truth and become informed. This is an important time to seek out and embrace truth that has been hidden but is now being revealed. Do not shrink from the truth by thinking, “I don’t know what to do about these problems, so I don’t want to know any more than I already do.” We have the means to respond to adversity and it is rooted in the Spirit of God. Seriously consider each item in this section as something you may be able to do. In addition, there are many individuals out there who are promoting the cause of freedom. Consider supporting their efforts and organizations. You may find something that inspires you to get involved. See the section “Support groups that are opposing tyranny” for suggestions.

Strip the masks of evil and antichrist and call them what they are. An ascended master from the East, Djwal Kul, teaches how the forces of darkness try to conceal their evil under a mask. For example, the reality of abortion is concealed under a “mask” by portraying the procedure as a woman’s right “My body, my right.”

The truth is, no one owns their body. We didn’t buy it and we didn’t create it. It is a gift from God, on loan to be occupied by the soul for a lifetime. If by free will, or otherwise, a woman becomes pregnant, it is her karmic and divine responsibility to carry and deliver the child. The ascended masters teach that no conception occurs that is not karmically ordained, even in the case of rape. If the woman is not willing to raise the child herself, it is perfectly lawful to place the child with loving parents through adoption. Abortion creates a severe karma for the woman and all who supported it and carried it out. Abortion must be ended for the sake of everyone, and especially for the soul assigned to be born again.

The people of God have tiptoed around the term “antichrist,” as if they were even afraid to say it. The apostle John states in scripture, “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” (1 John 2:18) Everything that is trying to destroy the Christ, the higher consciousness of each one of us, is antichrist and should be called out as such.

Other examples of the masks of evil and antichrist include:

  • Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), promotes pedophilia with the justification that sexual relations between adults and minors is “natural” and has the benefit of not leading to pregnancy and population growth. Pedophilia is an abomination in the eyes of God and Jesus clearly declared the seriousness of the crime in his teaching: “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” (Luke 17:2)

  • Transgenderism has been injected into society on the premise that a person’s sexuality can be different than their biological gender. The idea is used as a wedge, driven by dark forces into the psychology of vulnerable youth who are susceptible to aggressive mental suggestion in their formative years. Proponents of the LGBTQ movement often fall back on the lie that “God made me this way.” But a person’s human psychology is the product of their karma and is not God’s doing. Someone trapped in the LGBTQ way of thinking needs help, along with a good dose of reality, and not agreement or sympathy for their perverse psychology. Transgenderism is an attack by antichrist on the purity and divinity of the soul and its relationship with God.

  • The Great Reset is a mask. The fallen ones themselves are responsible for the dysfunction of civilization. The Great Resent is an attempt to escape their karma for having created the godless systems of the world that are now collapsing because they are not based upon the laws of God, especially the law of divine love. For example, they created oppressive financial systems that direct the flow of wealth to themselves and not to the benefit of the people of God.

Since fallen ones do not have a connection to God, they steal the resources of others to maintain their    grip on power. Their current methods include the reduction of world populations and promoting systems such as ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) metrics that will certainly lead to the stranglehold of a social credit system, such as is being used in Communist China. Unfortunately, many multinational corporations located in the U. S. are buying into the ESG system, showing which side they are on.

  • Attack on the USA.  The United States of America was founded by the Heavenly Hierarchy as a model nation of freedom and liberty.  Since its founding, America has been under attack by the forces of darkness trying to subvert its money system and infiltrate its government. Now these same forces blame the nation itself for their own mismanagement and abuses and try to tear it down by attacking the foundations of the Constitution, the reputations of the founding fathers, and our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Critical Race Theory, wokeism, and the illusory 1619 Project are tools of twisted Marxist propaganda used to tear apart the fabric of society. 

  • Covid vaccine mandates. The vast majority of the vaccinated were not informed of the risks of the experimental mRNA vaccines before receiving the shot. They took the shot without having the opportunity to give informed consent, as required by law. The mask and the lie in this case was that the vaccines were “safe and effective.” The Covid vaccines were recommended for children and even required in some states even though this age group had less than a one-percent risk of serious illness or death from the virus.

It is also antichrist for the FDA and CDC to have recommended the vaccines for pregnant women even though this guidance was not backed up by a single completed study. Vaccine injury data shows that thousands of miscarriages occurred as the direct result of pregnant women being vaccinated for Covid. The links included in the “Plandemic” section of this article give evidence of the numbers of fetuses lost.

  • Another example of a mask used to conceal an innate evil is the marketing of marijuana as a “natural healing” substance. Medical marijuana was legalized in many states based upon unproven and untested health claims that became the crack in the door for corporations to promote legalization of recreational marijuana. Now marijuana, which the ascended masters label as a “death drug” is a scourge upon the nation. It debilitates a person by sapping their will to strive and achieve their reason for being.


Become a “Spiritual Warrior.“ Regardless of your religion or spiritual path, one of the most important roles you can consider is taking on the mantle of being a “Spiritual Warrior.” This can be a bold but private role done in the safety of your home at your personal altar, praying for the salvation of the people of God and the victory of freedom over oppression. Prayers, silent and spoken, establish a forcefield of light that the Hosts of the Lord can multiply and use to hold back and dissolve evil intent, even on a worldwide scale. Such efforts utilize the spiritual science of “holding a balance of light” for yourself and others during tumultuous times. Your prayers give heaven the authority to act in our world, which is our domain.


The ascended masters teach about a little-known saint named Igor (not Saint Igor of the 12th century) who lived during the period of the Russian revolution. He was a peasant devoted to Mother Mary and his prayers alone resulted in the saving of millions of lives that would otherwise have perished in addition to those killed during the revolution. The threat in the world today is not much different than the period of the communist takeover in Russia, except this time, the attack is worldwide. Those who love freedom and liberty must defeat this tyranny, as God intends.


Regarding dynamic prayer, the ascended masters offer a number of tools to help the people of God conquer darkness. One of them is knowledge of the Science of the Spoken Word. Just as the Almighty spoke the fiat, “Let there be light!” to initiate the creation of the matter cosmos, our spoken word also has the power of creation. The masters have written scientific prayers called “decrees” that enable a person to call forth divine energy, protection, love, and healing from our own Higher Self, the angels, and from the ascended masters themselves, to bless and protect life in a powerful way.


The use of decrees and fiats is an ancient practice and the masters have updated it in the last 50 years to help us do spiritual battle. The inner meaning of the word “sword” is “sacred word.” This is the way God intends us to take up the sword to defeat the enemy manifesting as antichrist. The Summit Lighthouse book, The Science of the Spoken Word, gives instruction in the giving of decrees. Endnote 38 In addition to decrees for expansion of love, forgiveness, peace, healing, abundance, and God’s Will, there are advanced decrees, including the Judgment Call given by the ascended master Jesus to implement the judgment of fallen angels. Paul prophesied, “Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? (1 Cor. 6:3)

Djwal Kul recommends giving this spoken decree daily at your altar for the turning back of darkness:


     In the name of Jesus the Christ, I challenge the carnal mind, the Antichrist, and all Satanic power in every man, woman, and child upon this planet!


This powerful fiat invokes the mantle of the Universal Christ vested in the name and person of Jesus, which is the authority to counteract and judge the force of antichrist wherever it appears. It is also lawful to call in the name of Jesus Christ to turn back upon evil doers the darkness they are sending forth. Such calls are best preceded by prayers or decrees that establish a forcefield of protection. See this endnote for two examples of short decrees that can be used to invoke protection for yourself, family, and friends. Endnote 39

Love Your Enemies

Jesus and other ascended masters have admonished us to “Love your enemies.” It is a mystery teaching that seems counterintuitive because throughout history, with few exceptions, the typical approach in war has been to destroy the enemy. Since the battle we are in is so consequential and has a spiritual origin, it is important that we get this right regardless of historical precedent. Here are a few points about this admonition that may be helpful.


1. Avoid anger, hatred, and rage. These emotions generate negative karma. If, for example, we allow ourselves to get angry with a person for something they did, we unwittingly tie ourselves to them through misqualified energy. And evil doers are the last individuals we would ever want to be karmically linked to! Avoid even criticizing, condemning, and judging others. Counteract evil with truth, not anger or hatred.


Even so, it may be necessary to speak with fervor when exposing an injustice you have witnessed or when you are stating facts that overturn a deceitful argument. Even righteous indignation can be appropriate. But, as one ascended master recommends, “I do not say that you should be harsh or discourteous. I say, you must be firm with evil. You must be firm wherever you find it. You must stamp it out and replace it with the real, the eternal, the substance of things to come.” Endnote 40

2. Remember, God is Love. He is not the vengeful and wrathful god the fallen ones have portrayed him to be in their attempt to alienate us from our Creator. The ascended master Lanello observes, “For as Jesus taught, when you love your enemies, that love is transmutative…. When you send love to enemies, then there is a dissolution of the very elements of the enemy and also a disconnection of yourself from this one.” Endnote 41

We emulate God when we send forth only love. The fallen ones cannot deal with it. The Lord has his timetable for separating the chaff from the wheat and we rely upon him. Furthermore, by sending love, anyone trapped in evil that can be turned around and freed may yet be saved. And by sending love, we are perfecting our own soul.


In a sermon given by the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, she explains how sending love has the desired effect in friend or foe because of the way it contacts and activates the divine Manchild, the Universal Christ, within that person.


Mrs. Prophet instructs, “…affirm that Manchild no matter where you are or before whom you stand, people of light or of darkness. Because when you salute the Manchild in the heart, the Manchild manifests. And if it happens to be the seed of the wicked, that Manchild comes into that heart for the judgment. And the Manchild, the Son of God, will judge the unrighteousness and the wicked. And you have not compromised your honor, but everywhere you go you have affirmed that presence of the living Christ.” Endnote 42

3. “Judge not that you be not judged.” This is another fine line in challenging darkness. To quote one ascended master, “Happy are ye who remember the divine standard, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Endnote 43 The Heavenly Hierarchy has not identified each and every fallen angel throughout history. It is not necessary or desirable for us to presume to do so either. Therefore, we leave this in the hands of God, just as David did through his psalms, praying for God’s deliverance from the evil doer.


4. Do not resort to physical violence. This fight will not be won by violent force. It is dangerous and unlawful to try to “take out” an evil doer. Remember scripture that says, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Romans 12:19) There may be times when it is necessary to physically defend yourself or your family, and a person should be prepared to do so. And if your nation is attacked by a foreign country, then it is time to defend it and repel the attack. But it is important to choose your battles wisely and enlist the Hosts of the Lord to win the day.


Take a stand against tyranny wherever you see it. Demand voting safeguards to protect against voting fraud. Vote for candidates that uphold American traditions, support the constitution, and oppose socialism. Be aware of what is going on in local school boards and expose and vote against candidates that promote radical agendas such as Critical Race Theory, wokeism, and transgenderism. Stay informed and be willing to speak out to defend the truth about an issue that is dear to you. Avoid angry confrontations and shouting matches since these are induced by unseen forces to steal your light.


Be informed about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The fallen ones have cut themselves off from God and his creativity and divine intelligence, so they rush to develop and put in place AI systems to control the world. AI is a substitute for the mind and wisdom of God that is the origin of divine creativity and has the answers to all problems. AI is based on the “wisdom of the world” extracted from all the computers and databases of systems created by the Nephilim and Watchers. AI can be used for good, but unrestricted reliance upon AI output will only generate the same mechanical and controlling results of the current civilization, not of God’s Kingdom.


Even AI experts express grave concerns about the potential of an AI controlled world where computers are given more and more power to govern the functions of daily life until through machine learning and programming, they are able to seize total control. The ascended master El Morya has shared an astounding story from an ancient time before his ascension when he was still evolving as a soul on the planet Mercury. Through the forces of darkness, that planet came under the control of a single, universal computer, described as a robot, that took over by gradually gaining power. It became a life and death battle to wrest power from its tyranny. Endnote 44 We must avoid the same mistake on our planet.

Support groups that oppose tyranny in lawful ways.

The people of God need to support each other’s efforts to protect freedom, liberty, and truth.

Consider supporting organizations directly or financially that are exposing and challenging the wrongdoing we see in industry, education, government, media, and the military, in lawful ways. Through research, bringing issues to public awareness, and by filing lawsuits, many organizations and individuals are fighting the good fight. The following are a few examples.


A listing here is not a blanket endorsement of the positions or beliefs of any of the organizations or individuals. Always use your own discernment and discrimination when considering the opinions of others.


  • Children’s Health Defense

Founded by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., this organization has been instrumental in exposing abuses by the FDA and CDC and their failure to protect public health.

As stated on its website: “Through its education, advocacy, litigation and research, CHD challenges federal and state governments, pharmaceutical companies, corporations and corrupt regulatory agencies to end the practices that are harming children’s health.”


  • Mikki Willis

Mikki is an independent film maker who produced the Plandemic 1, 2, and 3 video series that exposes the conspiracy behind the Covid-19 pandemic and the current Marxist attack upon civilization that is occurring on many fronts. The first Plandemic documentary has been seen by over one billion people worldwide.


  • Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)

This non-profit was formed by many critical care specialists who recognized the shortcomings and errors of the standard treatment protocols implemented by the health care industry in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They developed treatments and protocols that saved thousands of lives compared to the FDA and CDC recommended methods that rejected early treatment.


  • True the Vote

Founded by Catherine Engelbrecht, this organization conducts investigations and research to stop voter fraud and reverse the trend of totalitarian takeover in America.


  • Stop World Control

Through the efforts of its founder, David Sorensen, this organization is exposing worldwide darkness working through the Great Reset, the U. N., WHO, WEF, pandemics, and pedophilia.


Each of the following persons is dedicated to defeating medical tyranny. It is worthwhile to listen to their observations about Covid, vaccines, and government expectations for future pandemics. Several of these individuals share information about how to treat and recover from vaccine injuries.


David Martin, PhD has documented the patenting of dangerous biological weapons by the U. S. Dept. of Defense and pharmaceutical companies that are being used against the population. He has reverse engineered the plandemic to show how the corona virus was developed and released around the world as a means of population reduction and control.


Dr. Peter McCullough is a highly recognized physician fighting for medical freedom around the world. Early in the Covid 19 pandemic he established successful protocols that were widely used to provide early treatment against the virus to reduce serious illness and death. He has exposed the coverup of vaccine injury being practiced by the FDA and CDC.


Dr. Joseph Mercola is a family medicine osteopathic physician who has taken a stand for truth regarding the Covid vaccines, vaccine injury, and medical freedom. He is very outspoken about the abuses of the pharmaceutical industry and Big Medicine and is meticulous in backing up his position papers with incontrovertible evidence and data. The byline of his website is, “Take Control of Your Health.”


Dr. Bryan Ardis is a retired chiropractor who has been instrumental in promoting health supplements that help the body avoid Covid infection and heal from vaccine injury. His research has revealed that the spike protein associated with the Covid virus and mRNA vaccines has all the characteristics of snake venom and that synthetic venoms are being used in the production of many drug products today.


Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist and filmmaker who has dedicated himself to educating people about the high rate of Covid vaccine injuries and promoting the findings of medical researchers that are discovering methods to reverse these injuries. He supports doctors who are working to take back control of medical and health care systems from the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishments that are influenced by them.


Stand for Health Freedom. From their website: “Stand for Health Freedom (SHF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting informed consent in medical care for individuals and families by helping Americans protect their fundamental rights by engaging in the political process.”

The Great Opportunity is Soul Salvation

Everyone who is willing to challenge darkness and atone for their errors, opens the door to soul salvation. There is more than one pathway back to God and I encourage everyone to follow the methods that suit their religious background and personal preference. The ascended masters also invite seekers to investigate the approach they recommend for this era, which is designed to enable souls to make rapid spiritual progress through fusion with the inner Christ. The hour is late in the cosmic scheme of things, so there is not much time to make up lost ground.


Salvation is the reunion of the soul with the God Presence, which is the identity that was created in the image of God for each one of us, in the beginning. The God Presence is also known as the I AM Presence or the I AM THAT I AM. After the fall of consciousness, the God Presence withdrew a distance from the soul to wait until the soul determined to love her God more than living a separate existence. Our Christ Self, which is also a part of our innate divine identity, took on the job of being the mediator between our soul and the God Presence. A mediator was needed because the God Presence is pure Spirit and the soul cannot interact with it directly. However, when the soul is fused with the Christ Self, the three components of being, soul, Christ Self, and God Presence may dwell as one within the body temple.


Therefore, bonding again with the Christ Self is the immediate goal. Jesus came to demonstrate what the Christ is like because this level of divinity had long been forgotten in the race memory. In his prior lives, Jesus balanced his karma and bonded with his Christ Self, so that by his mastery he could be the example to reawaken mankind to the Christ within themselves. He was not the one and only Christ or Son of God, but the wayshower for the people of God to follow. He made it clear that we can and should walk in his footsteps.


Our individual Christ Self is One with Jesus and seeks to lead our soul to discipleship with Christ and, ultimately, individual Christhood. The Christ Self is THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS prophesized by the prophet Jeremiah and is intended to dwell bodily within us. (Jer. 23:6, 33:16) Many ascended masters are assisting the people of God to connect with the Path of Christhood. Each master, while on earth, has previously achieved bonding with their individual Christ Self as a prerequisite for entering eternal life. So, their experience make them perfect teachers to impart this knowledge to others.

The Chart of Your Divine Self

The Chart of Your Divine Self is an essential image inspired by the ascended masters that shows the spiritual components of our being. It reveals the spiritual anatomy of each son and daughter of God and can deliver a huge boost in reclaiming our divine nature.

The Chart of Your Divine Self

The figure at the top of the Chart represents the God Presence or I AM Presence. This is the “image of God” in which every Son and Daughter of God was created in the beginning.


The figure in the middle is the Christ Self who is the mediator between the God Presence and the figure below. The Christ Self is an individualized expression of the Universal Christ that Jesus came to demonstrate.


The lower figure is the soul incarnated in physical form and working out its salvation. The three figures are connected by the “crystal cord” over which flows divine energy from the God Presence to animate and sustain the temple of the soul.


This temple is made up of four interpenetrating “bodies,” the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical through which we experience our memories, thoughts, feelings, and actions.


The soul can be visualized as a small blue sphere of energy, like a miniature sun, that is attached to the soul chakra located midpoint between the naval and the base of the spine.

The colorful rings surrounding the God Presence are actually a structure of concentric spheres called the “causal body.” The causal body contains the matrix of unique identity and the reason for being of each unique Son or Daughter of God for whom it was created.


The causal body is also the repository of energy the person has rightly qualified during all incarnations. Jesus referred to the causal body in his teaching: “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal….” (Matt. 6: 20) The causal body is a person’s divine bank account that must be filled during incarnation to enable the soul to enter eternal life.

This is a closeup view of the threefold flame contained in the chest area of the person shown. It exists in the etheric body that is congruent with the physical body.


The God Presence sends dynamic light/energy/consciousness over the crystal cord that is the life force that energizes our very being. This energy emerges in the heart as a threefold flame, which is then dispersed to all four bodies and organs through the chakric system, also known as the spiritual centers.

The Threefold Flame

Salvation Is a “Do It Yourself Project”

The ascended master Kuthumi, who was incarnated as Saint Francis, has stated, “Now, it is true that salvation is a gift of the power and grace of God rather than a matter of men’s works.” Yet in the same message he also declares, “You see, your immortality is attained here and now, blessed ones of the Light.“ Endnote 45  A dependable way to interpret this, as the ascended masters do, is summarized in the statement, “Salvation is a “do it yourself project.” It is true because we must accomplish the needed spiritual work ourselves, under the oversight of our Christ Self.


For example, we must act to balance or “transmute” the records of our departure from perfection, which is our negative karma. This cleanup is required because the energy trapped in our negative karma keeps us bound to the physical world. When the records of our misdeeds are purified through transmutation, this energy is restored to its divine vibration and returned to us in the causal body.  God has given us energy to work with in each of our incarnations and it is that same energy, rightfully qualified and sealed, that is required for our permanent return to heaven, nevermore to incarnate. Ultimately, the soul completes its salvation when it ascends to the God Presence.

The Violet Flame

The violet flame is the colorful column of energy that surrounds the lower figure in the Chart. It is a blend of the pink flame of divine love and the blue of God’s Will. This combination yields the energy of freedom and liberty. It is not surprising that the violet flame is the spiritual energy associated with the soul and it is also the energy and color of joy.


The violet flame can be invoked through the Science of the Spoken Word to free the soul from darkness by transmuting negative karma. Endnote 46

The ascended master Saint Germain, who is the major sponsor of the United States, first revealed the use of the violet flame to mankind through the I AM Movement in the early 1930s. Giving knowledge of the violet flame to humanity at that time required a dispensation from God, which allowed something that was not available before,  because this energy was reserved only for spiritual adepts during preceding centuries. For example, Jesus and his disciples used the violet flame to heal the blind, crippled, and possessed. Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson was an instrument of miraculous healings during her ministry. The violet flame flowed through her to restore health to many crippled and diseased persons because Jesus, who stood at her side, directed it to those in need during revival sessions.

Image of the Violet Flame. It makes a tone similar to the violin as it transmutes karma. Visualize this flaming energy around your form as you give the affirmation at Endnote 46.

The action of the violet flame is transmutation. What this means is that a person can invoke this energy from spiritual sources to quickly change or “balance” negative karma through decrees rather than having to do it the more traditional way through by working through life’s experiences day after day. We all need to free ourselves from negative karma. Otherwise, we will not make progress. The violet flame is a gift of the Holy Spirit given to quickly help the people of God to rejuvenate themselves and move into higher consciousness.

Replacing the Synthetic Self with the Real Self

The rebellion of fallen angels and their subversion of Sons and Daughters of God through lies and seduction are aberrations that will pass from the screen of life. But on a personal level, each of us must take responsibility for having unwittingly created a synthetic identity by following the ways and programming of the fallen consciousness rather than remaining obedient to our innate divine being.


If we want to emancipate our soul and reclaim our freedom, we must recognize the false identity for what it is, intentionally cast it off, and replace it with the Higher Self, which is the Christ Self and God Presence. This takes supreme will and determination because the synthetic self is more than just bad habits. It includes learned, superficial behaviors, pride in the created self, false beliefs, social and cultural programming, illusion and self-deception, idolatry, and the suppression of the voice of the soul. It includes the whole gamut of negative emotions that can run and ruin our lives, such as fear, anxiety, anger, hatred, and resentment. The false identity also includes self-destructive behaviors such as those identified by the Catholic Church as the “Seven Cardinal Sins.”


The ascended master Djwal Kul gives us a perspective of how dangerous the synthetic self is when he states that persons bonded with the synthetic self rather than the inner Christ have the “mark of the beast.” We know from Revelation that things do not go well for persons with the mark of the beast. He further describes such persons as: “These are the idolaters in every age who reject the Christ, replace it with the lesser self, and proclaim that self as God.” Endnote 47


Putting away the synthetic self is best done day by day, steadily emancipating the soul from longstanding darkness by observing and controlling our thoughts, words, and actions. This process is what Paul refers to as putting “off the old man and his deeds.“ (Col. 3:8-10) If we can achieve a victory in this challenge, by divine grace, we will regain the forgotten inheritance God has reserved for his people that has remained hidden for as long as the Conspiracy of Darkness has been in operation.

Be Encouraged!

The pursuit of God is up to the soul. Although many people have been turned off by organized religion, world and national conditions are pressing in upon us to motivate souls to establish a relationship with God. It is up to each person to assess the level of spiritual life they want and what they are willing to do to have it.


The ascended masters are not establishing a new religion but are providing teachings that correct errors in religious dogma that have accumulated over the centuries. They also enhance and update our spiritual understanding about the Kingdom of God to inspire us to pursue higher consciousness. God, through his sons and daughters, the ascended masters, is teaching us the science of being and secrets of the universe.


Heaven knows each one of us by name and our soul record and is concerned for our well-being and emancipation. When a person sincerely determines to walk any of the paths of righteousness and starts to make the effort, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Confucius, Mother Mary, or other ascended masters and their angels, avatars, or saints in the Heaven Hierarchy, take note and begin providing active support of their soul’s progress. God in his many forms is always ready to offer a strong and practical helping hand to those who love and seek him. With this perspective, no one can rightly claim that our God is unknown!


Healing the Shortcomings of Orthodox Christianity

A serious stumbling block lays in the path of many Christians today. People who love Jesus and are devoted to him should be on the frontlines of the battle against tyranny. Some Christians are, but it seems that the majority are not engaged in the battle as fully as they could be and need to be.


Let no one be dismayed that Orthodox Christianity has problems. The fact that many believers have left their churches is a sure sign that their spiritual needs are not being met. Today’s Christianity is not the Christianity that Jesus demonstrated. The fallen ones within the church made sure the truth he brought was compromised over the centuries.


This information is not provided to discourage Christians. Rather, the goal of the ascended masters is to encourage everyone who is a devotee of Jesus to consider the evidence and discover a new vitality and dedication.


The ascended masters, especially Jesus, have a lot to say about the problems with modern Christianity. The Orthodox Christian Conspiracy, an excellent written by Joseph P. Macchio and Stephen Macchio, documents how the early Christian communities, such as the Essenes and Gnostics that nurtured Jesus’ original teachings, were later suppressed and persecuted by the Orthodox church as it grew in power. Endnote 48


The ascended masters explain how Christianity has become a compromised religion because of the introduction of false doctrine by the early Church fathers which emphasized codifying beliefs and controlling the religious rather than promoting the transcendent path of Christhood for all. So, unfortunately, this religion which has the largest number of adherents among the world’s religions, does not accurately promote its founder’s original message and intent. This problem is not unique to Christianity. The ascended masters also reveal that modern Buddhism has been corrupted to a similar extent. Endnote 49


The following statements declare the ascended masters’ position on some of the misleading and detrimental doctrines that are commonly promoted today.

Jesus is not the one and only Son of God. Statements in scripture referring to the “only begotten son” must be understood in the context that God’s created “Son” is the Universal Christ that manifests as many sons and daughters. The Universal Christ is an office, model, or archetype that defines the nature of the Son and differentiates it from the three other archetypes of being, which are the Father, Mother, and Holy Spirit. The Son is one of these four “persons” or “personalities” through which God manifests.


Jesus clarifies the “only begotten son” in the following excerpt of a dictation given through one of the messengers during the 1972 Christmas season.


     “When the chalice of the manger appears to you this year to rekindle the glorious concept of my own nativity, let it be with a hope upon hope that the nativity of your own Christ Child is at stake and being accomplished. See, then, that your nativity is in God. It does not matter when, where, or how, nor even why. Just be that which you truly are–one of the only begotten sons of God.


     “How strange it seems to some who deny it that there are many only begotten sons. They do not understand that all were brought forth with the Only Begotten Son, the Universal Christ, from the very beginning.” Endnote 50


Jesus never taught that he was the only Son of God. He referred to himself as the “Son of man.” Jesus came as a representative of the Universal Christ, manifesting its glory, and admonishing us to follow him back to eternal life our birthright from the beginning. Unfortunately, most Christians have no understanding of the Universal Christ within them and that they have the same opportunity to become the Christ as Jesus did.


Jesus was not born as a perfected being. Jesus had many prior incarnations during which he perfected his soul.  He was Abel, Seth, Joseph of the coat of many colors, Joshua, and David himself. As a teenager, during the so-called “Lost Years,” he traveled to India the to learn the wisdom of the East. The reality of Jesus is very different than what Christianity has taught. In 1894, Nicholas Notovich published his book, The Secret Life of Jesus Christ. In it he writes that a Roman Catholic cardinal admitted to him that the Vatican held 63 documents relating to Jesus living in India. Much of the true story of Jesus has been hidden. For more details, see the book, The Lost Years of Jesus, published by The Summit Lighthouse. Endnote 51


The doctrine of original sin is a lie. Hopefully the time has passed when pastors railed against their parishioners with fire and brimstone shouting, “You sinners!” Such an invective is the accusation of fallen angels against the people of God. We have all sinned but that does not make us “sinners.” God created only perfection and it was with that perfection he created his sons and daughters. The ascended masters explain that the “original sin” was actually the rebellion of the fallen ones which required them to be removed from God’s Kingdom. Endnote 52 Their fallen consciousness seduced the people of God into following them. Having succeeded to some extent, they turn on the people and berate them as sinners through perhaps well-meaning but misguided fundamentalist pastors and ministers.


The Second Appearing has already occurred. The ascended master Jesus explains that the Second Appearing (or Second Coming) occurs on an individual basis. In recent decades, Jesus has already appeared at least once to every soul whose time has come for his appearance. The purpose of Jesus’ appearance is to show the glory of the person’s inner Christ with which the soul is called to bond. Another understanding of the Second Appearing is that it is the time for the descent of our own Christ Self, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, into our temple. Tragically, when Jesus appears to the soul, not every soul chooses to enter the alchemical marriage with him, one with her Christ. Endnote 53 But, this need not be the case when the people of God start to understand the reality of their own Christ Self and erroneous doctrines are overturned.

We are in the time of God’s Judgment. However, many Christians apparently do not believe it. There is the doctrine out there that says this is the time when Satan has been loosed for 1,000 years and therefore Christians must sit back while Satan tempts the world. The ascended masters teach that this is a false doctrine and that the process of Judgment is in full force.


In 1982, the ascended master Jesus delivered the message that Satan had gone to the second death. I suggest everyone read Jesus’ message because his words convey the solemnity and wonder in heaven about such an event. Endnote 54 The passing of Satan is considered to be a great victory and boon for the people of God.  Nevertheless, Jesus warns that another fallen one would move up the ranks to occupy the position previously held by Satan and that the threat and attack would continue until all fallen angels are judged and pass through the second death.


A related problem seems to be that many Christian churches seem to be more concerned with adherence to an established doctrine than to the fire of the Spirit which should be central to the Christian faith. Spiritual fire is a moving, uplifting, and purifying force in worship, but for many it has been diluted, neglected, and lost. It takes courage and dedication to be a true Christian because the world is at odds with anyone who tries to bring God’s Kingdom on earth in his or her own life. Many pastors seem to have given up on trying to promote the self-discipline Christianity requires out of fear that it will drive away parishioners who prefer a more meek and mild approach. Some of these churches now emphasize social events with a jazz or rock soundtrack over effective soul salvation.


When the promotion of diversity turns into the acceptance of perversity it threatens spiritual growth. Some pastors do not even uphold the sanctity of the traditional family unit or preach against behaviors and lifestyles that out picture the fallen consciousness. The belief that, “We just need to love everyone the way they are” was never a part of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus followed in the footsteps of John the Baptist who preached repentance. And repentance is still the need today. When there is sincere repentance, the person clears the way for Christ to enter in. The love that is needed is “divine love.” Divine love requires discipline and discernment. It can be tender or fiery as needed.

The People of God Are One in the Spirit of the Universal Christ

All avatars and saints, such as Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammed and others were sent by the Heavenly Hierarchy as representatives of the Universal Christ. This Universal Christ is the activating life/energy/consciousness of the people of God regardless of their religious affiliation.


While the fallen ones have stopped Christians, Jews, Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists and other believers from uniting in their devotions to the One God, this must come to an end. We must celebrate the fact that our God has created many paths to his heart and put behind us the historical records of hatred and conflict between religious communities. Breaking down false barriers that separate us will do much to defeat the Conspiracy of Darkness. This change can only be brought about by the exercise of divine love and forgiveness in the hearts of the people of God themselves.


The Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness

The ascended masters teach that mankind has entered a phase of spiritual advancement referred to as the "Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness." This was first described by the messengers in the 1980s and portends very positive changes that are taking place in civilization due to the spiritual reawakening of many people. As souls rediscover their divine nature and bond with their Christ identity, they will cast off tolerance for all forms of evil and replace the preponderance of darkness with patterns of the Kingdom of God. As the Kingdom of God, which already exists in the spiritual realms, takes hold in the physical world, the planet will transition into a golden age of peace and enlightenment. We are in the dawning of this age.


1 Judgment is a serious subject that is often misunderstood. God uses the process of judgment to identify and undo creations that fall short of the perfection of God. Without judgment in the world, error of all kinds would go on forever. The Almighty allows souls and angels a long time to learn obedience to the laws of the universe. Most souls on earth have had longer than 1 million years to align themselves with God’s Love. All this is made possible by the cycles of reincarnation, which is briefly described in the article. A soul receives an assessment or judgment at the conclusion of each life to validate their victories and to review serious mistakes to help the soul learn and avoid the same pitfalls in the next incarnation. Many persons that have had a near death experience (NDE) tell of going before a panel of beings for a life review, and judgment and correction is the purpose of the review. So, judgment is already an integral part of a soul’s learning experience.

Angels do not have free will but are assigned to do God’s Will. An angel can make a mistake and, if so, they will be given the needed correction to help them get back on track. But, when an angel rebels against their reason for being, such as the fallen angels did, they are required to incarnate to learn their lessons in the physical realm.

A soul or an angel that is incorrigible or deeply emmeshed with evil will reach a point where the time allotted for self-correction runs out and the moment for the Last Judgment arrives. The Last Judgment is a formal event whereby a council reviews the life record of a soul and determines if it warrants passing into immortal life or not. If not, there may be extenuating circumstances to help the soul come up higher because opportunity and mercy are the governing criteria for such decisions. However, if the soul or angel has grievous karma that makes it essentially impossible for that the individual to ever succeed in paying its debts to life, the individual is assigned to the second death, which is the dissolution of their identity and the return to the universal source of all energy and records associated with their existence.

Information in this endnote was adapted from The Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia for the entry “Last Judgment,” last edited 10 May 2020.

2 Gen 3.

3 Saint Germain and El Morya are two ascended masters that may not be well-known under these names, each taken from their final incarnation. But their prior lives tell us about their quality of character and sacrifices for humanity. Saint Germain was previously embodied as the prophet Samuel, Joseph, the father of Jesus, Merlin, St. Alban, Columbus, Francis Bacon, and is the main sponsor of the United States of America. El Morya was incarnated as Abraham the father figure for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, Melchior, one of the Three Wise Men, Akbar, the Mogul king of India, King Arthur, and Thomas More, to name a few.

4 More information about The Summit Lighthouse can be obtained at the website:


The ascended masters released thousands of messages called “dictations” to mankind through the messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The following content explains how dictations are communicated.


How dictations are received and delivered

A dictation is a worded release from an ascended master to the messenger and since the message comes from the ascended level of heaven, it has the power of the Word. The messengers describe four ways a dictation may be transmitted. None of these methods involve the messenger being in a trance or anything of that nature.

​The first way a dictation is communicated to the messenger is by the appearance of the message in letters of living fire that stream across the screen of the messenger’s mind and are read aloud with feeling and intensity imparted by the master. The stream of the message appears much as the lighted messages played out on the Times Square Building in New York City.

Another method is called “ex cathedra,” which means “from the mouth of God.” This occurs when the ascended master places his or her “electronic presence” over the messenger and essentially speaks to the audience in the messenger’s voice, but without the messenger having to discern or read anything.

Anyone into computer technology would love the third method which involves the dictating master releasing a thoughtform into the messenger’s consciousness that contain matrices of content that are in turn converted into worded content in the messenger by the Christ Mind interacting with the Mind of God in the ascended master.

The fourth method involves telepathy whereby the ascended master communicates with the messenger using mental patterns. This may be used for dictations when the master is far away or on an ad hoc basis when the master wants to quickly pass along some information or guidance as the messenger is going about his or her daily work.

Dictations from the ascended masters are available for reading in The Summit Lighthouse® publication known as Pearls of Wisdom. Pearls are available free of charge at the website:

For anyone wanting to read more about the divine role of messenger, I recommend that you read the last chapter in the TSL book The Path to Immortality, titled “The Messengers.” This chapter provides a deep understanding of heaven’s use of messengers, the training required for the role of messenger, and distinguishes between messengers sponsored by heaven and persons that communicate with spirits from lower levels such as the psychic realm.

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6 The Prophets offer this definition of Light: The energy of God; the potential of the Christ. As the personification of Spirit, the term “Light” can be used synonymously with the terms “God” and “Christ.” As the essence of Spirit, it is synonymous with “sacred fire.” It is the emanation of the Great Central Sun [the hub of all Creation] and the individualized I AM Presence and the Source of all life. Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, “The Retreats of the Masters,” (2003), p. 538.

7 I use the term “Heavenly Hierarchy” because it is easy to relate to and to soften the fact that this article introduces several concepts and terms that may be new to readers. A main organization in this hierarchy is the “Great White Brotherhood,” and its name is a teaching in itself. The organization is “Great” because its membership is vast and includes beings whose consciousness spans the cosmos. The “White” refers to the white light of the Universal Christ invested in every son and daughter of God and has no connotation of race. While named a “Brotherhood,” the organization is also a “Sisterhood,” including masters of both genders. See The Summit Lighthouse Ascended Master Free Encyclopedia for more information at the link:

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39 Two basic decrees for protection written by the ascended masters are the “Tube of Light” decree and a prayer to Archangel Michael called “Traveling Protection.” Both are intended to be given aloud in a private place so as not to draw the attention of others to your devotions. These prayers invoke the protection of divine Light and the presence of angels by the power of the spoken Word. Give each decree three times to multiply the benefit by the power of the Trinity.


The Tube of Light decree should be given while looking at or visualizing The Chart of Your Divine Self included in the “Learning About the Higher Self” section of this article. The Tube of Light is the white column of energy that descends from your I AM Presence to seal you in protective light. The violet fire is the colorful spiritual energy surrounding the person in the Chart and is an expression of God’s freedom, joy, and transmutation.


                Tube of Light Decree (short version)

                Beloved I AM Presence bright,

                Round me seal your Tube of Light

                From Ascended Master flame

                Called forth now in God’s own name.

                Let it keep my temple free

                From all discord sent to me.


                I AM calling forth Violet Fire

                To blaze and transmute all desire,

                Keeping on in Freedom’s name

                Till I AM one with the Violet Flame. (3x)


The phrase “transmute all desire” commands the violet flame to purify your desires so that they serve your higher nature and calling of your soul.


Archangel Michael is a very active archangel and responds either personally or by sending one or more of his angels to assist every person that calls to him for protection and help whether it be for protection in daily activities, a situation of physical danger, or a personal crisis.


                Traveling Protection

                Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,

                Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,

                Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,

                Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!


                I AM his Love protecting here!

                I AM his Love protecting here!

                I AM his Love protecting here!  (3x)


The Summit Lighthouse offers an introductory decree booklet titled, “Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees” at its online store at: Intermediate and advanced decrees are available in the publication, “Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World Transformation.”

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Some images and text used by kind permission of The Summit Lighthouse, All rights reserved.

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