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Other Strategies Used by the Fallen Ones to Control Humanity

Second Strategy of Evil: Attack the Traditional Family Unit

Background:   The ascended masters teach that the traditional family unit is an essential and integral building block in God’s creation. They reveal that family structure as well as friendships and interpersonal relationships are an important expression of God’s love that bond souls together and promote the expression and growth of God’s Kingdom. So, this makes it clear that the attack that has been going on for decades to suppress and disrupt the sacredness and functions of the family unit is directed by forces of antichrist.


Family life is meant to teach and reinforce in the soul the four divine archetypes created by God, of Father, Mother, Son or Daughter, and Holy Spirit. Marriage is a sacrament celebrating the union of a male and female as husband and wife dedicated to the purposes of God. Likewise, together, they represent the Father/Mother God to their offspring when they enter into parenthood. The “modern” attempts to justify marriage between two males or two females are illegitimate and violate God’s laws. Persons that seek these alternative relationships are rebelling against their divine nature and the role assigned to them before incarnation.


  • Governments put limits on parental rights and establish anti-family policies.

  • Child trafficking rings kidnap and sell children for slave labor and the sex trade.

  • Vulnerable individuals, often with mental health problems, are attacked by unseen forces and spurred to carry out gun violence and school shootings.

  • Child abuse, online sexual exploitation, LGBTQ-inclusive sex education conducted in schools, and pedophilia are all attacks upon the family.

  • The image of the traditional family is distorted and undermined through TV programs, movies, and the media. A high percentage of programs include homosexual, lesbian, and transgender characters and storylines to promote the idea that these lifestyles are “normal”.

Third Strategy of Evil: Attack the Stability and Harmony of Community

  • Political parties and related organizations perpetually amplify the issue of race and racial identity as a divisive force in society to keep people separated and at odds with each other.

  • Critical race theory and wokeism are Marxist ideologies introduced to fracture the cohesiveness of people and their natural tendency to blend together.

  • Street and drug gangs break up families and destroy the social order.

  • Failure to prosecute criminals perpetuates criminal behavior and leads to a life of crime that passes from one generation to the next.

  • The incessant broadcasting of violent content by the entertainment industry scars the purity and simplicity of the soul and teaches children and adults to fear their neighbors rather than love them.


Fourth Strategy of Evil: Attack Culture to Destroy Traditional Values

  • Religious traditions are excluded from schools, governments, and institutions through a godless interpretation of the idea of separation of church and state.

  • Membership in a church or religious community is belittled or written off as a sign of extremism or bigotry. Believers are ridiculed to destroy their faith and marginalize their positive influences.

  • Original spiritual teachings have been distorted then codified to become orthodoxy. Any departure from orthodoxy is then labeled “heresy” or “cultism.”

  • Fallen angels and their allies have long been placed in key positions in religious institutions and higher education to eliminate threats to established dogma.

  • Methods of divide and conquer keep the people of God isolated in their separate religions and at odds.

  • Socialism and one world government are an attempt to dethrone God. In socialism, the individual becomes dependent upon the state to meet all of his or her needs and the record shows that the state does a poor job. Religion is quickly replaced by atheism or a bureaucratic orthodoxy that stifles the likelihood of a personal relationship with the Almighty.

Fifth Strategy of Evil: Attack Nationhood as an Essential Building Block of Civilization

Background comment:  God created sovereign nations as the culmination of community where diverse people learn to live together, conform to the laws of a just government, balance karma and develop self-mastery through their livelihood and service to others, and enhance their relationship to God through their preferred spiritual path. The true purpose of government according to the ascended masters is to create the conditions that are conducive to the advancement and emancipation of the soul.


The United States was created by the Heavenly Hierarchy as an experiment in self-rule to achieve these divine goals. As stated earlier, this is why the USA is under attack by the forces of death and hell. This nation is intended to demonstrate the way forward for all nations, which is why the USA must be defended against all enemies.


The United States supports or should be supporting every nation that is working to achieve freedom and liberty within its borders. Not every nation is yet capable of implementing the same form of governance as the USA, but the people of every nation should take note of what is possible and begin to do the work to transform their own nation and make it more as God intended it to be. As it is, citizens in the United States that love freedom have their hands standing up to elites who seek to control them by unlawful means.


These are the tactics used to attack nations worldwide:

  • Reduce civilian populations through armed conflict.

  • Start wars to establish and grow the power structures of the elite.

  • Kill off young men and women of the warrior class before they have the opportunity to take leadership positions in government and commerce.

  • Use war to demoralize the population and destroy national pride (e.g., Vietnam war and exit from Afghanistan).

  • Recruit, groom, and promote candidates for office that will promote elitest goals. Control governments through key leaders and bureaucracies.

  • Establish a “shadow government” that works behind the scenes to carry out elitist plans to advance their agenda and control the people.

  • Replace freedom, liberty, and a relationship to God with socialism. The State becomes the god of the people.

  • Attack and discredit opposition leaders that stand for freedom, liberty, and righteousness. Assassinate troublesome leaders that stand in the way.

  • Disrupt civilian populations to create famine and starvation to weaken the will and resilience of the people and their capacity to oppose tyranny.

  • Control nations through private central banks, inflation, and recession.

  • Manipulate financial systems and markets to generate profits for favored interests.

  • Syphon tax money from the people to promote elitist programs.

  • Use gross deficit spending to create inflation and reduce the financial wellbeing of the population.

  • Develop and implement digital money that replaces cash and enables the onset of a social credit system to manage all aspects of human behavior.

  • Implement open border policies to compromise national sovereignty, disrupt social cohesion, and burden state and local economies.

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