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Why the Pro-Life Approach is Essential

Father and mother are meant to give birth to the Christ. A young boy walks the arch of a playhouse as loving parents look on

Abortion is the most important issue in the U.S. today and will remain at the top of the list until abortion is ended as a practice across the country. The only circumstance where abortion is justified by divine law is when the life of the mother-to-be is seriously threatened by the pregnancy or delivery.


Abortion creates a serious karmic penalty for the many women and girls that have had abortions and for the country itself because all, the seen and the unseen, are affected by the act of abortion. As a nation, we are karmically accountable for what we allow within our borders and the ripples of violence and anti-life energy that are sent out each time an abortion is committed tears at the very fabric and harmony of our national identity and existence.


Balancing the karma of abortion through forgiveness and service to life

Because the following information makes what is going on during abortion clear and reveals the spiritual consequences of abortion, I want to provide the following perspective that may help alleviate further burden, remorse, or guilt in anyone that been responsible for an abortion.

The truth about abortion can be shock to a person that has been misled by the popular concepts that try to justify abortion today, such as “My body, my right” or “We didn’t plan to have a child and now is just not the right time.” So, it is important to know there is a way out, a way to process the realization that abortion is a big mistake and then to take action to start to make things right.


The following is an excerpt titled "There is Forgiveness after Abortion" from the excellent book Wanting to Be Born by Dr. Neroli Duffy, The Summit Lighthouse Library. The material was compiled by Dr. Duffy from the teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


There is Forgiveness After Abortion

Many people deeply regret their choices regarding abortion. God in his infinite mercy forgives and in his justice provides ways to atone. God does not condemn us for our ignorance or our lack of understanding, for truly, if we knew better, we would do better.

There is mercy and forgiveness and healing after abortion. If you have aborted a child, do not condemn yourself or abide in a sense of unworthiness. This will do nothing for the child, for you, or for God. Instead, look for ways to serve and honor life.

Involvement in abortion-whether you had one, encouraged one, or performed them, and whether or not you knew it was a sin at the time will not prevent your returning to the heart of God in the ritual of the ascension in this lifetime if you give yourself to God in a service that can balance that karma.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have the opportunity to give birth to that soul (or another soul if this option is not available). Adoption of a child may also be an alternative for you.

You may also be able to balance the karma through service to life, through educating others about the spiritual issues of abortion.

The sin of abortion can be forgiven and it can be atoned for. Atonement means to balance the karma for a sin by your soul’s at-one-ment with God.

There are prayers and other spiritual techniques that can greatly assist us in the balancing of karma and the healing of the emotional and spiritual traumas resulting from abortion. Many have found the violet flame to be an invaluable tool in overcoming these problems.

When considering rendering service to life, we should all be aware of the example of Norma McCorvey who was “Jane Roe” in the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court case and decision that legalized abortion. Norma actually never had the abortion she had fought for and ended up delivering the baby naturally and putting her daughter up for adoption. Later she converted to the pro-life side of the question and campaigned against abortion, even starting a pro-life group, “Roe No More.”

Evidence based on spiritual perspectives shows that abortion is a grievous error.

Most of the following points are given as brief statements, but each is backed up by a substantial amount of additional information available in the teachings of the ascended masters.


Planning on high for our incarnation

Our God is very caring about giving each one of us the best opportunity to make progress in our soul’s evolution during each embodiment, taking our karma into account. One of the ways this occurs is in the preparation of a life plan by spiritual counselors and ourselves in our higher consciousness prior to taking embodiment. The planning involves such things as looking at perspective parents, assigning specific work to accomplish, and determining the timing of our next birth. Needless to say, all this wonderful and critical work that goes into the preparation of the soul’s life plan and the soul’s hope and anticipation of a coming opportunity is cruelly destroyed if the prospective parents sabotage the pregnancy through abortion.

Another excerpt from the book Wanting to Be Born tells about the importance of timing in a birth.


A Timetable for Each Soul

Every soul has a timetable. Archangels and cosmic beings of light direct the timetables of conception and birth for every child. These timetables are also directed by specific masterful beings who are the sponsors of the soul—the Godparents if you will. The timetables are part of God’s grand design of life.

Think of how wondrously you were made, how God cared for you personally and carefully oversaw your nurturing in he womb. Your Father-Mother God ordained your conception, your parents, your life, your purpose, your reason for being. You were born at the precise moment ordained for you.

What would you do if you had not been born? How would you work out your spiritual destiny?

The abortion of a soul is more than the abortion of the physical body. It is the abortion of that soul’s destiny and divine plan. It is the abortion of an individual calling from God, for God chooses the very special moment in history for each soul to return to earth to take part in the divine plan of the decades and the centuries.

When we abort life in the womb, we abort the opportunity of a soul whose timetable for incarnation on earth has come up in the cycles of life.

Even before a child is conceived in the womb, the divine plan of the soul has been worked out in intricate detail. The grand design of God is so exact that, at the moment of conception, the genes in the tiny embryo are already suited to the specific soul who will inhabit it.

Everyone has a mission. Those who undergo a near-death experience often report being told of their mission at meetings with angels and masters of light. These are often called “life reviews.” In fact, at the conclusion of their time on earth, each soul takes stock of the life thy have lived. The successes and failures are all seen as learning experiences. Those who have returned from a near-death experience often do so because they had a specific mission they had not yet fulfilled. They return with a real sense of purpose, seeking to fulfill what they came to earth to do.

A child enters the womb with a unique mission and the same sense of purpose. Before conception ever takes place, a board of spiritual overseers, together with the Higher Self of the soul, determines when and where and under what circumstances the soul will embody. These circumstances are tailored to the soul’s needs and in order to give her the best opportunity to work out the purposes of life on earth as well as the specific karma allotted for balancing and clearance in a particular embodiment.

Abortion creates negative karma

The negative karma incurred by a woman and partner for aborting a baby is similar to the karma for murder. God determines the best way for the woman to expiate the karmic liability, which in some cases may require her to directly nurture in a future life the specific soul she aborted. Abortion is certain to have a limiting effect upon the woman’s opportunities until the karma is balanced.



Abortion creates extreme trauma for the soul that was aborted due to the wrenching physical experience of abortion. A final excerpt from Wanting to Be Born tells about the fetus and soul's "Pain of Abortion."


Pain of Abortion

Until recently, it was thought that the fetus and the newborn were not capable of feeling pain. Medical evidence, however, now tells us that the unborn child may feel pain as early as seven weeks and definitely feels pain at five to six months.


Each year in America 30 percent of all women who become pregnant abort their children. By the eighth week the baby has tiny hands and five fingers, a permanent palm and his or her own unique fingerprints. And what is most important, he or she can feel pain.


By the end of the twelfth week, the baby has muscles and nerves, and virtually every part of his body responds to touch. He can squint, frown, kick and cry (although he makes no sound), swallow and digest amniotic fluid (the fluid which surrounds the baby in the womb). Although it is not conclusive evidence, we have only to look at an ultra-sound showing how a twelve-week old fetus struggles to avoid the surgical instruments during a suction abortion-which will literally tear it to pieces-to conclude that the first trimester fetus both feels and fears pain.

It may be hard to hear these words, but they need to be said. Souls who are trying to embody on earth today enter their mother’s womb courageously facing the reality that they could be torn from it. We need to face this same reality.


In most cases, those who abort their children do not know that the unborn child experiences physical pain during the procedure. The masters teach that the child in the womb who is aborted does indeed go through the pain of abortion. This knowledge alone could have a tremendous impact on people who are deciding whether to abort their child. Most people are just not given these facts when the life of their child is at stake and destinies hang in the balance.


It is sad beyond belief to realize that the child suffers a horrible death. And the death is suffered in silence.


The abortion of body, spirit and soul in the womb is violence unutterable and unimaginable-a crucifixion of our children.


After an abortion, the angels come to comfort the child, who is in shock and pain. Healing angels bear the soul, bruised and beaten, to temples of light where she is consoled, cared for, healed and prepared for the next level of spiritual evolution.


The child who is aborted is deeply scarred. Somewhere, sometime, those scars must be healed in successive embodiments.

Thwarts group mission

Not only is a single soul’s life plan cancelled out by abortion, planning for incarnation often involves the coordination of the life plan for a group of souls, a “mandala,” that have a group assignment to fulfill. A group plan may coordinate two souls to be born in the same time frame so that they may meet in life, be married, and sponsor other souls by having children and/or carry out a certain work by applying attainment from prior lives. Life plans may also involve several coordinated births so a group of souls are embodied at the same time to develop a new medical cure or technology, for example. One again, the abortion of one or more souls scheduled to be in embodiment together disrupts or denies a precious and beneficial opportunity for the group of souls to complete their integrated mission.


Society and civilization lose

Aborted life plans and group missions result in the loss to society of the important inventions, cures for diseases, and not the least, the gift of self, qualities of love, and all virtues and attainment the aborted souls would have brought to share with others. The effect of all this is to set back important time tables for the country and earth.

Vulnerability to cataclysm

Allowing abortion has created a dangerous vulnerability for the U.S. Some Christian ministers have rightly declared that abortion and certain perverse behaviors have made our country vulnerable to darkness, such as cataclysm, terrorism and threats to our economy. We are a nation that is protected by the Almighty (see America the Beautiful tab). But any nation that fundamentally violates God’s laws (cosmic law) can and will lose protection and blessings because destructive choices put that nation outside of God’s circle of protection. We have seen karmic recompense in the form of intense storms, floods, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes which have not been able to be mitigated because of the sins of the people.


Karma upon nation

The United States of America was created and sponsored by the Almighty as a way-shower nation to the world, which is the reason this nation has stood above all others, in many ways. However, because abortion was made legal, other countries have followed our bad example and the additional karma is upon us. If we wonder why our nation is struggling in so many ways we don’t have to look much further than the issue of abortion. We are all accountable for wrongdoings done at the national level and pay a price for it. It is important for all who know the truth about abortion to speak up, inform others, and turn back the slaughter of children.


Soul evolution hindered

Over 60 million abortions have occurred in the US since Roe vs Wade. If not aborted, this number of children would have grown into adulthood and today would constitute 18% of the current population. And the children these persons would have had but did not because they were denied birth would have increased this percentage significantly. The negative impact to our country is incalculable. And the cynical view that it is better that these souls weren’t born because there are already too many people in the country is simply untrue because every conception that occurs is ordained by the Holy Spirit. Here is a scary thought and an unacceptable outcome – Over the past 45 years, abortion has essentially cancelled out the entire process God has created for the evolution of souls through reincarnation and working out karma with others for almost one of every five souls granted the opportunity to embody in our country.


Wisdom of Enoch

Enoch was a patriarch in the lineage that preceded Jesus Christ and he prophesized the coming of Jesus. Scripture indicates that Enoch was the “seventh from Adam” and reverence for his name and teaching is found in many places in the New Testament. The Book of Enoch teaches that it was the fallen angels that taught women on earth the procedure of abortion so that the offspring of their fornication did not have to be cared for and abortion was also intended as a means to keep population numbers in check. This is the dark origin of abortion and this understanding should tell us to reject it as an evil by-product of the fallen angels.


As a final word, it is worth noting that in 2003 Norma McCorvey, mentioned above, in her pro-life activism later in life gathered 1,000 affidavits from women in Texas that had had an abortion and deeply regretted it, and submitted these documents to the U.S. District Court in Dallas as part of a motion to have the original Roe vs. Wade decision overturned. Unfortunately, the motion was dismissed.


I believe that greater understanding in the hearts and minds of the people of the profound love relationship we have with the Almighty and appreciation of the opportunity given to us as souls evolving on earth will tip the scales of justice on earth to eliminate abortion.

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